COVER REVEAL: The Staff and the Blade

It’s TIME! Bwahahahaha. I’ve been holding this cover back for MONTHS because this book has been such a bear and I didn’t know when I’d be close to finishing. But now, I can tell you the book will be Available JULY 12, 2016 And the cover is…   B&N: Kobo: SW: Goodreads: […]

Updates on the #IrinChronicles, join me on #Wattpad, and some exciting new reads

I’m happy to say that I’ve made a breakthrough with The Staff and the Blade, both on the writing side AND on the publishing side. I’ll have more news about that next week on the blog, but I can say that the book will be out mid-July or possibly sooner if things get back from […]


Writing notes #IrinChronicles: The Staff and the Blade

I was talking last week about how difficult it’s been to not only go back in time for the Irin Chronicles (because two of the four novellas in The Staff and the Blade happen in the past) and then to overlap a good part of the third with events of The Singer. It’s been a challenge! […]


Shadows & Gold is on sale today!

Share this post today and be entered to win a signed paperback set of Shadows & Gold AND Imitation & Alchemy! A quick announcement to let you know that IF you’ve been waiting to buy the Elemental Legacy series (a paranormal mystery series with Ben and Tenzin from the Elemental Mysteries) this is the perfect time […]

Now Available everywhere!

Waking Hearts is now available everywhere!

I’m happy to report that Waking Hearts, the third Cambio Springs book is now available everywhere! iBooks Amazon Kobo Smashwords B&N (Or… close. Since I’m still waiting for B&N’s system to sloooooowly update. For now, I’ve included the paperback link.) I’m also happy to report that the audiobook is in production and wonderful narrator Liisa […]


Going back to the beginning: The Staff & the Blade

The synopsis for the book is now available! As is a preview of the prologue of the first book, Dreams. The Pinterest board for the Irin Chronicles is here if you want to check out setting and character inspiration. Warning: Looooong blog post ahead. The Staff & the Blade is the next novel in the Irin Chronicles. […]