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UPDATED: June 27th, 2017

This is a very, very rough estimate of where I am with my three different series.


I’m writing the first Elemental Legacy novel featuring Ben and Tenzin right now. Hoping to release before the end of the year.

I’m planning the next books in the Elemental Legacy series, which will be a five book series.

Long term, I’ll probably be returning to many of the Elemental World characters as they interest me, but that will be for shorter works in between Elemental Legacy books.


I’m not writing anything at the moment.

I’m planning a short story or novella to begin writing this fall.

Long term, there will be one more book with Sean Quinn, which will be the final book in the series.



I’m writing nothing right now, because The Silent is releasing the end of July!!!

I’m planning an Irin Chronicles novella for this winter, which will likely be part of an anthology.

Long term, I have four further works planned for the expanded series, some of which could be stand-alone novels.



I am writing A Bogie in the Boat, which is the serial novella featured in my newsletter.

I’m planning more short stories and novellas featuring Linx and Frank.

Long term, I’m still debating whether to keep to short fiction for this series or expand to novels. I’m still up in the air on that.


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  2. You’re going to be a busy lady ,so glad were getting more baojia and Natalie can’t wait to find out more of their story

  3. I love your Cambio Springs series. However your slow release schedule is probably not helping the series gain traction as much as it would if you had a few books come out quickly. But you are not superhuman and I understand that good books take time. I hope you get to write more books in this series.

  4. Thank you. I admire the author you are and how very well you stay connected with readers.
    Being a reader and finding new favorite authors “in the now” is so much more wonderful than it was in the 90’s.

    Best regards,

  5. This page is such a cool idea, I am super excited to read the news about been and tenzin and also the cambio books… Looks like you’re going to be busy, and I am looking forward to reading everything!

  6. Please do not shorten the Cambio series!!!!! it is my favorite!! so many people and adventures, then there are the folks who come to the spa and maybe some other folks who change after finding the hidden spring?????
    and those pesky kids are growing up you know!!! Yes, I love the Ben and Tenzin story and yes i cant wait for more Irin stuff, did i mention Cambrio is my favorite!!! LOL write what ever moves you and i will read it!!!!
    take care and have a fun weekend!

  7. I am reading all three series, Cambrio Springs is good. I had just never picked it up until recently. It might be slow to gain a large following. I liked Irin Chronicles, but I don’t love it the way I do the other two series. I am happy to read any of your work. The quality is consistent so I don’t mind waiting.

  8. You have quickly become my favorite author and I have read everything you have written that I can find. I absolutely love all of your series. Each time I come to the end of the latest book I think “oh please let her write the next book in this series immediately!” Then I remember I want you to write the next book in a different series! I also loved “The Genius and the Muse.” I will always read anything you write! I think you’re fantastic!

  9. Just another adoring fan. I love all your books but am especially looking forward to the third Iran Cronicles book. I’m also always checking for the next Cambio Springs and Elemental World novels. Thanks for all your hard work and your incredible story telling gift.

  10. I am so totally hooked on the Elementals series and the Irin series, and you’ve made my day because there is so much more to come. You are a talented writer, and your stories and the characters in them are captivating to me because they are so very real. The worlds you have created and the characters you have described with such detail work over the long term, and as a prolific reader, I need that. I’ve cried with joy and with sorrow multiple times reading your books, and actually sobbed at the end of The Scribe, that’s how involved I have become with your characters. Thank you; you have become an important part of my life.

  11. Scribe was the first book of your`s that I read, & it opened a flood gate for me as a reader to the whole paranormal romance genrae. I devoured all your books (even the collaborative collections). I particularly loved the Elemental series, but I have to admit I am dying to finish the Ava & Malachi story! I am currently re-reading the Irin Chronicles books 1 & 2, in preparation for book 3`s release.

  12. Hi, I’ve really enjoyed reading your books and delving into the world’s that you create. 🙂 I was wondering if you have any future plans to write a book about Rhys? Looking forward to the release of The Scarlet Deep! 😉

  13. Elizabeth,
    I have to say I am always enthralled with each book you write, you are by far my favorite author in this genre. I even loved the Genius and the Muse. The personalities that you give to your characters and the camaraderie between them makes them become more lifelike and very enjoyable. Your books make me laugh and cry.

  14. I don’t know how you do it but every series I’ve read takes ALL the characters and places them in your life so you want to know everything about them. A full novel is what you get every time (even the short stories). The cambio series is the only one I haven’t read yet and I can’t wait to get started…thank you, thank you for all your special writing!

  15. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!! My husband encouraged me to jump into your world and I am extremely happy I did! Your elemental series were wonderful and the Irin series (I just finished) was GREAT! I NEED MORE!!

  16. Hello! I just finished The Secret this afternoon and I loved how it ended. Please, I know you must not have many details yet about upcoming stories set in this “world”, but could you advance any thoughts whether the next books will feature one main couple at a time (opposed to a new trilogy featuring the same main character(s)) and if – double please here! – will you write Kostas’ story??? Thank you in advance for your reply.

  17. I truly enjoy your work! Totally engaging. I love getting to know the characters. The way you refer to the different series as worlds makes total sense to me. Even though there are main characters, other favorites continue to make appearances. Thank you so much!

  18. I will tell you what I think about this…..yes, yes and yes. I love your work and can’t wait to read everything you have to share. Just knowing that you are working on new materials gets me excited. It is like waiting for Christmas as a child……you know that something magical is coming, you just aren’t sure what will be in that beautiful package (book) when you get it opened, but you know you will love it.

    Thank you!

  19. I just stumbled across your books in the Cambio Springs series book 3. Loved it and went back and read the others. Look forward to this series and will try some of your others. Keep up the great stories.

  20. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your books. I have read them all and there’s not one that I didn’t love. In fact I have read them all twice. Thank you for giving me many hour of enjoyment.

  21. I wish more authors had pages like this on their website… can’t wait for the last Cambio Springs book… last 🙁

  22. I am captivated by your writing. I have read and enjoyed all of your books. Can’t wait for the next one in May. I will just have to enjoy them again until your next comes out. Thank you for all of the pleasure they bring.

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