Another new #audiobook YAY! The Staff and the Blade is now available.

So these things happen when schedules get messy, and I didn’t intend to have two new audiobooks release in the same month, but The Staff and the Blade: Irin Chronicles Book Four the book that has been in audio production for over six months… IS FINALLY HERE! Amazon: Audible: iTunes: It was a long book and a long process, but I’m really pleased with the result and I think you will be too. New characters. New narrator. Jay Britton is highly talented and I think you’re going to love it. This book was a huge project, so I hope audiobook fans are pleased.

NEW AUDIOBOOK! YAY! #MidnightLabyrinth is now available.

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! The audio edition of Midnight Labyrinth is now available! Audible: Amazon: “This marvelous story is part caper, part mystery and part political skullduggery as an attempt to do a good deed backfires spectacularly.” Now nominated for an RT Magazine “Best Indie Press/Self-Published Urban Fantasy” award. Remember, if you’re an Audible member, you can get Midnight Labyrinth for one credit (nearly half off the list price) and if you’re not an Audible member, sign up today and get Midnight Labyrinth as your free book for trying out an Audible subscription.

Shadows and Gold Audiobook by Elizabeth Hunter

Audiobooks? What audiobooks?

Good morning, lovely people! I hope your week is going well. Because I get questions about audiobooks all the time, I’m going to address some of the most common questions in this post. Why are your new audiobooks taking so long? Well, for some reason, my previous audio publisher decided they didn’t want to pick up the newer books in my series. Not sure why as sales have been good, but there you go. Now, in the past, that would have meant reader/listeners were just out of luck. But happily, we don’t live in that time. The good news? I can produce my audiobooks myself! The bad news? I have to produce my audiobooks myself. Why is that bad news? Well, producing takes time. It takes time to cast the right voices, go through production notes, listen to files, edit files, etc. That used to be something my audio publisher […]

Amid the Winter Snow

Anthology announcement and an Elemental Legacy teaser

Happy Saturday, everyone! I’m shooting off a quick blog post before my VERY BUSY WEEK this coming week. What’s on the agenda? Family reunion Grandmother’s memorial THE SILENT book release Getting TallBoy ready for Boy Scout camp More writing on the new book if at all possible I’m tired and the week hasn’t even started. blinkblink via GIPHY SO, let’s check a few things off, shall we? First off, I am very excited to announce that I’ll be joining a holiday anthology this year with three amazing authors (all of whose work I recommend) Thea Harrison, Grace Draven, and Jeffe Kennedy. The title of the anthology is… Up for debate. This is what happens when grammar nerds rumble, my friends. See, the original title was “Amid the Winter’s Snow” which is great, right? So we started with the cover, Grace and I collaborating, and I mocked up the copy for […]

Things I Am Excited About This Week

1. Reception for The Scribe has been phenomenal. I’m incredibly grateful for all of you who have bought the book, recommended it, shared it with friends, etc. To answer the most common questions I’m getting: YES, I’m working on the second book right now! I’m about a third of the way in. Maybe a little more. But I’m not going to give an exact release date for it. Spring of next year is about as specific as I can get right now. NO, I haven’t abandoned either the Elemental series OR the Cambio series. I have stories brewing for both, but when all you can think about is one book, it’s pretty useless to try writing a different one. Therefor, I’m working on THE SINGER: Irin Chronicles Book Two at the moment. NO, there’s no audiobook for The Scribe yet, but I’m definitely looking into doing one. I might try […]

What? No Audiobook? Yes, Audiobook. (Don’t panic.)

“So, Elizabeth, what happened to my audiobook?” I probably should have blogged about this before the previous release date came and went. Oops. I’m so sorry if there was any confusion! The audiobooks for the Elemental Mysteries/World have NOT been cancelled, only delayed. We’re still working on making the recordings the best they can be for you guys. I appreciate your patience and understanding. So, delayed yes, but not cancelled. And since both Audible and Dina Pearlman, the narrator for the books, are dedicated to making these audiobooks the best performance possible, I can’t really complain! As soon as I have a new date for you all, I will let you know! Thanks for your understanding, and I hope you’re looking forward to the final product as much as I am! Thanks for patience, Elizabeth

Saying goodbye to Turkey and another teaser from THE SCRIBE

Well, it’s almost over. I leave Turkey tomorrow, headed back to the United States and saying goodbye to this wonderful country. This has truly been an amazing experience, following the paths of my characters in ways that many writers only dream about. When I was young, I traveled the world by books. I read voraciously,  enamored by the settings and history that I read through the pages of mysteries and historical fiction. Action, romance, adventure, fantasy. It was the most accessible way for me to travel as a child. The fact that I’m able to travel like this–and then share those journeys through my books–is really a dream come true. Thank you for all your support. Thanks for being the readers who support my writing so I can take trips like this. This book and series has really come alive for me, and I hope you are as excited as […]

Pre-travel Stuff and Ramblings (Oh, and maybe the prologue for the new book…)

A few quick things. 1. BLOGGING Remember how I switched from posting on the Elemental Mysteries Facebook page (if you’re a FB person) to the more general Elizabeth Hunter page? I’m going to try to do that with blogging, too. I’m doing a lot more than just the Elemental Mysteries and Elemental World stuff now (and will continue to do more in the future), so this is the most practical thing for me. I don’t want to get rid of I’ll still be posting extra fiction and maybe some serial fiction over there in the future, but if you want to keep track of what’s happening with writing overall, PLEASE subscribe to this blog, not the other. It’s just too crazy to try to continue to cross-post on both. will continue to remain a fan site for Elemental World fans, featuring things specific to that series like short […]

Audiobook versions of the Elemental Mysteries from

Cross-posted from I am very excited and pleased to announce that all four Elemental Mysteries novels and the first Elemental World book will soon be available in audiobook format! I am partnering with, the world’s biggest producer of digital audiobooks, to make the Elemental Mysteries and Building From Ashes available for listeners, as well as readers. I don’t have any details right now about when they will be available to buy (I’m sure it’s a bit of a process to produce them), but as soon as I do, I’ll make sure to let you all know. Many thanks to Audible and the wonderful people at Dystel and Goderich Literary Management (especially you, Lauren!) for making this deal happen, particularly over the crazy holiday season. I know some readers have been asking about audiobooks, so I’m thrilled to have that format available to them, and I hope this opens the Elemental Mysteries […]