Shadows and Gold Audiobook by Elizabeth Hunter

Audiobooks? What audiobooks?

Shadows and Gold Audiobook by Elizabeth HunterGood morning, lovely people! I hope your week is going well.

Because I get questions about audiobooks all the time, I’m going to address some of the most common questions in this post.

Why are your new audiobooks taking so long?

Well, for some reason, my previous audio publisher decided they didn’t want to pick up the newer books in my series. Not sure why as sales have been good, but there you go. Now, in the past, that would have meant reader/listeners were just out of luck. But happily, we don’t live in that time. The good news? I can produce my audiobooks myself! The bad news? I have to produce my audiobooks myself.

Why is that bad news?

Well, producing takes time. It takes time to cast the right voices, go through production notes, listen to files, edit files, etc. That used to be something my audio publisher did. Now I have to do it. And the hard truth I have to be real about with you guys is that, percentage-wise, audio is a very small proportion of my business. It’s not an unimportant one, but it’s much smaller than either my e-book or my paperback sales. WHICH MEANS writing the books—the new material—has to be the priority. That is my business. That is what pays the bills. So while I absolutely plan on getting all of my books into audio format, that has to be fitted in between the work that pays the bills, writing new books.

Well, now I’m depressed. Don’t you have any good news?

YES! I have great news, in fact. The great news is that I have found an awesome and enthusiastic narrator for the Elemental Legacy (that’s Ben and Tenzin’s) series and he’s racing through the books. The first one, Shadows and Gold, just released at AmazonAudible, and iTunes! And we’re in post-production on Imitation and Alchemy. Our wonderful narrator for that book is Sean William Doyle and he’d terrific. I hope you check it out. He’s already got Omens and Artifacts and he’ll be starting production on that soon.

What about Irin?

I’m in production right now with a new narrator as I wasn’t able to work with Zach Webber for The Staff and the Blade. So I’m very hopeful that I’ll have good news for you by the end of the month.

And A Stone-Kissed Sea?

I have not started on A Stone-Kissed Sea yet. I was trying to get in contact with the previous narrator to see if we could work together again, but I haven’t been able to talk to her. So I’ll have to cast a new narrator for the book, which obviously takes time.

So that’s the audio news! I’m hopeful that, in the future, I’ll be able to get audiobooks out to you faster once I have a better grasp on audiobook production and a reliable cast of narrators for book series. Until then, I hope you’re excited about the Elemental Legacy series! I think you’re really going to enjoy it.

Take care, EH

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