Character Inspiration: INK

Helloooooooo, everyone. So, it’s a funny thing, this writing thing. Sometimes, my imaginary friends (those would be my book characters) are really vivid to me. Sometimes I can see them in mah brain. Sometimes, I can hear their voice. Sometimes I just have a really vivid impression of their character and personality, but the physical description is fuzzy. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of writing and publishing, it is this: most readers like visuals! SO! I try to make visuals. This also makes it easier for my marketing assistant to do cool graphics and fun ads and stuff. So to celebrate the launch of INK and the fictional town of Metlin, California, I created this fun “casting” for the book. Now, is everyone here exactly how I see them in my head? No, because we’re limited by stock photography and stuff. But these are pretty close! […]

Book news, Where to find me, and Future Projects

(Originally posted at I’m a busy little bee, but I haven’t updated here on the blog in a while! Publishing News: Major edits on Carwyn’s book, Building From Ashes are complete! It is in the hands of my lovely proofreader right now, who is working on it before it goes to the formatter. That means that (natural disasters and exploding cats aside) the book will be ready for it’s release on October 23rd, which is only a week from today! HOWEVER, should you want to win an early copy of the book (and you participate in the entity known as Facebook) you can enter to win an early copy over on my new “Elizabeth Hunter” page by ‘liking’ the page. That’s it! All you have to do is like it and you’re entered. I’m doing the drawing tomorrow night, so don’t wait! Where to find me: Here, obviously (and on Facebook and Twitter), but I’ve […]

The Genius and the Muse is now available!

I’m very excited to announce the release of my fourth book, The Genius and the Muse, today! Buy it at: Amazon Barnes & Noble “The Genius and The Muse is such a lovely story. It’s the type of book where you want to re-read it, because you may find more little delights you missed the first time.”—The Autumn Review It’s a contemporary romance, which is a new genre for me. It’s set in the art world, which I love (I studied ceramics and metal-smithing in a past life). Most importantly, it has Kate and Javi. Oh, Kate and Javi! How I do love my odd couples. And these two might just be my favorite. Here’s a short excerpt from Chapter Thirteen: Javi stared back for a moment before he turned to keep walking down Thomas Street. She joined him, silently taking in the chaotic atmosphere of the Art Walk. The […]