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The Silent (Irin Chronicles Book #5)
Releasing: July 28th

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“This is heaven,” Kyra said, peeking around a corner where Leo suspected the bathroom was. “There’s a bathtub, Leo.”

Leo looked over her shoulder and saw a luxurious claw-foot tub with various glass containers sitting next to it. Herbs, pink salts, and flower petals turned the bathroom into something far closer to one of the fancy spas that he’d seen in Chiang Mai.

“This is wonderful.” Leo kissed her shoulder. “After we train, you’ll be able to soak.”

Kyra turned. “After I what?”

“Train.” Leo grinned. “I recognize the need for you to go into this battle, and I’m not going to leave you unprepared. You need to know how to defend yourself.”

“But Leo—”

“I will be there every moment to protect you.” He put his hands on her shoulders. “But I’m not complacent. Should something happen to me, you need to know the basics.”

A wrinkle formed between her brows. “But I think you’d be surprised—”

“No buts.” He kissed her nose. “Now, let’s get changed and go find a clear spot we can practice. Don’t forget the bug spray.”

Leo walked out of the bungalow feeling very virtuous. No mate of his would face battle unprotected. He had every confidence of his ability to protect Kyra, but he also believed in being prepared. There was nothing better than a woman who could hold her own in battle. That’s what his watcher, Damien, had taught him. Damien’s mate, Sari, was a warrior equal to any Irin scribe. And even pacifists like Ava learned the basics of hand-to-hand combat once they entered the Irin world.

It was only an hour later, once Kyra had managed to give him two slices across his back with her daggers, that the virtuous glow wore off.

“Who taught you dagger fighting?” he said with a scowl.

“Sirius.” She flipped one knife in her hand—the knife with his blood on it. “He was also of the opinion that a woman should know how to defend herself. So he taught me—how did you put it? The basics.

Leo’s nostrils flared. “He did well.”

“Thank you.”

He found her smugness adorable. He found her skills more than tempting. Who knew his mild-mannered kareshta would be nimble and ruthless too? She hadn’t hesitated to give him a taste of her skills.

“You didn’t feel like telling me?” He circled her, enjoying the sight of her in workout leggings. Kyra rarely wore pants, much less anything figure-hugging.

“After the second time you interrupted me, I thought a demonstration would be more effective.”

He leapt on her without warning, one arm going around her waist and another reaching for her right wrist, even as he felt the dagger point pressed to his neck. She held the knife in her left hand, and the point was at his artery.

He hissed, but didn’t let go. Her bottom was pressed against groin, and it felt too good. He pulled her closer and ignored the bite of the blade against his skin.

“Leo.” She pulled the knife away. “What are you doing?”

Mortal peril avoided, he bent down and pressed a kiss to her neck. “How is it possible for you to be even more attractive than you were an hour ago?” He continued kissing along her neck. Her collar. He tasted the pulse pounding in her neck.

“You scribes find the strangest things attractive.”

“Any man who doesn’t see the allure of a lethal woman is a fool.” He nipped the soft skin at her neck. “I am not a fool.”

He heard the daggers drop to the forest floor. She reached one arm up and hooked it around his neck. With the right force and angle, she might be able to flip him over her shoulder with that hold.

He groaned at the thought.

Instead of flipping him, she pressed her bottom back into his hips, making his erection leap with joy.

Sadly, the forest make-out session was not to last.

“There’s someone coming,” Kyra whispered.

He sighed and pulled away. Kyra was too private to endure many public displays of affection, much less public displays of ardent groping.

“Later,” he said, pressing one last kiss to her neck.

“After this morning, I will never be able to hear that word again without blushing.”

Was that a self-satisfied chuckle on his part? Yes. Yes, it was.

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