Series Reading Order

Updated 03/28/17

Elemental Series

Elemental Mysteries

 (Giovanni Vecchio & Beatrice De Novo)



Lost Letters and Christmas Lights (included in All the Stars Look Down)

Elemental World

(Various Elemental Characters)

     The Bronze Blade Cover   

 #1 BUILDING FROM ASHES /#1.5 Waterlocked /#2 BLOOD AND SAND /# 2.5 The Bronze Blade

#3 THE SCARLET DEEP /#3.5 A Very Proper Monster (included in Beneath a Waning Moon, October 2015) /#4 A STONE-KISSED SEA

Elmental Legacy

(Ben Vecchio & Tenzin)


#0.25 Shadows & Gold /#0.50 Imitation & Alchemy /#0.75 Omens & Artifacts


Cambio Springs Mysteries


#0.5 Long Ride Home /# 1 SHIFTING DREAMS / #1.5 Five Mornings /#2 DESERT BOUND


Irin Chronicles

     The Silent by Elizabeth Hunter

#1 THE SCRIBE /#2 THE SINGER /#3 THE SECRET /#3.5 On a Clear Winter Night



  1. I love that you put all the series in order…I’ve read every book and if I get desperate between a new book coming out I retread and the listing make it easier to do that?

  2. Can I help you write faster in any way? I have a lot of time on my hands an am very good with research. Free of charge.

  3. Such wonderful and distinct characters! Your imagination is unbelievably good. And the writing, wow. Can’t wait for more of everything! I’m glad you are young, though when you google ‘Elizabeth Hunter’, that box that comes up on the right side of the page says you are 81 years old and born in Nairobi. Hmmmm. (exchanges looks with fellow readers.) And maybe your imagination is not so unbelievable? Has anyone seen Elizabeth during daylight?

  4. I was wondering how the ARC thing worked. I am impatiently waiting for any new story. I have read all three series’ worlds. I am a middle school English teacher and I have used some excerpts from the novels to show character development and effective description. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment. I read an average of a book a day so I am always looking for new material for me and my students. Do you have any description anywhere about how you shifted from teacher to writer? I am trying to encourage my writing students and wanted to let them know that, while difficult, is possible. Anyway, thank you again. JB Carroll

    • Hey, Julie! ARCs are sent out to reviewers and bloggers prior to new releases. I also send some copies out to my reader group on Facebook.

      As for what to tell your students, I studied literature and linguistics in college, taught for a few years, and then had years of experience with business and technical writing before I started creative writing! And I just did it for fun online before I started thinking about publishing. I’m self published, so I did it on my own at first before I had an agent. Writing is very possible as a career or part-time career. I’m lucky to be able to make a living with my writing now, but it didn’t start out that way. The most important advice I can give is to write, FINISH stories, and put them out there, either on your blog or on Wattpad, or (eventually, when they are ready) through publishing. It seems trite, but practice really does make perfect.

      Best of luck! Elizabeth

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