Books, what books? We’re talking coffee.

Okay, okay, yes. So I’m horrible about blogging and haven’t done it in a while. But good news! I have a bunch of stuff coming out soon. The biggest is MIDNIGHT LABYRINTH, which is out in just a couple days! And then we have Amid the Winter Snow next month. Some new audiobooks in the Elemental Legacy series coming soon, and more. But today I want to talk coffee. As many of you know, my fiancĂ© is Ethiopian (we met on my research trip for A Stone-Kissed Sea) and I love coffee very much. I mean him. I love HIM very much. And also coffee. I used to think I made good coffee, and I kind of do. I made good American coffee. But once you’ve been to the birthplace of coffee, you realize a couple things. American coffee (even strong coffee) is coffee-flavored-water. Milk is not necessary in coffee, […]

Random Coffee Notes: Verismo System

This is a pure coffee geek post for my readers/fellow authors who are addicted to the stuff. Generally, I use a French press for my daily brew. To me, nothing beats the convenience and flavor of that old standby. Plus, less stuff to throw out. No filters or cups. It’s pure coffee. For this reason, my Bonavita electric kettle is possibly my favorite small appliance. So if you like French press or pour over style coffee (like the Chemex, which I also have and use, especially when I have company), I’d highly recommend the Bonavita. BUT, if you have a friend of family member that likes decaf, or if you just randomly crave a cup of coffee in the afternoon, having a one-cup maker is nice. My dad has a Keurig, which he really likes but I was intrigued by the Verismo by Starbucks. I’d heard that it made very […]