The Irin Chronicles

“Hunter’s finest work to date.”
“The perfect marriage of urban fantasy with tinges of romance.”
The newest contemporary fantasy/paranormal romance from Elizabeth Hunter.

Hidden at the crossroads of the world, an ancient race battles to protect humanity, even as it dies from within.

Ava Matheson came to Istanbul looking for answers, but others came looking for her. A reckless warrior guards her steps, but will Malachi’s own past blind him to the truth of who Ava might be? While ancient forces gather around them, both Ava and Malachi search for answers.

Whispering voices. Deadly touch. Their passion should be impossible… or it could be the only thing keeping them alive.

“The Singer boasts a truly excellent blend of action, treachery and romance that ends with a startling plot twist. Hunter is an author to watch!”—4 Stars from RT Magazine

 Copyright 2015, Elizabeth Hunter


  1. I tried to read this slowly, to make it last…but once again I was enveloped by the world you created…and OH MY GOD, hello Malachi…I would totally take the onslaught of hearing the voices of souls, if it meant I could be around him! I am heartbroken that I finished book 1 and need to wait for book 2, but i will just have to start a count down! Thank you very much for these stories, characters, and letting us readers into your phenomenal worlds

  2. I have to agree… I have downloaded this book by the reviews and I am sooooooo glad I did!! I am going to start at the beginning and read all the books I can find!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing your gift!!!

  3. seriously in love with this story and I,’m only at 63% ..WOW I was sucked in and I can’t slow down to make it last longer. 😉

  4. This book left me breathless. Love your writing style and character development. And Istanbul was a perfect location for this story. You have a new fan. When can we expect The Singer?

  5. I downloaded this book on recommendation from R T Book reviews. It was a wonderful and completely compelling story. I am anxiously awaiting The Singer, and I have to admit that I cried for these characters. Their love and ultimate loss was very vivid and real. I read voraciously, at least a book a day, due to disability issues. Do to this book I now have a wonderful new author(at least new to me)with other series I have to explore.

  6. You have made me fall in love with another one of your magical worlds. You truly have a way with words that weave a spell on me! I have recommended your books to everyone and anyone that will listen to me! This is a great read! If you haven’t already read this book, what are you waiting for?

  7. I have loved reading every single one of your books. I especially loved reading the Scribe as I am currently living in Turkey, and I have been to a lot of the places you talk about. I also loved your incorporation of a bit of the Turkish language with the use of canım, which I often hear among my friends. Can’t wait for the next one!

  8. OH MY GOD! I have just finished The Scribe and cannot wait for the second book. What a great setting…..never been there but went there for two days! Once again you have proved yourself, with excellent character development and just a bloody good style of writing. You always have me at the first page. If I had half your talent Elizabeth, I would be a very happy lady. More please and soon x

  9. I pre-ordered The Singer way back, and I am waiting with bated breath for it’s release in just a few days time. I have read all of your other books and I am totally hooked :o)
    Jackie xx

  10. Just finished The Singer! When can i get my hands on the next one?!:) These are FABULOUS!!!:)

  11. I am wondering how many books the whole serie will have when finished? Love your books!!! … but I like to read the complete series 🙂

  12. I am ready for Book Three! I fell in love with reading all over again when I started reading your books!

  13. My 30-something daughter introduced me to the Irin Chronicles. Couldn’t put them down! You left us with a lot of questions. Does Book 3 have a name yet, and when can we expect it?

  14. Elizabeth.. I just finished The Singer yesterday.. and as always you did a wonderful job.. It was very intriguing and I can hardly wait to read The Secret… Thank you so much for the fantastic job of writing that allows the readers to feel and experience your words.

  15. Fascinating! Love Ava and Malachi (fabulous name!) almost as much as Be a and Giovanni (perhaps they should get together!). You say above the third Irin book is out this coming winter. Am I right in assuming that is early in the New Year?

  16. Absolutely loved these books! I was completely engrossed and read both The Scribe and The Singer in about 5 days. Can’t wait for the third! 🙂 It feels like so long to wait but it’s going to be worth it, I hope.

    I enjoyed the elemental mysteries series but I have to say, Irin Chronicles has made it into my top 3 book series. As always, you are fabulous. x

  17. I have read both Book 1 and 2 and am waiting patiently for book 3….. hopefully there will be more ….. your imagination is wicked and I love the books

  18. Just finished The Scribe & The Singer
    And I’ve so fallen in love with Ava & Malachi.
    Ready to preorder The Secret

    I’m so glad you’ll continue with the Irin Chronicles.
    This world is so magical, so gorgeous, so superior!
    It’d be such a crime to stop at 3 books.

    I’m ecstatic you’ve used your love of Linguistics here.
    Thank You.

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  20. I work full time and have baby’s at home and never have anytime to actually read anymore. I’ve listened to ALL of your books on audible and have gotten my mother hooked on reading your books as well. I’m so anxious to download the audio version of The Secret. Do you know when that will be available?

    • I don’t, Tabitha. I’m happy to say that Audible will be producing it again and Zach Webber will be narrating, but they just got the book, so I don’t know when it will be available yet. As soon as I know, I’ll post about it!

  21. I’ve been looking for The Secret on kobo but haven’t seen it there yet. Will it be available or should I go elsewhere?

    • Sarah, it is showing Kobo distribution, but readers are having a hard time finding it. If you want it today, you might have better luck on iTunes or Smashwords. Books bought at Smashwords can be read on a kobo device!

  22. Elizabeth,
    Is there any news as to when Audible will publish The Secret? I am an audible reader, but I can’t wait too long. I already purchased the book, and am willing to suck it up and actually “read”, but geeze, it will pribably take me longer to find the time. Trust me, it’s definitely a sacrifice I’m willing to make. I may miss my son’s line drives and amazing double outs, but I will “read” The Secret if audible doesn’t get its butt in gear!!!! Haha

  23. I loved this series. I hope in your further writings, you continue with Rhys. He needs a happy conclusion.

  24. hi Elizabeth I love all three books but was hoping there was book 4 , so is there a book 4 and when will it be out


  25. I Loved this series so much I read the Elemental Mysteries afterward. Such wonderfully developed characters that you can’t help becoming invested in them. I loved the details of the Irin culture and how they are incorporated into the human world. Their rituals, the whole idea of the ink sigils was amazing. Thank you Elizabeth for your beautiful writing and outstanding stories. Irin so far is my favorite, but I’ve barely begun to go through all of them.

    I hope you write more about the Irins in the future.

  26. I love all your books for the characters, the plots and action. I’d love more books about all the supporting characters in the Irin Chronicles. I just finished the series for the second time and don’t want to leave that world. Please keep your break short and keep writing!

  27. Hi Elizabeth,
    I’m an avid photographer and always wondered what camera Ava like to use, or uses most often? I loved imagining her wandering around Istanbul, but could never peg down what camera she would be using.

    Thank you for writing such wonderful books!

    • Oh boy. I hope this doesn’t get heated, Avrielle. 😉 Though I am a Canon girl myself, I think Ava would more likely use a high end Nikon DSLR because she shoots a lot of landscapes and travels a lot. Nikons are pretty hardy.

      • Camera people can be very intense about their preferences! Haha! I could see her using a Nikon. She always seemed like a person who cared much more about the quality of what she owned, especially going to remote places. She needed a camera she could rely on. Sometimes I would imagine her with a Leica camera, especially when taking pictures of people or of Malachi. Thank you for helping me to get a better visual. I’m reading The Secret now and hopefully I’ll get to see Ava using her Nikon some more. 😉

  28. Just finished re-reading this series for the third time, I have to say it is one of my all-time favorites! Each time I read them, I cry, smile, and laugh. I’ve read your other books as well, the Elemental series is great, but I keep returning to the Irin Chronicles. I love this world that you created and am waiting patiently (ok, not always patiently >< ) for the next book in this world! I would love to read how Kyra, Rhys, and Leo make out…will they get mates and how will Kyra grow as a person once the voices don't surround her all the time? My imagination doesn't do this justice.

  29. I have just started to read this series after loving the Elemental World. I sat crying at the end of The Scribe such wonderful, descriptive writing. You can feel all that they feel. I just love your writing so much. You are one of my all time favourite writers. I’m currently half way through The Singer and can’t put it down.

  30. I’m not sure if this has been asked already, but how do you pronounce “Irin”? And then is “Irina” pronounced like the Russian name, Irina? Probably a weird question, but I can’t get past it. 😉

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