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Want to buy my books? Here’s a few helpful links. Also, I never enable DRM on any of my e-books and I always allow lending. So if you’re short on cash (hey, I’ve been there), ask a friend! As for paperbacks in libraries, I don’t have much say in that, but feel free to request my books from your librarian.


I love e-books, but I also love bookstores! And as an independent writer, I love supporting bookstores who do things their own way. Want to find an indie bookstore near you (or one you can order from online?) Check out Indie Bound.



Amazon, in addition to being the biggest bookstore in the world, has this really cool feature called an author page with my bio and links to pretty much every book I’ve ever written. If you’re not sure if it’s my book, check here. I update it regularly. E-books, paperbacks, audio. (Also, links to a bunch of used book sellers for those wishing to save a few bucks on paperbacks.) It also has helpful links to my social network sites.



E-books only. Most of my e-books here, along with some links to movies written by a completely different Elizabeth Hunter. (I heard Jumping the Broom was awesome, but totally not my screenplay. Just letting you know.) You should also be able to find my books on your Apple device if you look in the iTunes/iBooks store.


Unknown-2Barnes & Noble

E-books and Paperbacks. You can order both from this link. I don’t have an Author page on B&N (they don’t have that feature) but there is a series page for my Elemental series, or you can search by book title.



Buy direct! One of the biggest sellers and distributors of indie author work. Buy a book in your preferred format to use on any device you want. Very versatile e-book store, and available internationally. That’s right, NO international restrictions, you crazy Liechtensteinians.



E-books only. One of the up and comers in the e-book market, Kobo has created a very cool publishing platform. You can find all my e-books here, but you’ll probably have to search by title. Also has a nifty reading app for tablets, if you’re not a Kobo owner. (Yeah, I said “nifty.”)


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  2. I have never laughed or cried so much reading a book (let alone a series of them). Your wonderful talent is absolutely awe inspiring, and I am now a true believer in fantasy/romance books! Although I cannot fathom being as inspired by any other author, I want to commend you on your great work! Cannot wait for “The Secret” to be completed and wish you well in your endeavors!

  3. Elizabeth – Amazon is showing The Scarlet Deep is Kindle only. Will it also be in paperback? I’d prefer to buy in print. thanks

  4. 1st things 1st I am obsessed with everything you write!! I just found you and have devoured The Elemental & Irin Series OMG FanFckintastic!!! I am starting the Cambio series right now..
    If I send you a book with a self addressed return envelope would you sign it?

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