THE SILENT is now available! #newrelease #paperbackgiveaway

Good morning, everyone! So, I missed posting this blog announcement first thing yesterday because I was working from the car driving back from a family reunion. PHEW! Hopefully, those of you who preordered or signed up for the newsletter have already heard. For the rest of you, I’m happy to report that… THE SILENT IS NOW LIVE! Amazon ➜ iBooks ➜ Nook ➜ Kobo ➜ Smashwords ➜ ★GOODREADS★ They are called kareshta, the silent ones. But the silent are waking. Kyra has lived her life in the shadow of a powerful Grigori brother. She’s ignored her own desires for the good of her family, but an unexpected request from Thailand sends her on a mission that could change her life and alter the fate of free Grigori all over the world. Sons of the Fallen hidden in the mountains of Thailand have adapted an ancient human […]

#TeaserTuesday: Waking Hearts

Waking Hearts is only one week away! Kindle: Paperback: Goodreads: Pinterest: I can’t wait for you guys to get back to Cambio Springs. All the gang is back, but this story really belongs to two very special characters, Allison Smith and Oliver Campbell. These two have been the subject of MUCH speculation over the years, and let’s just say, ALL their (nosy) friends have something to say about their relationship. The teaser today comes from one of my favorite scenes between Ollie and Sean. Writing old friends is fun. Writing old friends FIGHTING is even more fun. (Okay, so there’s probably something twisted about that, but it’s true. Old friends fight differently.) This book is also an opportunity for readers to see more of Sean Quinn, rattlesnake shifter from the (more-than-slightly-shady) Quinn clan. He left the Springs when he was young and only turned up at […]

The Formatting Hat: Why You Should Learn to Format Your Own E-books

(This is the next article in my Many Hats of Self-Publishing series. Read INTRO, EDITING, and COVERS here.) So, the post about formatting is going to be two part. First, I’m going to tell you why I think—even though formatting is something very easily hired out—it’s important for you or someone close to you (like a spouse or assistant) to be able to format your own e-book files. The second part is going to sound a little bit like an advertisement for Scrivener, even though I promise that no one from that company has hired me or even contacted me for promotion. NOTE: For this discussion, formatting refers to e-books only. Paperback formatting is a whole other kettle of fish which I may or may not tackle later. Formatting! The first thing to be aware of when formatting books for e-readers is what you see on the screen when you’re typing […]

The Designing Hat: To Hire or Not to Hire a Cover Designer

 This is a continuation of my Self-Publishing Hats series. Click back to read the Introduction and post on Editing. When it comes to book covers, I’ve basically done it all. I’ve designed my own, worked with a friend (or a significant other) for free, hired a couple different designers, even gone as far as picking my own cover model once. (Sadly, not the guy on the front of THE SCRIBE, everyone asks that.) I’m going to give you a mantra, and you’re going to remember it from now until the time you retire from this book business: Book covers sell books. They don’t sell them all the way. Reviews and samples are going to clinch that sale. But that first click? The thing that gets readers to your book page to read the reviews and the sample? That’s your cover. So yes, it’s really, really important. Book covers sell books. Seems […]

For Writers: Ten Things I Learned About Independent Publishing in 2012

Yes, it’s a bit early, but the holidays are only getting more hectic, so I thought I’d post this anyway. This is kind of an epic blog post, but my last one, Ten Things I Learned About Indie Publishing in 2011, still gets a lot of views, so hopefully, some of this will resonate with you guys. 1. It’s still worth it. Remember those predictions that the e-book market was flooded? Riiiiiight. I do, too! Here’s the thing about the e-book market: Nobody knows anything. Not really. This is all changing so fast, no one can predict what the publishing landscape is going to look like in five months, never mind five years. Keep doing your thing. Keep writing and know that yes, it’s still worth it. Writers are still publishing with more creative and personal freedom than ever before, and they’re being paid. This year, I went from someone who […]

Why self publishing (part deux): It’s your story. Write what you want.

Most of you who have read this blog for a while know that I had my reasons to publish independently, free from both the constraints and the support of a large or small press. I’ve outlined them before, so I don’t feel the need to expound too much more on that. But as I approach the publication of the fourth and final Elemental Mysteries book, A Fall of Water, new reasons for doing this my own way have become clear to me. I’m not usually one to pound the indie-drum. There are lots of people with a much bigger audience who do that very well. For me, it was always a personal decision, and one that I recommend to many, but not all. It’s a huge amount of work at times, and I truly don’t think it’s for everyone. That said, as I come to the completion of my first […]

I’m all over the place.

I’m posting teasers for A Fall of Water and even one for Carwyn’s book! I’m extolling the virtues of editing! I’m running my own mini-blog tour! I’m giving away stuff on Goodreads! And giving away an ARC of my new book! And starting a new series! —wait, what? Yup. I just finished the timeline on a new book, which is the first of a series that will be set in the Southwest. I’ve talked before about how much I love the desert, and part of the reason is that for years, I would spend a month in the summer with my cousins in Northeast Arizona on the Navajo reservation. Those are some of my favorite memories, so that setting has always appealed to me. I also love the Colorado River Country between California and Arizona. So, while it’s very different from the Elemental Mysteries world, that setting was a natural […]

Publishing News and a Fantastic Fundraiser! (with prizes, people)

Ah, Life, you never bore me. Wanted to post today about a few things on different fronts. WRITING: Well, people, I’ll be honest. I haven’t been able to write much lately, which makes me sad and irritable, as my family will probably attest. Between finish editing on The Genius and the Muse, more editing for A Fall of Water, the fourth Elementals book, and moving back to Central California unexpectedly (which is a Good Thing, but has been rather complicated), writing on new projects has been almost non-existent. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things next month. Until then, my focus is on… PUBLISHING: Yay! Finally, for those who have been waiting, the release date for The Genius and the Muse will be May 2nd, which is just around the corner. In fact, it’s just a week from today! You can read the very first advanced review for […]

Not just a pretty face

The past few weeks I’ve been brushing up and doing final edits on the contemporary romance that I once published here on the blog. I’m aiming for publication on The Genius and the Muse (formerly Tracing Shadows) around the end of next month. At least, that’s the plan. This is my first dip in the Contemporary Romance pool, so I’ve been doing cover research, looking at the lists, checking out marketing and blogs, and it’s made me question something: Will romance readers “buy” a hero who doesn’t fit conventional standards of male beauty? See, The Genius and the Muse is a parallel love story. There are two couples and one of the heroes is, to be frank, not all that handsome by romance novel standards. (Notice, I didn’t say he wasn’t attractive. Attraction is far more subjective.) He’s pretty rough. He’s a welder/sculptor, so he has burns and scars. He’s […]