Books, what books? We’re talking coffee.

Okay, okay, yes. So I’m horrible about blogging and haven’t done it in a while. But good news! I have a bunch of stuff coming out soon. The biggest is MIDNIGHT LABYRINTH, which is out in just a couple days! And then we have Amid the Winter Snow next month. Some new audiobooks in the Elemental Legacy series coming soon, and more. But today I want to talk coffee. As many of you know, my fiancĂ© is Ethiopian (we met on my research trip for A Stone-Kissed Sea) and I love coffee very much. I mean him. I love HIM very much. And also coffee. I used to think I made good coffee, and I kind of do. I made good American coffee. But once you’ve been to the birthplace of coffee, you realize a couple things. American coffee (even strong coffee) is coffee-flavored-water. Milk is not necessary in coffee, […]

Traveling and Writing; A New Teaser for THE SCRIBE

Lots of pictures and sightseeing in Istanbul over the past few days. I love experiencing this city as Ava does the first time in THE SCRIBE. Wandering around the Spice Market with my camera. Drinking coffee at a sidewalk cafe. Every city has a certain pulse and energy. A character all its own. Istanbul is no different. It has lots and LOTS of character. (And characters!) I think every city has certain sounds and smells that are unlike anywhere else. A certain way that pedestrians walk. The peculiar quirks of taxi drivers and street vendors. Each city also has its quiet corners, and this morning, I visited one. Underneath one of the busiest streets in the Sultanhamet, the oldest part of Istanbul, there is a giant cistern once used to supply the palace with water. If you go in the afternoon, it’s very busy. But if you go first thing […]

Travel Update and a Teaser for The Scribe

Jerusalem June 23, 2013 There are more special places in Jerusalem than you can count. Walking though the Old City, you realize that you could spend a lifetime here and not discover all its secrets. I’ve been to Jerusalem twice now, and it is both familiar and foreign in ways that are very hard to explain. Today, I went to the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum. Now, for you history lovers, you might know this as the home of the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient manuscripts. It was my second time visiting, and this time, there was a special interest and significance since I’m writing a book with many ties to historical scribe traditions and their preservation of knowledge. I had intended to do some research on the Essenes who lived in Qumran, the scribes who copied the Dead Sea Scrolls, but I got even more […]