THE SILENT is now available! #newrelease #paperbackgiveaway

Good morning, everyone! So, I missed posting this blog announcement first thing yesterday because I was working from the car driving back from a family reunion. PHEW! Hopefully, those of you who preordered or signed up for the newsletter have already heard. For the rest of you, I’m happy to report that… THE SILENT IS NOW […]

Anthology announcement and an Elemental Legacy teaser

Happy Saturday, everyone! I’m shooting off a quick blog post before my VERY BUSY WEEK this coming week. What’s on the agenda? Family reunion Grandmother’s memorial THE SILENT book release Getting TallBoy ready for Boy Scout camp More writing on the new book if at all possible I’m tired and the week hasn’t even started. […]

The Silent Chapter One

The Silent – Chapter One

  RELEASING JULY 27th Newsletter subscribers received a first look at chapter one a week ago. Are you a subscriber yet?      The Silent Chapter One Chiang Mai, Thailand Kyra stepped off the airplane, the loaded carry-on bag heavy on her shoulder. Sirius had told her what to expect, but she’d been wary to leave […]

Elizabeth Hunter's top reads for 2017

Book Recommendations: My Top Reads of 2017 so Far

Here are my top reads for 2017 so far!   Linx & Bogie by Elizabeth Hunter I’m so excited that the first collection of this new series has made such a splash. It’s been on the bestseller list for fantasy short fiction for weeks now, and it’s a great introduction to this lighter mystery and […]

A little news for #kindle readers and an #ElementalLegacy teaser

What’s that? You’ve been dying for a sneak peek at the first Elemental Legacy novel? Well, I have a teaser for you at the end of the post, but first, I wanted to let you know about a promotion I’m doing right now with the original Elemental Mysteries books! That’s right! For the next few […]

New Release: LINX & BOGIE

A Ghost in the Glamour: A Linx & Bogie Story by Elizabeth Hunter My rating: 5 of 5 stars IT’S HERE! I am so excited to introduce you guys to Linx & Bogie. They’re so much fun, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love them. BUY LINKS ➜ Amazon: ➜ iBooks: ➜ […]

5 must read paranormal books

Book Recommendations: 5 Books to Feed Your Paranormal Need

If you are looking for a good paranormal read check out these that I recommend.   The Scarlet Deep by Elizabeth Hunter Pairings in vampire fiction almost always have a human/vampire, vampire/shifter, vampire/witch, etc. Even in my own books! It’s kind of rare to explore a romance between two beings of equal power, which is […]

Book Recommendations: 5 Books to Feed your Urban Fantasy Addiction

Here are 5 books I would recommend to feed your urban fantasy addiction. Imitation and Alchemy by Elizabeth Hunter This was the first of the Ben and Tenzin stories to really capture who I see these characters becoming in the new Elemental Legacy series. They’re smart and sneaky and a little bit vicious. Tenzin pulls […]