Imitation & Alchemy

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Imitation and Alchemy is an astonishing fantasy-filled adventure topped to the brim with intelligence, suspense, and delicious, yet morally questionable decisions.

It is rare an author can create characters so enchanting, a world so captivating or a plot so enthralling that it could make it through more than a dozen books. But Elizabeth Hunter can do it – and she does it in spades. I loved this novella.
—The Lit Buzz

“This book… is the perfect combination of fantastic world-building, brilliant writing, and complex and interesting characters.”
—Gazelles on Crack



All Tenzin wanted was a cache of priceless medieval coins that had been missing for several hundred years.

And some company.

Phrases like “never again” don’t mean much when you’ve been a vampire for several thousand years. And promises made in the heat of anger don’t outweigh the lure of gold. Ben Vecchio thought he knew everything there was to know about the immortals of Italy. But when Tenzin tempts him into another adventure finding a cache of rare gold coins missing since the nineteenth century, he’ll discover that familiar places can hold the most delicious secrets. And possibly, the key to his future.

Ben and Tenzin are back in an all new novella in the Elemental Legacy series.


  1. Love the Tenzin/Ben series. Their rapport is marvelous. More, more of these…Please. Not that I don’t love the other books, because I do. But how can you not love Tenzin? And don’t let Ben turn for a while, that’s the fun of all this, the push and pull of that topic.

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