A Fall of Water

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A truly epic conclusion of the amazing series! Fast-paced, breathtaking, romantic without sugary sweetness, sexy and in some ways unexpected. My mind is still reeling… and Beatrice kicked ass, by the way!

—Nocturnal Book Reviews

In a final note I leave you with this…this series is truly a marvelous one. You get action, mystery, suspense, and lots of hot, sexy romance. The characters become your family and the stories remain with you long after they are done.

—I Read Indie Book Blog

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Still grieving from their loss in the far East, Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo discover that for them, all roads really do lead to Rome. But nothing is quite as it seems in the Eternal City. Joined by Carwyn and Tenzin, unexpected clashes greet them almost immediately, and rivalries churn beneath the glittering facade of the old Roman court. They quickly realize that allies might be enemies, and ancient rivals could hold the key to a deadly secret.

Giovanni and Beatrice will be forced to call on old alliances, ancient powers, and fierce cunning to survive for the eternity they both desire. Sometimes, finding the end means going back to the beginning. Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water finally meet with devastating results in the conclusion of the Elemental Mysteries.



  1. Hi Elizabeth!!

    I LOVE your Elemental Series & The Irin Chronicles, I have read both complete series in the past couple of weeks; I could NOT put them down ;). I also work full time, have a loving husband – that I adore, two 9 year olds, plus 6 grown children & 10 grandkids!!!. I only have one comment, suggestion or thought for you…I could NOT reconcile or picture the Giovanni you have on the cover of “A Fall of Water” with the Giovanni in the book, that has the perfect body, curls that fell across his forehead, passionate but very serious & studious as well. So I went and found one or two…Raoul Bova (blue eyes) & Gabriel Garko (blue eyes), I think these men could possibly fit the “picture” of Giovanni, but never the extraordinary character you have written :):):) Thank you so much for your books, I look forward to the next releases in your series.

    • Thanks, Delanne! So glad you enjoyed the books so much! And the beauty of books is you can imagine the characters HOWEVER you want. I know Raul Bova is a reader favorite for Giovanni!

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