Realities of Publishing (aka The Post I Have Been Dreading)

Today I am writing a post that I’ve been DREADING. Yes, dreading all in capital letters. Why have I been dreading it? Well, because it’s a post talking about: The Realities of Publishing. I write fantasy books. Clearly, I like avoiding the real world as much as possible. But I am also a full-time writer, […]

Wild Embrace_M

Why I write novellas and a review of Wild Embrace by Nalini Singh

Why I write novellas Yes, I know my last book review was also for Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changling series, but I’ve been wanting to write a post about why I love writing novellas so much and since Singh’s new novella collection Wild Embrace is out today (Run and go get it! It’s really good. You can […]

Thursday Snapshot: A Stone-Kissed Sea

Posting a very quick teaser for A Stone-Kissed Sea, which is now available to preorder at iBooks and Barnes & Noble! (Amazon will come later.) ~ Lucien folded the letter from his mother and put it in the locked drawer with the others just as someone knocked on his door. It flew open only a second later. […]

Random Summer Thoughts in July

It’s hot. Anxiety is a creativity killer, and I feel like our country is in the throes of a massive anxiety attack. It’s impossible to avoid, but I definitely need to limit my time on Facebook. When I make myself sit down and write, I can write, but I’m feeling so distracted lately it’s difficult not […]

Book review: Nalini Singh’s Slave to Sensation and the Psy-Changling series

(I am trying to post more reviews for books I read and love. This is a new review for an old favorite, the most recent book in the series, Allegiance of Honor, just came out the beginning of the summer!) It’s somewhat mind-boggling to me that I have not reviewed this series before because this is […]

Get the Irin Chronicles series (Books 1-3) for over half off!

 I  have been waiting and waiting and WAITING to shout about this and I’m so excited to let you know about this promotion at iBooks. 50% (or more) off so many complete series! And one of them is the Irin Chronicles! That’s right, I’ve never done this before (and likely won’t do it again) but […]

The Staff and the Blade is now live!

Now Available! The Staff and the Blade is now available at all major retailers! Buy the book reviewers are calling: “A towering work of romantic fantasy.” ( “A beautifully-written, epic love story.” (Colleen Vanderlinden, author of the Hidden, Copper Falls, and Exile series) “Highly recommended.” ( Buy it today in paperback or e-book. Also available from […]