New Release: A Stone-Kissed Sea is Live!


I’m thrilled to announce that A Stone-Kissed Sea is now live everywhere in paperback and e-book!

To say this book changed my life is… not an understatement! And while I don’t know if this book will launch you on a journey to the other side of the world, I do hope it launches you on a journey of the heart and the imagination. Too cheesy? I can’t help it. I LOVE Lucien and Makeda so much! I loved writing their story. I loved doing the research for this book. And I love sharing it with you.

Lucien Thrax first appeared in A Fall of Water in the summer of 2012. He was the first of my characters to be infected by the Elixir virus, so it felt fitting to end the Elixir story arc with his book. Writing it was a joy. It was a culmination of so many things both personal and professional. I love this story, I love Lucien and Makeda, and I hope you love them, too.

I think you will. Already, so many readers and reviewers have left their thoughts over on Goodreads:


“I’m both sad and excited to see this story-arc come to an end, but what a way to do it!” —Victoria, Zemfirka Blogs

“WOW!!! I never thought I would see Lucian in this light!!” —Kellie (Goodreads reviewer)

“By the time the book is over you are wishing the story would just keep going. Once again 5 Stars and like all really good books, it leaves you with a good warm feeling that comes from those rare books that you just wish would never end.” —Doug Meeks, Amazon Top 500 reviewer/Vine Voice

“Once again, Hunter has gifted readers with an epic tale, beautifully orchestrated and rich in details. One in which the landscape becomes a living, breathing character, carrying the reader on a magic carpet ride through faraway lands where all the elements of nature intertwine and become as one.” —Sandra, Cross My Heart Book Reviews



There is a massive giveaway going on right now for the ENTIRE ELEMENTAL SERIES so far. That’s 12 signed paperbacks up for grabs along with a canvas “Wanderlust” tote. I do have to warn international readers that, because of the shipping cost for twelve books and a canvas tote, this particular contest will be open to US readers only. However, we’ll be doing other giveaways for A Stone-Kissed Sea paperback throughout the week, so keep your eyes open for chances to win.

 A Final Note for Lora


While the dedication will be different in the book, here on the blog, I’d like to dedicate this book and this release to my beloved friend and developmental editor, Lora Gasway, who passed away very suddenly last Saturday. Lora loved this book, and we had a great time working on it together. In the two years I worked with her, Lora made me a better writer. She challenged me and encouraged me. She made me work harder and see things in a new light. Working on this book with her was so much fun. If we had to end on one project, I’m glad it was this one. I’m not going to lie, but I’m pretty emotional about this release. Lora is irreplaceable, both as a friend and an editor.

So, I’m dedicating this book and this release to her. Love you, Lora. You will be sorely missed.

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  2. Dear Elizabeth,

    I’m so sorry for Lora’s passing, my heart goes out to you. Congratulations on this book. I have bought my copy already, but since I love your elemental vampires so much and want to savour every letter and each word, I started A Hidden Fire a few nights ago, and will relieve the stories and finish with a Stone Kissed Sea. Bless my forgetfulness, I get to enjoy your stories after not reading them for a while. Yu know a book is magical when you read it over and over again, your writing does that to me, I love to travel and fall into the adventures your stories provide. Blessings to you, your family, pets and friends. I hope your Christmas is full of joy, health and caring <3

  3. Happy release day for the wonderful author and a stellar book! I’m also sorry to hear of Lora passing…

  4. Happy release day, but, so sorry to hear of your loss. Wishing many blessings of peace and joy to you and your family over this Christmas season.

  5. as for the movie scene: it’s hard to choose but i saw Dr Strangelove recently and i loved the fluidity of the fight scenes, fighting and magic combined. (i could see this happening in certain books)

  6. I am so sorry to hear about Lora’s passing, she was a phenomenal editor and I have adored the Elemental World Series. I am stoked to read Stone Kissed Sea and get to know this beautiful couple. May Ms. Lora forever rest in paradise.

  7. One of my favorite movies is Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 1 (only because Vol. II isn’t out yet) I think the Elemental World series would make an outstanding movie series as long as you were there with a hard back copy to get their attention with 😉

  8. One of my favorite movies is the Holiday. I don’t know why I find it so amazing but it just makes me so happy when I watch it. It has a cute old man that end up being a writer and there is love and above all things I love a good love story! Probably why I love all your books 😀 <3 P.S. I'm very sorry for your loss

  9. The world is a poorer place with Lora’s passing. 🙁 I just finished reading A Stone-Kissed Sea and damn, what a ride.An excellent end to that story arc. Though now I’m so curious about Ben and Tenzin’s story!

  10. I love the journey your stories always take me on.. and I love your ability to be so open and honest in your blogs. It seems as though this has been quite a year of personal challenges and growth.. and the same for your characters. Thank you!

  11. I am so very sorry about the loss of your friend. Hold the memories close and keep her memory alive by using all she taught you to spin an awesome tale and help other writers whenever you can. Xoxo

    Favorite movie is a toss up between The Green Mile, Forrest Gump, and Steel Magnolias, depending on my mood.

  12. So sorry to hear your friend. I hope you and your family find peace and keep her memory close to you.

    My favorite movie is Casablanca. I saw a clip of the famous piano scene when I was 9 years old and I thought Ingrid Bergman was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I asked my Grandma what movie that was and she smiled. The next morning she took me down the Blockbuster and rented me the VHS. I loved it from that moment on. Not only because it is a classic, for the story, the use of lighting, or for the historical context, but also because I shared it with my Grandma. When I watch it now I think back to that moment with her. She died in 2005, but that it one way I keep her close to me.

    Have a lovely holiday season. I’m looking forward to reading A Stone Kissed Sea!

  13. I’m so very sorry for Lora’s passing. You’re in my thoughts!

    Thank you for the world you’ve created with Elemental Mysteries/World/Legacy! And, thanks for the opportunity to win such a great gift bag full of Elemental goodness!

    My favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption.

    Wishing you a Happy Holiday!

  14. So sorry to hear about Lora.

    If I had to choose a favorite movie, I would pick Sense and Sensibility. Ask me again in a week and it may change!

    Thank you for sharing your writing with us. I have enjoyed all of your books.

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  16. Beautiful note to Lora. As you said, she’s irreplaceable, and I’m rather lost without her. She would have loved your dedication, and I know she enjoyed editing your work.

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