The Singer: Teaser #1

nordfjord-1Ava was still sleeping when the car came to a stop. She clenched her eyes shut, holding onto the safety of silence for as long as she could.


Damien knew she was awake. The man had preternatural senses that never switched off. Ava had decided he was like a weird combination of the most over-protective dad and big brother in history. Which, being the only child of a mother who saw her more as a peer than a child, was a new and interesting experience.

She snuggled into the down filled jacket under her cheek and ignored him.

“Open your eyes. I know you’re awake. It’s going to rain in about fifteen minutes and I’d like to start up the trail before it pours.”

She lifted her head and turned to him, speaking in a scratchy voice. “I never would have let you talk me into this in Turkey if I hadn’t been such a mess.”

“But you did, and now we’re here. Get your jacket on.” She caught him looking at his reflection in the rearview mirror.

“Looks like someone’s nervous to see the wifey,” she muttered.

“Ah look. Acid-tongued Ava is back. I missed her so much while she slept.” Damien paused, giving her a droll look. “Wait, no I didn’t.”

“You’re the one who dragged me out here.”

“Would you like to go back to Oslo?” He pulled the keys out of the ignition and tossed them to her. “Go ahead. Hope you can outrun Volund’s Grigori. Maybe you can scream again if they get close. Or maybe not. You’d pass out and hurt yourself if you did that.”

“Shut up.”

“Or maybe you can follow me and stop acting like a child.”

“Stop trying to manage me,” she croaked, her voice dry from sleep.

“For now, you need to be managed.”

She licked her lips and Damien held up a bottle of water. Ava took it, drank, then handed it back, noticing the extra-grim expression on his face. Slightly mollified by the water, she softened her tone.

“Hey, Captain Sunshine, shouldn’t you be happier than this? You’re going to see your wife at the end of that trail.”

Damien only stared into the thick trees that surrounded them. “A piece of advice. Sari doesn’t like the word wife.”

“Why not?” Ava knew the Irin used the word ‘mate’ more than wife, but she’d heard the scribes in Turkey use both on occasion.

“She was born in a time when the human term ‘wife’ implied property.” Then a rare smile flickered at the corner of his mouth. “And Sari is no male’s property. Now get your shoes on and lace them up tight. I don’t know everything that will meet us on that trail, but I do know this: there will be mud.”



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  2. Thank you for sharing.. Sooooo can’t wait for this. I’ve just re-read the whole Elemental Mysteries books to help me with my Malachi withdrawals but now I just have Malachi AND Giovanni withdrawals instead! Pffft!

  3. And such a great tease this is! Thanks for sharing it and thanks for using one of my favorite words: preternatural :). I’m looking forward to reading more and if I can get my emotions shored up I may be ready to re-read The Scribe!

  4. Ohhhh…it just isn’t enough Elizabeth! I can’t wait to meet Sari and get to know more about her and Damien’s history and their relationship. She sounds a bit scary like Tenzin (and I looove Tenzin).

  5. Dang it! The only problem with sneek peeks is they’re only sneek peeks! Can’t wait to meet Sari – I’m sure she and Ava will either love or hate each other and I’m excited to find out which 🙂 Also, it’ll be nice to see Damien being the one bossed around for a change.

  6. Thank you for sharing this! I can’t ask you to write faster, because I’m already amazed at how fast you write! Most authors seem to take a year or more between books, and you just churn them out like butter! Thank you. And tell nija boy we appreciate him sharing his mom.

  7. Thanks for the sneak peek can’t wait for he whole book. You write the most amazing characters – so easy to love and miss when you close the book. I re read your books regularly for this reason.

  8. Ah, hope. This start has hope. I will need a lot of it. I have had to seek other authors since I have bought/read everything you have written already. I know you need to create deep valleys to raise us to great heights at least one or twice a series. (I figure Cambio Springs is going to be devastating this next time around). Here is to looking for The Singer and to hoping your inspirations come quickly. As usual when we have a break, I will have to re-read the Scribe just so that I can get emotional flow into the Singer when it is done. Thanks for providing a glimpse to your imagination.

  9. You have again taken me to another world. My own little get away from my busy life!! Thank you for these amazing stories with such amazing characters!

  10. Lady …our relationship is somewhat unbalanced, and would be much improved by my reading a tad slower (i.e. not every possible waking and unfilled second including some that should definitely include sleeping) and your writing a hellofalot faster!!


    Anyone would think writing absolutely fantastically addictive and enthralling novels took time or something. Seriously.

    But thank you, I can’t wait for your next 1000 books. I read them at a rate of 1 a week though, so don’t dally dear.

  11. i read ALL OF YOUR BOOKS in 2 days, and I cannot, cannot, cannot wait for The Singer. I love these awesome men & women you are bringing to life in these stories and I want to go live in these worlds with them and stay there forever…

  12. Thanks for the awesome sauce stories. I am eagerly awaiting this one and googled the series so I could put the release date in my diary. I loved the elemental mystery series too.

  13. Any chance this will be published before the beginning of Feb? That’s when my twins are due and i want to be able read this before they turn 5 years old. 🙂

      • So excited!!!! Thank you for all your sneak peaks. You are one of my favorite authors. When I discovered your books, I read them all in a week. You are so very talented and I feel fortunate to read your works. I am dying for more of your stories. Again, thank you for sharing. 🙂

  14. I did it again. I got one of your books, read it in a day, and then had to come running to the web to see what’s next. You are killing me!! I don’t know what I am going to do until ‘The Singer’ is released. Feel free to release more chapters, teasers, cliff’s notes…anything! Love your work!

  15. You took some risk ending the first book in this series like that. I was devastated even though this teaser was in the back of the book. I went straight to your blog to get a hint of Malichi. A hint was all I needed since I have read all of your books … some twice. I can wait but I am old so don’t be George R R Martin. 😉

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