THE SILENT is now available! #newrelease #paperbackgiveaway

Good morning, everyone! So, I missed posting this blog announcement first thing yesterday because I was working from the car driving back from a family reunion. PHEW! Hopefully, those of you who preordered or signed up for the newsletter have already heard. For the rest of you, I’m happy to report that… THE SILENT IS NOW LIVE! Amazon ➜ iBooks ➜ Nook ➜ Kobo ➜ Smashwords ➜ ★GOODREADS★ They are called kareshta, the silent ones. But the silent are waking. Kyra has lived her life in the shadow of a powerful Grigori brother. She’s ignored her own desires for the good of her family, but an unexpected request from Thailand sends her on a mission that could change her life and alter the fate of free Grigori all over the world. Sons of the Fallen hidden in the mountains of Thailand have adapted an ancient human […]

Book trailer day! And A Stone-Kissed Sea ARC Contest.

No big announcements today except I wanted to post the trailer for A Stone-Kissed Sea over here. I hope you enjoy! Check down at the bottom of the post to see how to enter the ARC Contest. For those of you who have already preordered the book, thank you so much! For those of you waiting to see if you want to read a book about Lucien, maybe this will convince you. OR maybe the words of my developmental editor Lora will: “If you’ve enjoyed The Elemental World series as much as I have, then you’re going to love A STONE-KISSED SEA. I think it’s the best of the series, and considering how good that series is, that’s saying a lot! Elizabeth wraps up the Elixir plotline, and there’s a substantial shift in the Elemental World, both figuratively and literally.  If you’re a Ben and Tenzin fan, I can tell you […]

For Writers: The Audacity of Optimism

There have been several articles lately about how complicated writing female protagonists can be. We want them strong but not too strong. Amazingly competent but not unrealistic. Gritty but not abrasive. Blech. By my count, I have now written thirteen female protagonists (maybe more depending on your definition of protagonist) in my novels and novellas. Here’s some of the reader and reviewer feedback I’ve gotten about my female protagonists: “clever” “boring, plain, over-emotional, and kinda stupid” “kickass!” “pathetic” “spineless ninny” “awesome” “relatable” “no personality” “one-dimensional” “all-time favorite heroine” “weak” “brilliant” And ladies and gentlemen, this is all feedback for the same character! I’ll leave you to guess for which because honestly, this could be for any and all of them. Reader perception ranges SO wildly (and always has) that I tend to stick with the philosophy that has guided me from the beginning of my writing career. It’s simple, actually. […]

Immortal Descendants Cover Reveal and a BIG contest. (Win signed paperbacks from meeeeee.)

So if you’ve been wandering around on Facebook at all, you might have seen this graphic… And wondered whaaaaaat was going on? See, there’s this series I love called the Immortal Descendants series. It’s by April White, and it’s one of the few YA series I’ve ever gotten into. It has great characters and world building. (Time travel! Street art! Free-running! Vampires! Shifters!) Basically, it’s pretty damn awesome all around. And all this awesome used to have covers that (they were okay, but…) didn’t quite capture the feel of the series for me. BUT NOW THEY HAVE NEW COVERS. And they are awesome. Want to see? Full disclosure: April White IS a friend of mine, but I just don’t recommend stuff that I have not read myself and genuinely feel like you guys would love. And I think this is a series you guys would love. Especially those who like […]

Waking Hearts #teaser, random book news, and a BIG #giveaway.

I have a delicious new teaser for you from Waking Hearts today. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS TO READ THIS BOOK! I mean, I’m always excited for you to read my books, but Cambio fans have been waiting a looooong time to get Ollie and Allie’s story, so there’s extra anticipation in the mix. So without further ado, here’s the Waking Hearts teaser! WITH three quick phone calls, Ollie had Vicky cleaning at her house, his cousins picking up the younger kids from the bus while Kevin did his shift at the feed store, and Jim covering the bar until Ollie and Allie could get there at six. Then he’d piled her in the truck and headed toward the Blackbird Diner. “I’m guessing you haven’t eaten today.” “I’ve had coffee.” “Coffee is not a meal, Allison.” “Now who’s acting like a mom?” He smiled. “Don’t pout. Or do. […]

Things I Am Excited About This Week

1. Reception for The Scribe has been phenomenal. I’m incredibly grateful for all of you who have bought the book, recommended it, shared it with friends, etc. To answer the most common questions I’m getting: YES, I’m working on the second book right now! I’m about a third of the way in. Maybe a little more. But I’m not going to give an exact release date for it. Spring of next year is about as specific as I can get right now. NO, I haven’t abandoned either the Elemental series OR the Cambio series. I have stories brewing for both, but when all you can think about is one book, it’s pretty useless to try writing a different one. Therefor, I’m working on THE SINGER: Irin Chronicles Book Two at the moment. NO, there’s no audiobook for The Scribe yet, but I’m definitely looking into doing one. I might try […]

August wrap-up: Writing updates, Chicago news, and get ready for BLOODY SEPTEMBER!

The month of August is ending and what a month it has been! Lots going on, lots of new readers, and WAY more blog traffic. Hi to all the new readers! *waves like a dork* Welcome to my blog and I hope you hang around. Press the subscribe button if you like. I promise not to flood your inbox. I only post a couple times a week, max, but this is the best way to keep up with new releases, teasers, and other stuff like that. WRITING NEWS!!!  I’m finishing up revisions for Carwyn’s book this week, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking. I’m also continuing with the first draft of the new Cambio Springs book (you can read the first chapter here). Life is fun in shapeshifter-land. What have I been up to personally? Well, work mostly, but I was at the last Gentlemen of the Road stopover in […]

First Week Round-up: A Hidden Fire

So, at the end of the week, I wanted to let you know how this crazy thing called a book launch went.  The short answer is, I’m really pleased. A Hidden Fire has stayed fairly high in the Kindle store rankings, and after only four days has a 4.81 out of 5.00 rating on Goodreads.  It has also been ranked in the top ten Best Independent Novels at Listopia on Goodreads, which is incredibly flattering.  It’s gotten some amazing reviews and some really flattering write-ups.  I even did an author interview about the book and series.  More reviews are scheduled to publish this weekend, but I’ll be putting any further information about that at Most importantly to me as a writer, people are e-mailing, tweeting, and reviewing telling me they have bought the book and they loved it.  This crazy story I cooked up in my brain and devoted […]