Ink by Elizabeth Hunter

New #contemporaryromance INK: A Love Story on 7th and Main

Happy New Year! I decided to start 2018 with a brand new pre-order releasing March 13. INK is a story I outlined a few years ago that got put on the back burner because other responsibilities intruded. But I pulled it out last year, finally wrote it, and now I have my first new contemporary romance in six years! “But Elizabeth, you write fantasy, not contemporary.” Common misconception, my friends! Though I’ll always consider myself a fantasy writer first, I actually got started writing contemporary romance. (And I do have one stand-alone CR already published, The Genius and the Muse.) The idea for this book, which will probably be a series of stand-alones, is for me to have a bit of a break from the heavy world-building of the Irin Chronicles and Elemental Legacy. INK is an entertaining romp of small town, opposites-attract romance combined with a heaping helping of […]

Midnight Labyrinth by Elizabeth Hunter

Midnight Labyrinth is Live!

Purchase Links Amazon iBooks Nook Smashwords Kobo   It’s here! You guys, I’m so excited to share this book with you. I’ve had the bones of this series sketched out for FIVE YEARS. Seriously, I’m really excited. I love this book. I love these characters. They’re weird and wonderful in the best way. (I think.) I’m glad I have readers who appreciate them. I want to thank every one of you who thought these two crazy characters needed their own series, because I loved writing this book and I’m already working on the next one. Thanks for your enthusiasm AND your patience. Ben and Tenzin have taken a very long and winding path to their first novel. I hope you all think it was worth it. I hope you enjoy MIDNIGHT LABYRINTH. Giveaway Open to US residents only a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cover Reveal: THE SILENT Irin Chronicles Book Five

I’m so happy to reveal the cover for the new Irin Chronicles book, The Silent, which will be out July 28th! I love this cover. And I love this book! Here’s the synopsis: They are called kareshta, the silent ones. But the silent are waking. Kyra has lived her life in the shadow of a powerful Grigori brother. She’s ignored her own desires for the good of her family. But an unexpected request from Thailand sends her on a mission that could change her life and alter the fate of free Grigori all over the world. Sons of the Fallen hidden in the mountains of Thailand have adapted an ancient human magic for their own purposes. Will this practice bring peace or lead to even greater danger for the Irin race? A simple diplomatic mission sends Leo to Bangkok, but he didn’t expect to see a familiar face in surveillance […]

FREE fiction and a cover reveal for Imitation & Alchemy.

I’ve been going back and forth on how I wanted to publish Imitation and Alchemy, the second prequel novella for Ben and Tenzin’s Elemental Legacy series. Last year, I published Shadows and Gold as a free serial on my website before I made it available for sale. And I loved doing that! I love being able to occasionally share work with you guys while I’m writing it. It’s very motivating, and I think it’s fun for readers, too. But then there was some nasty business with bad people stealing an author’s work off her website and forcing Amazon to take it down and halting sales. It was finally resolved in the author’s favor, but I’ll admit, it spooked me. BUT since I’m going to practice the optimism I was preaching last week on the blog, I’ve decided to go ahead and publish Imitation and Alchemy as a serial on my […]

ONE DAY MORE! (Beneath a Waning Moon releases tomorrow.)

ONE DAY MOOOOOOORE! Why am I getting my Les Mis on, you might ask? Because NEW STUFF is happening tomorrow! Grace Draven is a great friend and also a fantabulous author. I love her books, and we collaborated on a holiday collection last year, All the Stars Look Down. (Which is not to say we co-write. We’re both far too controlling and pig-headed for that.) But we had a great time putting the holiday stories together, so when she called me about doing another duo for Halloween… Grace: What do you think about putting out some Halloween novellas like we did with All the Stars for Christmas? (Please note: This is greatly paraphrased. I don’t really have that good a memory and this was months ago. Also, I’m a writer. I tend to just make things up when I don’t remember exactly.) Me: YES! That sounds so fun! Grace: I have this uber-cool […]

Merry Christmas from Casa de Hunter

Hey all! I’m planning to do a proper year end post of some kind later this week. I’ll also be doing my annual “Ten Things I Learned About Independent Publishing in 2014” post for writers. But until then, I wanted to send you and your family a very sincere wish of happy holidays. We’re Christmas people around these parts, so we have the lights, the tree, the stockings, and the tamales. (If you live in a place that doesn’t have good tamales at Christmas, a tiny part of my heart is breaking for you. Keep your chin up.) And when I say lights, I mean LIGHTS.   Just kidding. That’s not my new house. (Though, I almost wish I had the guts to do that to my house, because that family has gone full Griswold. It’s impressive, really.) Be looking out later this week for a little something else I’ve […]

Random Writerly Thoughts

I had a great time in Houston. The reception the Honors College put together was one of the nicest experiences I’ve ever had as a writer, and I think it was for a couple of reasons. One, it was fun and I was introduced by a great friend of mine, Dr. Jesse Rainbow, who was hilarious and set a great tone for the evening. And two, the questions that the students (it was mostly attended by writing students) had were, for the most part, phenomenal. It’s a pure pleasure to talk with young people who are receptive, thoughtful, and curious. They asked great questions, and I have no doubt in my mind that I will be seeing some of their names on the front of great books in the future. I wish I’d had time to talk to more one-on-one. There was a student who came up to me at […]

Character history, Tenzin, and thoughts about writing schedules.

Late Sunday night, I wrote a bit of Tenzin’s backstory. Now, for those of you who have read the Elemental Mysteries and know how old Tenzin is, you know that’s a lot of backstory, most of it pretty dark. I may end up publishing all or part of this. I may end up not publishing it. So why write it? Everyone is different, but for me? I need to know what that story is. Right now, a lot of that character’s past is rattling around in my head. I can hear it. Smell it. It’s very real to me. The way I get rid of that feeling is by writing it down. So for me, backstory serves two purposes. The primary one is to understand your character in a way that informs your writing. I don’t think you need to write the history of every character in your book; it’s […]

Bloggity, Blog, Blog, Blog (I’m moving!)

So, what am I doing lately? I didn’t, in fact, die of the plague over the weekend. Despite my initial worry, it was just a cold. Suffice to say, I’m a little melodramatic and I hate being sick. I don’t get sick very often, so I’m a big baby when I do. Luckily, I survived, and SmallBoy is excellent at putting up with mom when she’s sick. More news: I bought a house! This is very exciting for a number of reasons. As many of you know, my ex and I separated last year around the time The Force of Wind came out, which meant a move and a lot of other changes for all of us. Lots of changes and things were a bit edgy for a while, but we’re good. And honestly, I thought I was going to be a long ways off from buying a house on […]