The Elemental Series

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The Elemental Mysteries are a four book paranormal romance/mystery series for adult readers.



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Welcome to the Elemental Mysteries, where history and the paranormal collide, and where no secret stays hidden forever. Join five hundred year old rare book dealer, Giovanni Vecchio, and librarian, Beatrice De Novo, as they travel the world in search of the mystery that brought them together, the same mystery that could tear everything they love apart.

“Elemental Mysteries turned into one of the best paranormal series I’ve read this year. It’s sharp, elegant, clever, evenly paced without dragging its feet, and at the same time emotionally intense.”

—Nocturnal Book Reviews

Also Available: The Elemental World Series

Continue reading in the expanded universe of the Elemental Mysteries

Building From Ashes (Carwyn and Brigid’s novel)

Waterlocked (Terry and Gemma’s novella)

Blood and Sand (Baojia and Natalie’s novel)

The Bronze Blade (Tenzin’s origin story, novella)

The Scarlet Deep (Murphy and Anne’s novel)

And now…

The Elemental Legacy Series

A new paranormal mystery series set in the Elemental universe featuring Ben Vecchio and Tenzin.


FAQ: Elemental series

1. Will there be any more books about Gio and Beatrice from the Elemental Mysteries?

Books? Probably not. Novellas? Possibly. (I just wrote a novella with them for All the Stars Look Down.) Will they show up as supporting characters in other books in the Elemental World? Definitely! In fact, they already have; both characters were pretty important to events in Blood and Sand and showed up separately in Building From Ashes.

See, here’s the thing. I left both those characters in a really good place (I think so, anyway.) and if I wanted to write more books about them… I’d have to go and do something horrible to create drama again! Do you want me to do something mean to Gio and B? Do you? *gives you puppy dog eyes* Don’t ask me to torture my characters more than I already have. Lots more stories to tell!

2. What about Ben and Tenzin??? BEN! TENZIN! I need to know about Ben and Tenzin!!!!!
(You think I’m exaggerating the number of exclamation points, but I promise you, I am not.)

Sooooo, Ben and Tenzin are very popular characters, which I love! And I’ve actually written a bit about their future in a couple places. Thank you for loving these characters so much!!! They will be the two main characters in the Elemental Legacy series, which will lean a bit more toward urban fantasy. The first novella, Shadows and Gold is already out and available at retailers everywhere.

3. How many books will be in the Elemental World series?

To be honest, I don’t have a strict number. What I wanted with this series was to create a world where I could dip in and out of the mythology and write about characters all over the place. Some, like the original Elemental Mysteries will be more contemporary fantasy with a historical twist. Some will be closer to traditional paranormal romance, like Blood and Sand. Some might be historical fantasy like The Bronze Blade. I love this world, so I’ll continue writing in it as long as I feel inspired. I’m currently working on the next Elemental World novel, which will be a paranormal romance featuring Murphy and Anne, who were introduced in Building From Ashes.


UPDATING FAQ for the Elemental Legacy series:

By far, the most questions I get on future series/books/characters have to do with Ben Vecchio and Tenzin in the Elemental Legacy series. So I’m going to try to answer a few of those right now, particularly as they apply to Imitation and Alchemy, the current story I’m publishing for free here on the website.

  1. When will Imitation and Alchemy be up for preorder/published?

I’m probably not going to do a preorder for this book. I’m publishing all the chapters on the website in serial fashion, one chapter a week. Since the novella is finished and I know it has nine chapters, I can tell you that Chapter Nine will post January 16th, but then it’ll have to go through the editing process before it’s made available for sale. So a lot depends on my editors’/proofreader’s schedule. I’d estimate late January to early February.

2. Are you going to publish the whole thing for free?

I’m going to publish all the chapters, so the story will be finished. Those who buy the book will also get an epilogue. And the book! I don’t keep it online forever.

3. Will you be doing a paperback/audio?

Paperback, yes. Again, that’ll depend on when it’s finished, but I do plan on doing a paperback edition.

Audio is a different story. My audio publisher has not picked up the series (probably because they’re novellas) but I have considered doing a combined audio edition once all three novellas are out. And I’ll definitely be doing audio editions of the main series, even if I have to publish them myself.

4. When will the main series be published?

I have three novellas planned as prequels to get Ben and Tenzin where I want them before the start of their series. Shadows and Gold (set in China) was the first, Imitation and Alchemy (set in Italy) was the second, and the third will be written next year in the fall/winter and set in the UK. After that, I’ll be starting their series, which will be full-length novels, not novellas. The first will probably be written in 2017.

5. What will the Elemental Legacy novels be about? What genre will they be? Urban fantasy? Paranormal romance? Steampunk long-form poetry?

Once you get to the end of Imitation and Alchemy, you should have a very, very good idea of what the Elemental Legacy series will be. There will be five books. Urban fantasy genre. More action. Lots of humor. Romance? Still my style. I’m really looking forward to them.

I know I’m not supposed to have a favorite character (like you’re not supposed to have a favorite kid, you know?) but IF I DID Ben Vecchio would probably be mine. He’s quickly becoming a fan favorite, as well.

6. Are Ben and Tenzin going to be a romantic couple?

I am so not going to tell you that. Nice try, though.

7. BUT—

Listen, nothing about these two characters is normal. So… even if I wanted to tell you, I’m not sure I could. Yes, I know how it’s all going to shake out. I have a rough outline for the series. I’m just not going to tell you what it is. :)I really need to rethink my life.%22

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  9. I love to read it is how I stay sane and deal with life. I recently downloaded your elemental series…I read all 4 in 2 days! ( needless to say I’m one of those speed reader type people) I have reread them and keep finding new and enjoyable parts to them. Thank you for sharing your talent with those of us who love the “story”. I read you muse and the genius today and liked it as well. Looking forward to the next one coming soon. Again thanks for an awesome read 🙂

  10. Wow what an awesome series. Do not like usual vamp stories but ur characters come alive on the page. I felt like I was there with them. Waiting for no 5. Please keep em coming. I am seventy. Reading is my life.

  11. I haven’t read such a great series in a long time. Characters are wonderful and I can’t wait to read more!

  12. This series was an unexpected find on Kindle, and I’ve torn through all of the Elemental World/Mysteries books already. I couldn’t put them down. Will there be more World books? Really, perfect blend of adventure, romance, suspense and action. Well done, Ms. Hunter. You’ve quickly become one of my favorite authors.

  13. I am addicted and I never even knew you existed!

    Besides being a mom of 2 and having a full-time job, I find myself reading my nights away. I usually enjoy a good mystery with a bit of romance, so I was immediately lost in your Elemental Mysteries Series. What a joy! I was so happy to find that you didn’t leave us hanging when I found the World Series. I read both series in two weeks. I was SO disappointed when I turned to my last kindle page of Natalie and Baojia’s story. I’m quite impatient to read more…more…more!!! There are two books I can’t wait to get my hands on: The one about Tenzin and Ben and the other where Natalie is turned..:) I will just have to find some of your other novels to keep me occupied while you write…How much time do you need? Hehe.

    You are an extraordinary writer! Keep up the magic.

    Ps: I usually cannot read more than two or three books by the same writer without switching. This hasn’t happened with you.

  14. Ms Hunter. I’ve read the elemental series based on a friends recommendation. I’ve so enjoyed your characters, and thank you for many pleasurable hours of escape! Please keep going. Looking forward to more…Ben? Tenzin? No matter….I’m sure it will be awesome:)

  15. So i am a 24 yr old man and i absolutely love romance and especially paranormal romance novels. Im obsessed, please keep it up

  16. I have never really been a ‘reader’ but on a whim I downloaded the first book, before I finished it I downloaded the last 3. Seriously incredible to keep my attention and keep me reading. Didn’t want it to end! Lovely lovely job.

  17. For those of you who are interested in vampire series, here it is!
    I am not interested in anything vampire, but I was looking for something to read an checking out new authors. I found book one of the elemental mystery series interesting & it was cheap. Plus it was whisper sync (audio for Android). I will say that I’m not sure how much the print book will capture you but the audio. ……WOW!!!
    I could not get enough, had to see what was next. Excellently written & the narration and production was above standard. Has me hooked so now I am onto the next set Elemental World as the stories continue & the characters are Awesome. A definite 5 star ????? for Elizabeth Hunter!!

  18. I’ve now read this series and everything that goes along with it 4 times! Every time I am in between books or something reminds me of them I have to re-read them! I love these books and tell everyone about them. You are a truly amazing writer!

  19. Read first 4 books in a bundle over last weekend. Great series. Will start on the next ones in the next weeks. Great worldbuilding. Love the premise of the story.

  20. I am an avid reader and absolutely love a good series! I have been totally addicted to your books from the first page! I have been lost in your elemental series for the last couple of months and am so sad to have just finished the last one! I am so excited for the next one in December! I really love how you have seamlessly integrated romance, mystery, drama, comedy and the paranormal! Keep them coming! Thank you!

  21. I’m not a big fan of vampire stories…but I became absolutely addicted to Elemental Series, I’ve read it all…twice!
    I can hardly wait for the next one.

  22. Just finished the The Elemental Mysteries. LOVED IT! I love work that draws me in and brings out my emotions as I’m reading along. I especially love the laughter and enjoyed the special treat of the BONUS SCENES located at the end of the box set of The Elemental Mysteries. It was very entertaining. Now I must hurry along as I’ve just purchased Building From Ashes: Elemental World Book One so I can continue the adventure. THANK YOU Elizabeth!

  23. I am obsessed with these books and these characters. I can not get enough. They are so rich, so real (for vampires), and so wonderful that I am heartbroken to have to wait for what comes next. Well done!

  24. I have read the Elemental Series books. LOVED them. When are we going to know who is making the Elixer and who is the main person in charge, since it wasn’t Ivan. Seems like this needs to be wrapped up.

  25. I read for information as well as entertainment, often for hours longer than I intend, and it’s difficult to express what I enjoy the most about reading, except to say that it’s ever expanding my capacity to dream. The Irin Chronicles, felt like a journey I was watching in my mind’s eye. Rare for me,,,therefore, Thank You. Most Sincerely.

  26. Finished the Elemental Series loved the main characters. Looking forward to beginning the Elemental World Series but must find the time to read through them without having to stop for anything more serious than a glass of wine and a bite of chocolate.

  27. I’m going to need to know when the elemental legacy series is going to roll out. I need to know what happens with ben and tenzin!!

    P.s. I have two cats named saba and tenzin. Loved loved loved the books. I reread them often.

  28. I absolutely love all your books!!!!!! I have read all of them at least 3 times each!!!! I can’t wait for Ben and tenzins story……. (I hope were not waiting to long) I can’t decide which I love more .. the elemental series or the iron chronicle, so to decide I am going to read them both for the 4th time over the Christmas break!! Merry Christmas to you and I hope for an inspirational new year x

  29. I am waiting for Imitation and Alchemy to be released (can’t read bit by bit, drives me up the wall) so happy to wait and pay. Love the Elements and Irin series, going to have to buy then as paperbacks now as they are one I want on my bookshelf. Too many books, not enough time! The good thing about my kindle is as soon as you say there is a new book I buy it and start reading as soon as it uploads.

  30. Absolutely love your books! I confess to reading the entire series at least once a month. Never stop writing, you bring a joy into my life that I find that not many books are able to do and I thank you for that.

  31. I’ve registered for your newsletter, but see by the above comments that I must not be receiving them – I had no idea that Tenzin liked Harry Potter!
    Please help!

    • Have you confirmed it? Check your junk mail folder, bc sometimes the newsletters get shuffled into your junk mail if your filters are strict. I have the same problem with Nalini Singh’s newsletter every month. Grrrrr.

  32. Question: You say their will be 5 books in the the Elemental Legacy series, doors that include the novellas?

  33. I was in the middle of reading the part where B is given control of the book that Lorenzo and Geo both want, when all of your online reads stopped,… Can’t get past page 62,.. then I go back and rhe entire series is blank?? I paid good money to read the whole series.. now I have to purchase it again from a book store,.. for way more than the thirty I paid for the entire series. B.and.n wants over a hundred for all books. I really heartbroken. I was falling in love with your characters…

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