Shadows and Gold

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00068]Ben and Tenzin make a very interesting pair and you are not sure of anything much about the future other than the fact that Tenzin is going to drive Ben crazy. …5 Stars for entertainment, interesting characters/plots and consistency in writing through all these series.
–Douglas C. Meeks, WICKED SCRIBES
Shadows and Gold offers up an adventure for ancient Wind vampire Tenzin and the now grownup Ben Vecchio and kicks off a new series with Ben in the lead – and does it in a very satisfying manner.
–Melindeeloo, “AMAZON TOP 1000 REVIEWER”



Failing grades. Misleading wind vampires. And a fortune in forgotten gold.

Traveling to the most remote region of China certainly wasn’t what Ben Vecchio had in mind for his summer vacation, but when Tenzin suggested a quick trip, he could hardly turn down a chance to keep her out of trouble and practice the Mandarin he still struggled with in class.

Of course, Tenzin might not have been clear about everything travel entailed.

Driving a truck full of rotting vegetables and twenty million in gold from Kashgar to Shanghai was only the start. If Ben can keep the treasure away from grasping immortals, the reward will be more than worth the effort. But when has travel with a five-thousand-year-old wind vampire ever been simple?

SHADOWS AND GOLD is a prequel novella in the Elemental Legacy series.


  1. The Elemental Mysteries series is my favorite set of books. I can never get enough. I think, I have at least read them 5 times this year alone. I’m hoping my husband will purchase the paperback versions for me this Christmas, and I know that Shadows and Gold will be among my many re-reads. Thank you Mrs. Hunter, for producing books that captivate your audience, and have them coming back for more.

  2. Reread the entire Elemental Mysteries Series and all of the Novellas over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Now I see you have released Shadows and Gold. Been reading every Tuesday and now I have to read all at once so I can ensure I don’t miss a thing. So much for sleeping tonight.

  3. I have a question- when you posted the chapters of Shadows and Gold, did you post the whole book, or is there more in the one we would buy? I love your elemental series- I’ve read them multiple times-keep ’em coming.

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