Shadows and Gold Audiobook by Elizabeth Hunter

Audiobooks? What audiobooks?

Good morning, lovely people! I hope your week is going well. Because I get questions about audiobooks all the time, I’m going to address some of the most common questions in this post. Why are your new audiobooks taking so long? Well, for some reason, my previous audio publisher decided they didn’t want to pick up the newer books in my series. Not sure why as sales have been good, but there you go. Now, in the past, that would have meant reader/listeners were just out of luck. But happily, we don’t live in that time. The good news? I can produce my audiobooks myself! The bad news? I have to produce my audiobooks myself. Why is that bad news? Well, producing takes time. It takes time to cast the right voices, go through production notes, listen to files, edit files, etc. That used to be something my audio publisher […]

A word about my book prices.

I’m feeling nervous prior to the cover reveal of The Staff and the Blade tomorrow. Not because of the cover. I love the cover. But because I am releasing my most expensive book ever. Now, to those of you who are accustomed to traditionally published books, $6.99 (USD) will probably not seem that high to you. That’s on the low end for a new release, as a matter fact. But for those in indie world like myself, that’s a pretty hefty price tag. via GIPHY When I started out publishing, the standard novel-length book price for self-publishers was $2.99. That was what I listed A Hidden Fire at. But lots of people said that 99 cents was the only way to sell books. Or just give it all away! You just want reviews and to get your name out, right?

The Magic Editing Hat: Turn Your Manuscript Into a Book

 Someone asked a very fair question in the comments last week, so I’ll explain a little more about my self-publishing “credentials.” I never submitted a manuscript or queried an agent before I decided to self-publish. I heard about self-publishing before I finished my debut novel, A Hidden Fire, and decided from the start that it was the direction I wanted to go. I published my first book in October 2011, and by June 2012, I was making a full time income. So I have been making my living from my writing for a little over a year and a half, and I have published nine books, two novellas, and a short story. I am a working writer. This pays the bills, and it does so better than any other job I’ve ever had. That’s where I’m coming from. Now, editing. I’m starting out with one of the most difficult publishing […]