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Elemental series

1. Will there be any more books about Gio and Beatrice from the Elemental Mysteries?

Books? Probably not. Novellas? Possibly. (I just wrote a novella with them for All the Stars Look Down.) Will they show up as supporting characters in other books in the Elemental World? Definitely! In fact, they already have; both characters were pretty important to events in Blood and Sand and showed up separately in Building From Ashes.

See, here’s the thing. I left both those characters in a really good place (I think so, anyway.) and if I wanted to write more books about them… I’d have to go and do something horrible to create drama again! Do you want me to do something mean to Gio and B? Do you? gives you puppy dog eyes Don’t ask me to torture my characters more than I already have. Lots more stories to tell!

2. What about Ben and Tenzin??? BEN! TENZIN! I need to know about Ben and Tenzin!!!!!
(You think I’m exaggerating the number of exclamation points, but I promise you, I am not.)

Sooooo, Ben and Tenzin are very popular characters, which I love! And I’ve actually written a bit about their future in a couple places. Thank you for loving these characters so much!!! They will be the two main characters in the Elemental Legacy series, which will lean a bit more toward urban fantasy. The first novella, Shadows and Gold is already out and available at retailers everywhere.

3. How many books will be in the Elemental World series?

To be honest, I don’t have a strict number. What I wanted with this series was to create a world where I could dip in and out of the mythology and write about characters all over the place. Some, like the original Elemental Mysteries will be more contemporary fantasy with a historical twist. Some will be closer to traditional paranormal romance, like Blood and Sand. Some might be historical fantasy like The Bronze Blade. I love this world, so I’ll continue writing in it as long as I feel inspired. I’m currently working on the next Elemental World novel, which will be a paranormal romance featuring Murphy and Anne, who were introduced in Building From Ashes.

  • UPDATING FAQ for the Elemental Legacy series:
  • By far, the most questions I get on future series/books/characters have to do with Ben Vecchio and Tenzin in the Elemental Legacy series. So I’m going to try to answer a few of those right now, particularly as they apply to Imitation and Alchemy, the current story I’m publishing for free here on the website.
  1. When will Imitation and Alchemy be up for preorder/published?
  • I’m probably not going to do a preorder for this book. I’m publishing all the chapters on the website in serial fashion, one chapter a week. Since the novella is finished and I know it has nine chapters, I can tell you that Chapter Nine will post January 16th, but then it’ll have to go through the editing process before it’s made available for sale. So a lot depends on my editors’/proofreader’s schedule. I’d estimate late January to early February.
  • 2. Are you going to publish the whole thing for free?
  • I’m going to publish all the chapters, so the story will be finished. Those who buy the book will also get an epilogue. And the book! I don’t keep it online forever.
  • 3. Will you be doing a paperback/audio?
  • Paperback, yes. Again, that’ll depend on when it’s finished, but I do plan on doing a paperback edition.
  • Audio is a different story. My audio publisher has not picked up the series (probably because they’re novellas) but I have considered doing a combined audio edition once all three novellas are out. And I’ll definitely be doing audio editions of the main series, even if I have to publish them myself.
  • 4. When will the main series be published?
  • I have three novellas planned as prequels to get Ben and Tenzin where I want them before the start of their series. Shadows and Gold (set in China) was the first, Imitation and Alchemy (set in Italy) was the second, and the third will be written next year in the fall/winter and set in the UK. After that, I’ll be starting their series, which will be full-length novels, not novellas. The first will probably be written in 2017.
  • 5. What will the Elemental Legacy novels be about? What genre will they be? Urban fantasy? Paranormal romance? Steampunk long-form poetry?
  • Once you get to the end of Imitation and Alchemy, you should have a very, very good idea of what the Elemental Legacy series will be. There will be five books. Urban fantasy genre. More action. Lots of humor. Romance? Still my style. I’m really looking forward to them.
  • I know I’m not supposed to have a favorite character (like you’re not supposed to have a favorite kid, you know?) but IF I DID Ben Vecchio would probably be mine. He’s quickly becoming a fan favorite, as well.
  • 6. Are Ben and Tenzin going to be a romantic couple?
  • I am so not going to tell you that. Nice try, though.
  • 7. BUT—
  • Listen, nothing about these two characters is normal. So… even if I wanted to tell you, I’m not sure I could. Yes, I know how it’s all going to shake out. I have a rough outline for the series. I’m just not going to tell you what it is. :)I really need to rethink my life.%22
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Cambio Springs

1. But I don’t like shapeshifters.

Um, that’s… not really a question.

2. Am I going to like this if I liked the Elemental series? Because I don’t like shapeshifters.

Oh! Okay, well, you might like it. And you might not. Which is okay. You don’t have to like ALL my books for me to love you. (BUT YOU DO HAVE TO LIKE SOMETHING! Kidding. Kinda.) Seriously, though, not everything is for everyone. I won’t be offended.

You also might ask yourself if you liked vampires before you read the Elemental series, because if you didn’t… then you never know. You might like my shapeshifters, even if you haven’t liked some others in books you’ve read. (Because, clearly, I am a special snowflake.) Some of the aspects you might have loved about the Elemental series, like the humor and mystery and family themes, are in Cambio Springs, too. Plus, there are lots of interesting men and women falling in love in complicated ways and solving murders! So that’s always fun.

3. Why did you decide to write about shapeshifters?

I really love Native American mythology and there are shapeshifter myths all over! So that’s a very fun history to explore. Plus, after the international intrigue of the Elemental world, I really wanted to write something closer to home and more familiar. Cause, you know, that hawk that hangs out in my trees is probably a shapeshifter. Or just really suspicious of my dogs. One of the two.

4. Is the Cambio series structured like the Elemental and Irin series?

No. The Cambio Springs series is a much more traditional paranormal romance series in that all the books are self-contained and can stand alone. Each book features the love story of one couple, so you can read them independent of the others, though it is a series, so there are some similar themes running through. It’s nice to try different things and writing Cambio really stretched me creatively.

5. How many will there be?

I have five outlined right now, but I could expand if I felt like there were more stories to tell. But again, each book is a stand-alone, so you’re not going to be left hanging in any story.

Irin Chronicles

1. Really? You started another series?

Listen, I never claimed to be wise. Or to like sleep. (Okay, that’s a lie, I love to sleep.)

2. It’s about angels?

Eeeeeh, kinda? I mean, it is. But it’s not. The angels in the Irin Chronicles are NOT the heroes. At all. Having an interest in world religions means I get kind of irky (it’s a word) about angels being fluffy good guys with wings. Not to say there aren’t some great, fascinating series featuring angels (like Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series, which is great) but in general, I’m not a big angel fan. (I know! Probably not the best person to write an “angel” series. Oh well.) So the heroes in this series are definitely not the angels. They’re… something different.

3. But a third series?

Sometimes, you get ideas that really won’t leave you alone. And the Irin Chronicles was one of them. It didn’t leave me alone so much that I had to travel to Israel and Turkey for research. I had to go back to Vienna in November. (COLD!) This is a series that I had to write. And oftentimes, it wasn’t fun, but… I love it. It’s probably the most original world-building I’ve ever done. These books have magic. And magic, I have learned, is really not easy. So I love them. They were challenging. They made my brain hurt sometimes. But as we’re approaching the release of the third book (THE SECRET, March 31st) I can honestly say, I’m so grateful this idea didn’t leave me alone, because I’m really proud of these books.

4. Will there be more than three books?

Well, I’ve gone back and forth. First it was no. Then it was yes! Then it was NO. Then it was… probably? Then it was “No, I’m pretty sure I’m going to kill everyone with an asteroid and be done with all of them. ALL OF THEM, DO YOU HEAR ME!? Not even the cockroaches of Vienna shall survive!”

And then I calmed down a bit and decided that YES, there will be more books. But Ava and Malachi’s journey will finish with THE SECRET. (They’ll show up again as supporting characters, though, much like Gio and B did in the Elemental series.) I just got to the end of writing The Secret and realized there were SO many more stories to tell in this world. I’m probably going to take a break, but I’ll be back.

5. Did you really have to do THAT? (If you’ve read THE SCRIBE, you know what I’m talking about.)

Yep. I really, really did. Trust me. I have a plan.