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When Kate Mitchell decided to research the mysterious portrait in the student gallery, she had no idea how her life would change. She thought she knew what she wanted. She had a great boyfriend, a promising career, and a clear path.

How could one simple portrait change all that?

A photograph. A sculpture. A painting. One clue leads to another, and Kate learns that pieces of the past might leave unexpected marks on her own future, too.

And how, exactly, did she end up in an irritable sculptor’s studio?

One portrait may hold the answers, but learning its secrets will challenge everything Kate thought she knew about love, art, and life. A single picture can tell more than one story, and in the end, a young artist will discover that every real love story is a unique work of art.

What reviewers are saying:

“Truly amazing, crazy believable… the story kept my interest the entire time. Remarkable read. Absolutely remarkable.”—Mandy Anderson, Twimom101 Book Blog

The Genius and The Muse is such a lovely story. It’s the type of book where you want to re-read it, because you may find more little delights you missed the first time.”—The Autumn Review


From The Genius and the Muse…


“Katie?” A deep voice, rough from sleep, answered her. She gaped, suddenly unsure of what she wanted to say.


Of course it’s Javi, you idiot.

Kate heard him take a breath and exhale. “Yeah?”

“Did I―did I wake you up?”

There was a pause. “Yeah, I guess so. I―” He cleared his throat. It worked a little bit, but his voice was still a rough growl that sent a shiver down her spine.

“I’ve been working for a few days.” She heard him release another deep breath. “Hmmm, what time is it?” he murmured.

Her heart rate picked up. She had woken him, and a picture of him lying bare-chested in bed leapt unbidden to her mind. She had only peeked at the intriguing tattoos that covered his thick muscles, but somehow in her mind’s eye, she saw his richly decorated chest and arms laying against a white background as he spoke to her.

“It’s… uh, it’s around eleven in the morning.” She swallowed and willed the image away. “On Thursday. I was just going to leave a message for you. I figured you’d be working.” She squirmed, still trying to erase the mental picture from her mind as he replied.

“Well, you’ve got me now. What did you want?”

“I―um, you know, just call me back when you get a cha―”

“I’m awake now, Kate,” he voice was clipped. “What do you need?”

You. She almost said it before thinking. Wait, what?


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  3. Just finished reading Imitation Alchemy, I am heart broken! Can’t believe I have to wait till summer for your next book! I get so excited to read anything by you, they consume me, they control my waking hours, it’s all I think about, please write quicker! Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us mere mortals !

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