Character Inspiration: INK

Helloooooooo, everyone.

So, it’s a funny thing, this writing thing. Sometimes, my imaginary friends (those would be my book characters) are really vivid to me. Sometimes I can see them in mah brain. Sometimes, I can hear their voice. Sometimes I just have a really vivid impression of their character and personality, but the physical description is fuzzy.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of writing and publishing, it is this: most readers like visuals!

SO! I try to make visuals. This also makes it easier for my marketing assistant to do cool graphics and fun ads and stuff. So to celebrate the launch of INK and the fictional town of Metlin, California, I created this fun “casting” for the book.

Now, is everyone here exactly how I see them in my head? No, because we’re limited by stock photography and stuff. But these are pretty close! Ox and Spider and Daisy have a lot more tattoos. But this should give you an idea of who are the fun people residing in the 7th and Main neighborhood.

I hope you’ll also check out my Pinterest board for INK! I’ve been pinning stuff to that for a while now.

And of course, if you’ve seen enough and just want to preorder already the links are here:


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