Tracing Shadows is finished! Epilogue has posted.

The Epilogue: Two Lovers has posted. The story has finished. Thank you so much for your time and attention.  I hope you enjoyed the story. Thanks again to my amazing editing/beta team of Toni Cox and Kristy Scott, along with all the readers for the original story,The Genius and the Muse.  I hope you enjoyed this adaptation, it really was a labor of love. If you enjoy my fiction, I hope you’ll continue to subscribe to the website and check out the Elemental Mysteries series. The first book, A Hidden Fire, will be released in Amazon and Barnes and Noble in just a few weeks!  The website for the series and I hope you’ll consider checking it out and maybe subscribing.  The prologue and first two chapters of Book One are on that site and up for preview. Thanks for reading, Elizabeth

Last regular chapter of Tracing Shadows

Dear readers, My apologies for the late post. This is the final regular chapter of Tracing Shadows; the epilogue will post next week. Thank you for reading, and for joining Kate and Javi, and Reed and Sam on their journey. This chapter, in fact, this whole story, is dedicated to the memory of my friend, Lacey, who passed away this week after a very long fight with liver failure.  Her spirit, her intelligence, her humor, and her freckles inspired a lot of Kate’s character, so I wanted to dedicate this to her. Part Ten: The Mirror I’d also like to ask that if you’ve never considered organ donation, or just haven’t made the time to check that little box on your license renewal (for American readers) please consider doing that today. You have no idea what that final gift could mean to so many families. Thanks for reading, Elizabeth   […]

New Chapter of Shadows: The Muse

So, here’s part nine of the story.  We’re almost to the end and I wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this story and especially all of you who have taken the time to comment.  I really appreciate the encouragement. Thanks again to the keen eyes of Kristy Todd and Toni Cox, my betas and editors for this story. It wouldn’t have been possible without them. I hope you enjoy finally hearing from Sam.  I gave her a nice, fat chapter.  Let’s see what she has to say. Part Nine: The Muse Thanks for reading, E

The Birth of a Character Name

There are a lot of ways to name fictional characters.  I know some writers who have names just “come” to them or choose a name because it feels right.  Some are named after real life people, or versions of them.  Other character names are chosen because of their meaning or historical significance.  Whatever the reason (and I’ve named characters for every reason listed above) it’s never been random. A friend recently pointed out to me that the character of “Kate” in Tracing Shadows is the same age as a mutual friend of the same name.  Now, there’s nothing about the character that’s similar except the age and name; but I realized, it made me feel a little uncomfortable, and I hoped that my friend didn’t think it had been deliberate. (Well, it was deliberate, as you’ll read, but not for any reasons relating to her.) I started mentally reviewing all the reasons […]

New Chapter of Tracing Shadows: The Agent

~~~ All my work keeps going like a pendulum: it seems to swing back to something I was involved with earlier, or it moves between horizontality and verticality, circularity, or a composite of them.  For me, I suppose, that change is the only constant. —Lee Krasner I kind of liked posting on Thursday last week, so I think I’ll keep doing that. Here’s the next chapter of Tracing Shadows.  Just so you know, this story is short.  There are ten parts along with the introduction and an epilogue, so it’s over half-way done.  This is part of why I’m publishing independently.  This story is half-way between a novella and a novel, but it’s exactly as much as it needs to be.  I’m not willing to add junk, or leave out stuff it needs to make it meet certain expectations. Hope you enjoy Part Seven: The Agent. Thanks for reading, E

Early chapter of Tracing Shadows!

Hey folks! I’m taking some time off this weekend, so I thought I’d go ahead and post this chapter of Tracing Shadows a little early. Part Six: The Potter I also wanted to take this opportunity to thanks my editing/beta team for all their help with this story. Particularly Kristy Todd and Toni Cox, who have been instrumental in getting this story ready for the reading public.  Kristy has been reading and editing for me since I started writing, and Toni has lent her editing skills and artistic expertise to help make me sound like slightly less of a dilettante. Thank you both so much, ladies! Thanks for reading, Elizabeth

New Chapter of Tracing Shadows

Hey folks! Happy Friday. I know I’m ready. A new chapter of Tracing Shadows is up, and then I’ll be taking next week off blogging to spend some time finishing the first draft of Elements book two.  I’ll still post the next chapter of Shadows on Friday, but other than that, I’ll be giving all of us some time off from my rambling. I’ll probably be hanging around on twitter if you want to catch me. Enjoy Part Four: The Painter! Thanks for reading, E