Love and Fifty Book Preorder


FullSizeRenderSo the story with signings is that I usually bring about thirty or so of each first book in my different series (A Hidden Fire, The Scribe, Shifting Dreams, Shadows & Gold) and then a few of whatever my newest release is. SO, if you want me to bring something specific, please fill out this form for the Sacramento signing, tell me which books you’d like and I’d be happy to bring them.

If you do order books, please be sure you’re actually going to show up at the signing! I really hate to bring a bunch of books and then have people leave me hanging.

The other option is, of course, to buy and bring your own paperbacks! I’m very happy to sign anything you bring with you. (Other than body parts. Please don’t ask me to sign body parts. Or bite you. I don’t do that.)

PLEASE REQUEST ALL BOOKS ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 20TH, 2016 TO MAKE SURE I HAVE TIME TO ORDER THEM. If you get your request in after that, you may or may not receive a copy, depending on my book stock at the time.