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I’ve had several people asking me for book recommendations on Facebook and Twitter lately, so I decided to post just a few books/series that I love reading. If you have your own suggestions you want to add in the comments, please feel free. This is NOT a complete list, just a few books that I feel like readers and fans of the Elemental Mysteries series might enjoy. Some of them are traditionally published, some are indie. But they’re all books that I’ve read personally and enjoyed.

Also, I’m including the link to an old guest post I did last year over at Once Upon A Series where I posted about the ten book series that influenced me most as a reader and writer. If there’s anything on that list you haven’t read, you can check those out too.


First, a couple Young Adult recs, for those who like YA paranormal. I don’t read much, but I can share these two:

Darkride by Laura Bradley Rede Seriously under-acknowledged indie gem. Well written, tense, I really loved this book and the sequel is coming out soon.


Dark Betrayal Trilogy by Nichole Chase Long time readers know I’ve recommended this series before. I really love the blend of mythology and legend that Nichole Chase uses in this story and the teenagers actually talk like teenagers, which is always a plus, in my opinion. Warning: You will want to go visit Savannah after reading this.


Adult Reads

Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews Please, for heaven’s sake, if you haven’t read anything by Ilona Andrews, shove your TBR pile to the side and get started. The KD series is one of the most imaginative, exquisitely built Urban Fantasy worlds I’ve ever read. It’s an amazing blend of fantasy, humor, action, and romance set in a post Magic Shift Atlanta. The Edge series is just as good. Seriously, go. Go, go, go. You won’t be sorry. Feel like I’m pressuring you? Good. Go read it.


Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne I recommended this one on a couple weeks ago. Great contemporary fantasy for those who love action, humor, and world mythology. I devoured these books and am eagerly awaiting the next one, which comes out on Tuesday. Also, a talking wolfhound. Don’t miss this series.


Master of Crows by Grace Draven Another under-appreciated indie gem for lovers of fantasy and romance. Love the characters that Draven writes in this stand-alone book. Highly recommended and a real bargain. I’d love to see this book reach new readers. It totally deserves it. I’d also love to see the Ms. Draven write more!


Night Huntress by Jeanine Frost I’ve been a Cat and Bones fan for years. Great urban fantasy, great action, swoony romance. If you like vampires and haven’t read these, you’re really missing out.

Also, Frost’s Night Prince series is also really good. I’m a huge Vlad fan!


Elder Races by Thea Harrison Harrison writes fantastically layered characters in a rich world. She also has some great novellas in this universe. These books are on auto-buy for me. They are on the steamy side, so make sure that’s your thing. But keep your hands off Khalil in Oracle’s Moon. He’s mine.


Iron Seas by Meljean Brook My first foray into steampunk and still my favorite. Another amazingly built world with great characters and tons of action. Also pirates, dirigibles, and zombies. (I mean, really? What else do you need?) If you love steampunk, or haven’t tried it yet, this is a great series. I also really like that every book features very unique characters and new and interesting plots. This is a very non-formulaic world. I really love that, as a reader.


This list is by no mean exhaustive. In fact, I’m sure I’m forgetting some great stuff, so put your own recs in the comments. I think, if there’s one thing all these series have in common, it’s an attention to world-building and character. Those are usually the two things that really draw me into a book or a series. I’ll try to update this page every now and then when I find a new gem that I want to share. For now, I hope you enjoy!



  1. I would have to say that right next to the Elemental Mysteries series, the Darkest London series by Kristen Callihan is one of my absolute favorites. This is a historical/paranomal mystery series with all sorts of imaginative characters who are so enthralling and vivid that I couldn’t put it down! I got completely transported with these books, which to me is the best thing about reading. Seriously; Elemental Mysteries + Darkest London = Best two paranormal series ever. <: D

  2. Thank u for recommending Grace Draven. Next to u she is awesome , like ur books I have read Master of Crow and Radiance multiple times.

    Just retread all of 4 Cambrio and loved them. Cried so hard pm long ride home!

    Also retread all of elemental & have to say Wow! Loved the bronze blade and even though sad and cried my fav! So well written

  3. Would have to say I am a real fan of Patricia Briggs’ Mercyverse tales and I am kinda liking Kylie Chan’s Dark Heavens series.

  4. Elizabeth,
    I was listening to “A Fall of Water” last night when I went to bed. My husband came in and I told him I found another favorite writer, so now we are listening to the series together. I’ll never get tired of it. I loved your recommendations Kevin Hearne, Thea Harrison, Patricia Briggs, Jeanine Frost are all in my library also. I would also recommend, Helen Harper, Susan Ilene, and Diane Duvall. I’m sure you’ve read them also, but I wanted to get those names out there as well.

  5. Two other series that I would recommend: Anne Bishop’s The Others (“Written in Red” is the first book) and Kelley Armstrong’s two series: (1) the Otherworld novels, which have an adult series beginning with “Bitten” a and two YA spin-offs; (2) the Cainesville series, which is still in process, and fantastic. Another commenter mentioned Patricia Briggs — her Mercy books and Alpha and Omega books rock! I am going to look for your first two recs — all the others I have already devoured!!!

  6. I forgot to mention Robin McKinley: she wrote this amazing book “Sunshine” and if you haven’t read it, try it!!!!

  7. Late,to the game, I know, but I just finished the Irin Chronicles. I was transported. Utterly compelling and wonderful. I do so hope you’ll be giving us more of the Irin world in the future. I’ve read all of your other books – Elemental Mysteries/World and Cambio Springs. They are quite wonderful, too.

  8. Don’t forget Kim Harrison’s “The Hollows” series. Very good company for the many other excellent recommendations above.

  9. Thank you for recommending Kevin Hearne. I needed a series to supplant the Elementals when you are writing or when I am waiting for new books from old authors. As I am a big fan of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden, the Iron Druid fits precisely into that area…thank you, thank you, thank you

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