Praise for The Genius and the Muse:

“Truly amazing, crazy believable, and the story kept my interest the entire time… Remarkable read. Absolutely remarkable.”—Mandy Anderson, Twimom101 Book Blog

A Tale of Many Book Reviews:

The bottom line: if you’re not reading Elizabeth Hunter’s novels, you should be! Her plots and characters are fully developed and well-researched. The artspeak and technical parts of this book are a fine balance between informative and interesting yet not so technical as to turn off the casual reader. …Hunter’s writing style is so smooth, and her plots (this one included) just carry the reader through from beginning to end.


 Praise for A Hidden Fire:

“A tantalyzing paranormal romance, full of mystery and intrigue. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Sign me up for book 2!” —Nichole Chase, best-selling author of Mortal Obligation, Book One of The Dark Betrayal Trilogy

Nocturnal Book Reviews

“Some books are like delicious dark chocolate, but some books are like exquisite red wine – rich, intoxicating, powerful. A Hidden Fire is just one such book…[it] delivers strong feel of Anne Rice but with a touch of Elizabeth Kostova and Dan Brown. It’s not a paranormal romance, but a mystery with romantic elements.”

“…lush with detail and sweeping in scope, the emotional depth that you get is almost unheard of in recent years.” —Stephany Simmons, author of Voodoo Dues, A Lian and Figg novella

Better Read Than Dead Book Reviews

A Hidden Fire is saturated with mystery, intrigue, and romance. To be quite honest…this book will make my paranormal romance top ten list of 2011. The characters are enigmatic and brimming with charisma. …the sequel cannot come out soon enough for me. A Hidden Fire is to say the very least…intense.”


Praise for This Same Earth:

“Often times an author hits a slump with their second book. I can easily say that that is not the case here. This Same Earth blew me out of the water as far as sequels go. I love love loved it.” —Rachel, Goodreads reader

Twimom 101 Book Blog:

This Same Earth had me smiling throughout most of the book with its fabulous storyline. I was so caught up in the romance and the nail biting suspense that I flew through the book in less than 24 hrs. Hunter is one fantastic author creating a world of vampires you will want to sink your teeth into (pun definitely intended). This series is one of my fav of favorites, and I know it will be yours too!”

Bending the Spine:

“I have not been this excited about a series in a long time! I am in love!!!”


Praise for The Force of Wind:

“Holy cats! There doesn’t seem to be any stopping Elizabeth Hunter. The Force of Wind, the third installment of her Elemental Mysteries series is a force to be reckoned with.”—Leisha O’Quinn, A Tale of Many Reviews

“This may have been my favorite of the series so far. There are so many HUGE things that take place in this book that I was so blown away at times, I had to go back to re-read certain parts! …Excellent new plot developments and more action in this book. Once again, BRAVO Ms. Hunter!” —The Autumn Review

Praise for A Fall of Water:

“What I love the most about A Fall of Water is that Elizabeth Hunter has continued to grow the characters I know and love, while still introducing new ones into the story to keep it fresh.” —Rebecca Edney, Bending the Spine

“This is fourth and final installment in the Elemental Mysteries series and I couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion. After the slower pace of The Force of Wind, I was not sure how it was going to play out. I was very happy with the faster pace and twisting change of events that left me wanting to see what could possibly happen next. The conclusion of the mystery we are introduced to at the very beginning of the series is highly satisfying. I enjoyed every minute of it.”—Emmy, Sinfully Delicious Book Reviews

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