Book Recommendations: 5 Books for Your Shifter Fix

5 books about shape shifters to read

5 Books to Read When You Are in the Mood for Shape Shifters

Shifting Dreams, Elizabeth Hunter

I’m biased on this one, but Caleb and Jena are one of my favorite couples. I love how Jena’s hawk side informs her character, and the humor she and Caleb enjoy made this book a joy to write.





Moon Called, Patricia Briggs

Excellent writing combined with humor and a fast paced plot. I loved Mercy Thompson from the very first page. She’s one of my favorite heroines.






Dragon Bound, Thea Harrison

Harrison proves in this that shifter books can be combined with a really immersive fantasy world. The romance is sizzling. The world-building is epic. Plus… the hero is a DRAGON! Enough said.





Slave to Sensation, Nalini Singh

This first book in the Psy-Changling world introduces readers to a complex and well-built alternate world with one of my favorite shifter heroes ever. When I think alpha heroes (and heroines!) the leopards of the Dark River pack are the first that come to mind.





Shadow Witch Rising, Colleen Vanderlinden

Delicious and deliciously cranky bear shifter hero. Smart and relatable witch heroine. This book was a pleasure to read from beginning to end. I love Calder and Sophie!



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  1. Thanks for this, just read Shifting Dreams so will now have to get the rest of that series, already got all your other books. I am addicted to Nalini Singh’s Psy Changing books and her Archangel’s books! So many books not enough time!!!

  2. Hi, Elizabeth! I am a big fan and so I am embarrassed to admit this but, you mentioned in your live broadcast earlier today about a Josie and Tenzin story that somehow I think I missed. Would you please tell me where I can find it? I hate being out of the loop. Thanks!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,you mentioned before about another book about BenZin? Can you please let me know when you’re ready to release it? thanks

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you for the recommendations and especially your own work.

    May I also suggest Mark Henwick’s ‘Bite Back’ series? Like you, he is not just a very good writer, but also an excellent storyteller.

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