what to read if you like outlander

Book Recommendations: Books to Read if you like Outlander

Books to read if you like outlander


If you like OUTLANDER

OUTLANDER (the book and the TV show) is a big epic story that combines elements of romance, time travel, and historic fiction. It’s a huge series with lots of devoted fans. But where do you turn if you’ve read all the Outlander books and you’re waiting for the next?

Here are some authors I love that I’m recommending to those who love Outlander.


Reader Marking Time if you like OutlandersApril White, The Immortal Descendants series

Time travel, you say? The Immortal Descendants is a great YA series that features a brand new mythology where the heroine, Saira, can travel through time. It’s well-researched, compelling, and fast-paced. It’s also recently finished! So you can binge-read to your heart’s content. And if you have teenagers, this would be a really fun buddy read because adults will love these just as much as teens do.


Singrid Undset, Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy


Are you aching to read more historical fiction about complicated women? It’s a crime that The Wreath isn’t better known. Look for the translation by Tiina Nunnally. I’ve been told it best captures the spare prose that won Singrid Undset the Nobel prize for literature in 1928 at age 46. It’s a historical trilogy set in Medieval Norway that swirls around the sex scandal of the main characters. And it was published in 1920! I KNOW. It’s three books and they’re huge, but they’re page-turners.

Beverly Jenkins, Destiny Series


Are you dying for historical fiction, but wondering just how many dukes really existed in Regency England? Need something different? How about historical fiction that explores the multifaceted and compelling lives of black Americans in early California? Beverly Jenkins is an award winning historical fiction author who’s written many books set in different time periods, but as a Californian I fell in love with this series set in 19th century Northern California. I love the energy of the old west, and the relationships that Jenkins writes are varied and relatable. Also… I mean, there are hot cowboys, you guys. Come on. Everyone needs hot cowboys every now and then.

Elizabeth Hunter, The Staff and the Blade


Of course, I’m going to plug my own book a little here. One of the things readers mention loving about Outlander is following the course of a relationship over highs and lows. I don’t think any of my books do that as well as The Staff and the Blade. Through the course of this book, Damien and Sari fall in love, fall apart, and come back together, fighting through the highs and lows of their relationship and battling the darkness that tries to consume them. Nothing about their relationship is easy, but nothing can tear them apart, either.

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