HARVEY FUNDRAISER: Please donate if you can.

I’m not shy about my Houston love. I went to university there and if all my family hadn’t still been in California, I’d have stayed. My first book is set there. I was just back in March for an alumni event. I have amazing friends and readers all over that part of Texas, so obviously, I’ve been glued to the news since Saturday.

Online fundraisers have their place, but right now there are organizations on the ground in Houston who are working and need money. That’s why I’m doing a raffle for a bunch of signed books over on my Facebook author page. Currently, my readers have raised over a thousand dollars for four local charities I’ve designated:

●Houston Food Bank (http://www.houstonfoodbank.org)
●Coalition for the Homeless (https://www.homelesshouston.org)
●Texas Diaper Bank (http://www.texasdiaperbank.org)
●Houston SPCA (http://www.houstonspca.org)

All readers have to do to enter the raffle is donate $10 to one of those local charities and post a screenshot of the receipt with all the personal info blurred or cropped out. That’s it!

As for prizes, I’m giving away:

★10 signed paperback copies of A Hidden Fire ($11.99 value)
★5 signed four book sets of the Elemental Mysteries ($48.96 value)
★1 signed set of my COMPLETE WORKS. That’s 25 signed paperbacks at a value of $283.74 (if I’ve done my math correctly.)

I know not everyone is on Facebook, so I wanted to extend the invitation to enter the raffle to my blog, too. Donate and post a screenshot in the comments here and you’ll be entered to win too. Currently, my readers have raised $1063.00 for these four charities, but I’d like to double that before Sunday when I pick winners. In addition to donating books, I’m also matching funds up to $2000.00 to be divided equally between the four charities.

It’s ten bucks, you guys! You’ll be entered to win some signed books and you’ll be helping on-the-ground organizations in one of the worst disasters in Houston history.

This is a city that has opened its arms to refugees from all over the world and taken in countless evacuees from other disasters like Katrina. Houstonians have big hearts, but they need our help now. I know I have some of the best and most generous readers on the planet. Let’s make a difference here.

Thanks in advance for being awesome. I’ll be picking winners on Sunday at 4pm PST. I’m limiting this to domestic entries for paperbacks right now, just to keep down shipping costs on the book sets, but if you want to enter overseas, I’ll be happy to send you e-book or audiobook copies of whatever book(s) you might win.

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  1. From a Houstonian, I’m thanking you and people like you!! While I’m one of the lucky few, I have in my house my great aunt that we rescued. She tells us her car is completely lost, her house is out of power, she had a leak. Her workplace is telling its employees to find alternative places to work, since it will be a long time until they are able to open.

    The news is only allowed on for short amount if time because of the sheer devastation being shown. Those of my family having jeeps, boats and tall trucks are out helping rescue people. I never thought I would regret not having higher vehicles to be able to help out.

    So thank you for helping out those who literally have lost everything!!

  2. My son is in the Coast Guard and is stationed in Houston. I spoke with him briefly last night and he told me his team rescued 2000 people and that there are many more waiting to be rescued today. That is one team of many. To Kittynaz, he also told me that the real difference is being made on the ground by local people, like your family, who in spite of losing so much, are out helping others. Prayers to your family. Resources are spread too thin in the shelters and the organizations need all the help they can get.

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