Bonus Scenes

These are the links for the free fiction I post over on While there may be hints at future plot points, it’s all completely (as the title might indicate) EXTRA. There’s no regular schedule and none of this really relates to work in progress, it’s just fun.

Also, keep in mind, none of these are edited properly, so I’m sure there will be typos. You’ve been warned!



Merry Christmas, Tenzin 

A Not-So-Special-Night

Wind Speaks

Green Beards are as Bad as Green Beer

An Interview with Patrick Murphy (extra for Stomp vs. Romp)

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  1. Thank you. You have an Amazing imagination. I love your characters and your writing. Geo and B are my favorite vampires and I know the tenzin and Ben story will be just as good if not better. I love everything you write your amazing

  2. Love the bonus scenes! Just finished re-reading Genius and the Muse and still totally adore the story and characters. Thank you so much for it! Quick question though, I recall reading some time ago a short of Kate and Javi but cannot find it?

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