Books, what books? We’re talking coffee.

Okay, okay, yes. So I’m horrible about blogging and haven’t done it in a while. But good news! I have a bunch of stuff coming out soon. The biggest is MIDNIGHT LABYRINTH, which is out in just a couple days! And then we have Amid the Winter Snow next month. Some new audiobooks in the Elemental Legacy series coming soon, and more. But today I want to talk coffee. As many of you know, my fiancé is Ethiopian (we met on my research trip for A Stone-Kissed Sea) and I love coffee very much. I mean him. I love HIM very much. And also coffee. I used to think I made good coffee, and I kind of do. I made good American coffee. But once you’ve been to the birthplace of coffee, you realize a couple things. American coffee (even strong coffee) is coffee-flavored-water. Milk is not necessary in coffee, […]

Pre-travel Stuff and Ramblings (Oh, and maybe the prologue for the new book…)

A few quick things. 1. BLOGGING Remember how I switched from posting on the Elemental Mysteries Facebook page (if you’re a FB person) to the more general Elizabeth Hunter page? I’m going to try to do that with blogging, too. I’m doing a lot more than just the Elemental Mysteries and Elemental World stuff now (and will continue to do more in the future), so this is the most practical thing for me. I don’t want to get rid of I’ll still be posting extra fiction and maybe some serial fiction over there in the future, but if you want to keep track of what’s happening with writing overall, PLEASE subscribe to this blog, not the other. It’s just too crazy to try to continue to cross-post on both. will continue to remain a fan site for Elemental World fans, featuring things specific to that series like short […]

Getaways, Back to School, and a Free Book in the Kindle Store!

So, I’m going to brag a little. I got to take a vacation. Well, a mini-one, which is something I haven’t done in a LONG time, but SmallBoy and I joined my very large and crazy clan camping in the Sierra backcountry for a long weekend before school starts. It was fun, dirty, and so incredibly beautiful. Best of all, I was forced to leave my computer behind and there was no cel phone access at all. So no checking email or rankings or any of the little things that eat up time. Speaking of back-to-school, SmallBoy starts his first year of conventional schooling tomorrow. Those of you who have been following the blog for a while know that I home-schooled him for the last three years, but life changes unexpectedly sometimes, and a conventional classroom became necessary. He got to meet his teacher last night and his classroom has […]