Ink by Elizabeth Hunter

#TeaserTuesday: A look at INK

I shared this with my newsletter subscribers last week, but I wanted to share it with you today. This is a quick peek of INK, my new contemporary romance that will be coming out on March 13th! It’s now available for preorder at all major retailers.   ➜Amazon ➜Nook ➜iBooks ➜Kobo ➜Smashwords ➜Add to Goodreads: ➜Pinterest Board:     From INK… Ox kept looking in her eyes, and Emmie was starting to feel scrutinized. “I’m fine.” “You sure that’s all it is?” he asked. “You just need a breather?” “I told you I’m fine.” “I’m sorry about Ginger. I should have just ignored her.” He was examining her face like he was searching for something. “I fucked up. Did she ruin it?” Emmie shook her head. “Of course not. Everyone’s out there having a great time. Daisy’s food rocks. We haven’t run out of […]

Extended #TeaserTuesday: THE SILENT #IrinChronicles

It’s been a while since I posted a teaser for THE SILENT on the blog here. Don’t forget! Preorders for THE SILENT are up and available on iBooks, B&N, and Kobo. And Amazon readers can sign up for my newsletter to get release day links. The Silent (Irin Chronicles Book #5) Releasing: July 28th ★Goodreads -> ★Sign up to be notified when it goes live -> Nook -> iBooks – > Kobo – > Smashwords -> TEASER “This is heaven,” Kyra said, peeking around a corner where Leo suspected the bathroom was. “There’s a bathtub, Leo.” Leo looked over her shoulder and saw a luxurious claw-foot tub with various glass containers sitting next to it. Herbs, pink salts, and flower petals turned the bathroom into something far closer to one of the fancy spas that he’d seen in Chiang Mai. “This is wonderful.” Leo […]

Book trailer day! And A Stone-Kissed Sea ARC Contest.

No big announcements today except I wanted to post the trailer for A Stone-Kissed Sea over here. I hope you enjoy! Check down at the bottom of the post to see how to enter the ARC Contest. For those of you who have already preordered the book, thank you so much! For those of you waiting to see if you want to read a book about Lucien, maybe this will convince you. OR maybe the words of my developmental editor Lora will: “If you’ve enjoyed The Elemental World series as much as I have, then you’re going to love A STONE-KISSED SEA. I think it’s the best of the series, and considering how good that series is, that’s saying a lot! Elizabeth wraps up the Elixir plotline, and there’s a substantial shift in the Elemental World, both figuratively and literally.  If you’re a Ben and Tenzin fan, I can tell you […]

Cover Reveal: A Stone-Kissed Sea

Two posts in one week? What is it, the coming apocalypse??? Nope. Just the cover reveal for A Stone-Kissed Sea. (Which comes out on December 6th and is now available to preorder everywhere.) Amazon: iTunes: Nook: Kobo: Smashwords: ISN’T IT PRETTY? The cover for A Stone-Kissed Sea was created by and—I know I have said this before—but I really think it’s some of their best work. The models are perfect. The colors are stunning. And it really captures the unique qualities of this book while still fitting into the overall scheme of the Elemental World series. Much of this book deals with the collision of elements. Earth and sea. Past and present. History and future. I think this cover captures all those elements in a visually arresting way. Also, on a purely superficial level, Lucien and Makeda may be the prettiest people I have ever put on the cover of one […]

Full System Reset

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By Bernard Gagnon – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, $3 So, a few months ago, I blogged about pulling back from social media and such, trying to take more time for family and writing, and you all were super supportive (because you’re awesome) and encouraging. Then life happens. And I have a book release just before Thanksgiving (Waking Hearts). And then a surprise project (On a Clear Winter Night) right before Christmas. And a cover relaunch (Building From Ashes/Blood and Sand) right after that. And a big promo-sale in the Elemental series. And then posting the serial chapters for Imitation and Alchemy weekly. And then publishing and promoting that book (sales have been amazing, by the way, thank you SO much.) All this leads to Elizabeth needing what she likes to call a FULL SYSTEM RESET. I have no other major projects set to release right now, which means that I have […]

Official Release Day: THE SINGER, Irin Chronicles Book Two

“Passionate, spellbinding, and heartbreaking — “The Singer” is all this and so much more. Hunter is at the top of her game, drawing you into a story of love, loss, bravery, and redemption. If you loved “The Scribe,” you will absolutely adore this sequel.” —COLLEEN VANDERLINDEN, author of the Hidden series NOW AVAILABLE The second book in the Irin Chronicles THE SINGER “Haunting, mysterious and passionate, THE SINGER will seduce you at the first page and knock you breathless by the last one. In THE SINGER, a grief-stricken Ava will discover more about her power and extraordinary heritage, while a man reborn with no memory races to find her before celestial outcasts and angelic assassins do. Fans of THE SCRIBE get ready to lock and load as Elizabeth Hunter takes you on one hell of a ride in THE SINGER.” —GRACE DRAVEN, author of Master of Crows   “Hunter has […]

A New Teaser from THE SINGER: Irin Chronicles Book Two

For those of you following my self-publishing series, I was totally fail on the last post this week, so I do apologize for that. For the rest of you who are looking forward to THE SINGER (coming out on May 6th!) I have a treat for you. This is a very juicy (somewhat maddening?) teaser from Chapter Five, an excerpt from a longer scene with Rhys and Malachi. Hope you guys enjoy and have a great weekend! I’m cutting out early tomorrow to go to the Coachella Valley Music Festival with some friends, so you can look forward to lots of new writing, because we all know I thrive on the tunes. And speaking of tunes, here’s one from the writing soundtrack to THE SINGER. “Hold On” by Sarah McLachlan is one of my favorite songs. It’s a song about loss and love. About confusion and holding on when things […]

The Formatting Hat: Why You Should Learn to Format Your Own E-books

(This is the next article in my Many Hats of Self-Publishing series. Read INTRO, EDITING, and COVERS here.) So, the post about formatting is going to be two part. First, I’m going to tell you why I think—even though formatting is something very easily hired out—it’s important for you or someone close to you (like a spouse or assistant) to be able to format your own e-book files. The second part is going to sound a little bit like an advertisement for Scrivener, even though I promise that no one from that company has hired me or even contacted me for promotion. NOTE: For this discussion, formatting refers to e-books only. Paperback formatting is a whole other kettle of fish which I may or may not tackle later. Formatting! The first thing to be aware of when formatting books for e-readers is what you see on the screen when you’re typing […]

The Designing Hat: To Hire or Not to Hire a Cover Designer

 This is a continuation of my Self-Publishing Hats series. Click back to read the Introduction and post on Editing. When it comes to book covers, I’ve basically done it all. I’ve designed my own, worked with a friend (or a significant other) for free, hired a couple different designers, even gone as far as picking my own cover model once. (Sadly, not the guy on the front of THE SCRIBE, everyone asks that.) I’m going to give you a mantra, and you’re going to remember it from now until the time you retire from this book business: Book covers sell books. They don’t sell them all the way. Reviews and samples are going to clinch that sale. But that first click? The thing that gets readers to your book page to read the reviews and the sample? That’s your cover. So yes, it’s really, really important. Book covers sell books. Seems […]