Full System Reset

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By Bernard Gagnon – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, $3 So, a few months ago, I blogged about pulling back from social media and such, trying to take more time for family and writing, and you all were super supportive (because you’re awesome) and encouraging. Then life happens. And I have a book release just before Thanksgiving (Waking Hearts). And then a surprise project (On a Clear Winter Night) right before Christmas. And a cover relaunch (Building From Ashes/Blood and Sand) right after that. And a big promo-sale in the Elemental series. And then posting the serial chapters for Imitation and Alchemy weekly. And then publishing and promoting that book (sales have been amazing, by the way, thank you SO much.) All this leads to Elizabeth needing what she likes to call a FULL SYSTEM RESET. I have no other major projects set to release right now, which means that I have […]

Nodding at the Monster

I have a Thursday ritual. It’s called “nodding at the monster.” See, as some of you might know, I was unemployed while I wrote A Hidden Fire, This Same Earth, and outlined the rest of the Elemental Mysteries. I was applying for technical writing jobs, copywriting jobs, editing jobs, and no one was interested. It was a hard time in the economy and most businesses were cutting back. Naturally, I signed up for one of those online resume services (in this case Monster.com) to help me look. And every Thursday, they would email me a list of positions that had opened up in my area. And every week I would apply. And I got maybe… four calls in all the months that I was doing that. But of course, I kept writing. In fact, it was only the month before A Hidden Fire came out that my unemployment insurance completely […]

My Son’s Room

I love my son’s room. I love going in at the end of the day to put him to bed and seeing the artifacts of his life gathered around him. I love seeing what he thinks is valuable and what isn’t. What deserves a place of honor on his dresser, and what gets thrown in the closet. He’s a bit of a collector, my kid, which is not really like me. He’s more sentimental about objects. But I enjoy seeing that, too. I like seeing the ways that he is uniquely himself and nothing like me or his dad. People are interesting. No, really, they are. If you don’t think so, you’re not looking hard enough. Every person has a story, even an eight year old boy who lives with his mom and dog and collects LEGOs and stuffed snakes and rocks with cool patterns on them. Are you looking?

Happy Birthday to me.

“What do you want for your birthday?” Nothing. (I don’t say this to my mother, because she’s my mother and she wants to buy me a birthday present, which is lovely.) “Um… earrings, I guess. I can always use more earrings.” Which is true because I have an earring addiction. And I’m okay with that. I no longer justify it or try to explain to people why I love big dangly earrings. Yes, they often get caught in my giant mass of hair. Yes, They even hit my shoulders sometimes because I’m a short type of person, so my neck is the opposite of swan-like. But I like them, and I will always enjoy getting more. Not justifying why I like things is only part of the reason I love being 36 today. YES, I just told you how old I am. I’m not vaguely in my thirties or having […]

Random Ramblings about new releases, travel, and future projects.

I’m running a Mother’s Day sale on SHIFTING DREAMS through Sunday only. For today and tomorrow, it is marked down to $1.99, so if you have been wanting to pick it up and haven’t, now would be the time! New Release Stuff: Blood and Sand ARCs have gone out to reviewers, so of course, I’ll be nauseous until those first reviews come back. To new and aspiring writers: Those nerves? I don’t think they ever go away. This is my ninth book and they’re still there. Maybe someday I’ll have full and complete confidence in a book, but maybe by then, I won’t care enough to still be writing and worrying about making it the best it can be. Who knows? It’s a double-edged sword. BLOOD AND SAND is available for preorder on Amazon HERE and it will be out on May 28th. Travel stuff: Istanbul! I’m going. Tickets have […]

Stories, Artifacts, and Boxes in the Garage

I haven’t mentioned it much on the blog, but my husband and I separated in the spring. It was not somewhere I had ever wanted to be, even though I think it was necessary and right at the end, and we have remained, above all other differences, our son’s parents first and finally. So I moved. And I left things behind and came back to the place where I grew up and have a plethora of family that can help a single mother. But I left things behind. My son’s father delivered a trailer of some of those things a couple of weeks ago. He was kind enough to pack them up and send them north along with some of our furniture, so I’ve spent the past couple of weeks sifting through books and artifacts, some from when we were first married, some toward the end when our tastes were […]

August wrap-up: Writing updates, Chicago news, and get ready for BLOODY SEPTEMBER!

The month of August is ending and what a month it has been! Lots going on, lots of new readers, and WAY more blog traffic. Hi to all the new readers! *waves like a dork* Welcome to my blog and I hope you hang around. Press the subscribe button if you like. I promise not to flood your inbox. I only post a couple times a week, max, but this is the best way to keep up with new releases, teasers, and other stuff like that. WRITING NEWS!!!  I’m finishing up revisions for Carwyn’s book this week, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking. I’m also continuing with the first draft of the new Cambio Springs book (you can read the first chapter here). Life is fun in shapeshifter-land. What have I been up to personally? Well, work mostly, but I was at the last Gentlemen of the Road stopover in […]

Five Things I Loved about Brave

I saw Brave last week with my mother, sister, son, two nieces, and nephew. It was a fairly wild crew, but fun. Much like Merida’s family in Brave, we all have our moments. I’ve actually read mixed reviews of the movie, which surprised me. I think people have come to have such an exalted view of Pixar that nothing but perfection will do for some. I loved Brave. Was it perfect? Probably not, but I’m having a hard time pin-pointing things I didn’t like. The plot was compelling, the characters—particularly Merida and Elinor—were relatable, and it was technically brilliant. So, without further ado, here are Five Things I Love about Brave: The hair. Call me shallow, but I’m a curly girl. I’ve had curls sprouting from my head since I was a baby. Not tame, soft curls. We’re talking mane-like thick curls with a mind of their own. Straightening works… […]

My child is a reader now.

Watching my son learn to read is a revelation. For a lifelong reader, there is very little that equals the thrill of watching your child learn to read. It’s as if the world opens up to them. They discover a magic code in the air that is suddenly and permanently decipherable. They start to recognize words all around and, if you’re watching, you can see the wonder of it. You begin to realize just how much language surrounds us. Signs, t-shirts, instructions, advertising, labels. They start to read it all. And you become aware of something that you thought you knew—especially if you’re a writer—but it drills it home because this time it is your child and their world and everything is new. Words, which we toss around like careless things too often, have weight. And for the rest of their lives, the child that has learned to read will […]