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How’s it going? Yes, it’s been a while. The good news is, I have lots of fun news to share!

New anthology is almost here!

Amid the Winter Snow, my holiday anthology with Grace Draven, Thea Harrison, and Jeffe Kennedy is releasing in just a few days, but you can preorder at all these links! It’s a great collection of novellas that all take place in different worlds. Mine is called THE STORM and it’s Max and Renata’s story in the Irin Chronicles. Here’s the synopsis and an excerpt from THE STORM.

➜Google Play:

As the snows fall and hearths burn, four stories of Midwinter beginnings prove that love can fight its way through the chillest night…

The mark Jahna Ulfrida was born with has made her a target of the cruel and idle all her life. During the long, crowded festivities of Deyalda, there’s nowhere to escape. Until a handsome stranger promises to teach her to save herself…

THE CHOSEN, by Thea Harrison
In her visions, Lily sees two men fighting for her tiny country’s allegiance: the wolf and the tiger, each deadly, each cunning. One will bring Ys chaos and death, one a gentler path—but she’s destined to love whichever she chooses. The midwinter Masque is upon them, and the wolf is at her door…

THE STORM, by Elizabeth Hunter
When her soul mate died in a massacre of the half-angelic Irin people, Renata thought she’d never feel happiness again. She’s retreated to the snowy Dolomites to remember her hurts—until determined, irrepressible Maxim arrives to insist on joy, too. And before she can throw him out, they discover a secret the Irin have to know…

As a blizzard threatens their mountain keep, the new Queen Amelia of the Twelve Kingdoms and her unofficial consort Ash face their own storm. Ash knows a scarred, jumpy ex-convict isn’t the companion his queen needs. But when a surprise attack confines them together in their isolated sanctuary, the feast of midwinter might tempt even Ash into childlike hope…


Max returned from the caves while she was reading a book by the fire.

“There is food set out in the kitchen,” she said quietly, not looking up.

“Thank you.” He didn’t go to the kitchen. He crossed the living room and sprawled on the couch, forcing his head into her lap. “That library must have been remarkable.”

She put her book down, knowing he took pleasure in distracting her. “It was.”

“Has no one come back in over two hundred years? No one even came looking for the scrolls?”

“Maybe.” She combed her fingers through Max’s thick blond hair. It was wavy—almost curly—and shone gold in the firelight. “I didn’t return to this place for over one hundred years. Someone might have been back before that, but they would have seen everything gone.”

“Not everything.” He grabbed her hand. Kissed her palm. “I can still feel so much joy in that place. The magic in the walls is still vibrant.”

Renata closed her hand, curling her fingers into her palm. “I only feel pain. Loss.”

“There are both. Pain and joy. That is life. There’s something in the tunnels I want you to—”

“Don’t make me go back there.” She sighed. “Max, I know I can’t get rid of you, but can you just…”


“Let me be.” She closed her eyes. “Just let me be. Ignore me. You are welcome to stay here and rest. Explore the library as much as you want. Eat my food. But let me be. If you need to, pretend I’m not here.”

He nipped the heel of her hand with his teeth. “Well, that would be idiotic.”

She frowned. “Why?”

“Because I didn’t come here for a quiet mountain getaway, Reni. I didn’t come to explore a library. I came for you.”

Read more of THE STORM in Amid the Winter Snow!

Midnight Labyrinth made the USA Today Bestseller list!

In fact, it made it into the top 100, which was lovely and amazing and the first time that’s actually happened for me. So thank you so much to every reader who made Midnight Labyrinth such a success! The book continues to garner really amazing reviews, and I’m so flattered. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


This week has been all about the audio proofing for both The Staff and the Blade and Midnight Labyrinth. Both of those books are in the final stages of production, so be looking for news about those in the next few weeks.

And remember, for those readers interested in the prequel novellas for the Elemental Legacy series, ALL are complete now! You can get them at Audible and iTunes.

Shadows & Gold:

Imitation & Alchemy:

Omens & Artifacts:

And for current Audible subscribers, I wanted to let you know about the new Audible Romance package. For an additional $7 a month, listeners have access to a huge romance library that includes more than a few of my own books along with hundreds of others. If you’re an avid audiobook fan, it’s probably well worth checking into. Click on the picture for more information.

What’s coming up?

I’ll try to share my rough schedule with you, but please be aware, this is always subject to change because life happens.

I’m currently working on a new contemporary romance I’ve had on the back burner for a couple of years now. It’s light and fun and swoony and I’m having a blast writing it, even if I’m a little confused writing characters with no fangs or telepathy or fur or… anything. It’s fun! And it’s called INK. If readers enjoy it, it’ll probably be the start of a series of linked novels about different characters in the small town of Metlin, California. I don’t have a cover yet, but I’ll share the pinterest board here:

After that, I’ll be heading back into the Elemental Legacy world to continue Ben and Tenzin’s adventures in book two! No title yet, but I’m well into plotting the book. I had to rework a LOT because of Hurricane Maria. (The book is set in Puerto Rico, which was planned ages ago and became kind of complicated after the hurricane.) So there were a couple setbacks and some plot-wrestling, but I’ll be working on that in the new year and planning on a summer release.

After that, I’ll likely be returning to the Irin world for more fun. Rhys’s book is next on the schedule!

Mixed into all that will be a new Linx and Bogie novella coming the beginning of next year, along with (likely) some audio for that series, as well!

Added to all that is the very happy (personal) news that my fiancé and I got our first approval from immigration, so he’ll likely be moving to the States around the new year if all goes according to plan. Which means we can actually get married! Which we’ve been wanting to do for a while now, so that’s the big news in our family right now.

I hope your holidays are shaping up to be fun and relaxing and filled with friends and family. Play a game. Eat a cookie. Take a hike. Do something fun.

And be well,


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