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A Ghost in the Glamour: A Linx & Bogie StoryA Ghost in the Glamour: A Linx & Bogie Story by Elizabeth Hunter
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IT’S HERE! I am so excited to introduce you guys to Linx & Bogie. They’re so much fun, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love them.

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Soooooo, those of you who get my newsletter have already met Linx & Bogie. She’s a wise-cracking artist who can’t shake the ghost who’s been following her around since puberty, and he’s the ghost who can’t figure out what he did in life to deserve being stuck to Linx.

(Pink hair. Don’t care.)

Frank Bogle is also a police detective, killed in the line of duty, and in A Ghost in the Glamour, Linx finally gets a peek into Bogie’s past. YES! There are fedoras and cigarettes and jazz and maybe even a femme fatale. It’s pretty fun.
(Frank is unamused.)

We also get a bigger peek into how close Linx and Frank are, even if they pretend they can’t stand each other. I’m so excited for you guys to read this! It’ll be out in about a month. I’m not doing preorders, but please add it here on Goodreads! And please subscribe to my mailing list to get the release alert.

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