Book trailer day! And A Stone-Kissed Sea ARC Contest.

a-stone-kissed-sea-3dNo big announcements today except I wanted to post the trailer for A Stone-Kissed Sea over here. I hope you enjoy! Check down at the bottom of the post to see how to enter the ARC Contest. For those of you who have already preordered the book, thank you so much! For those of you waiting to see if you want to read a book about Lucien, maybe this will convince you. OR maybe the words of my developmental editor Lora will:

“If you’ve enjoyed The Elemental World series as much as I have, then you’re going to love A STONE-KISSED SEA. I think it’s the best of the series, and considering how good that series is, that’s saying a lot! Elizabeth wraps up the Elixir plotline, and there’s a substantial shift in the Elemental World, both figuratively and literally. 

If you’re a Ben and Tenzin fan, I can tell you that there’s an Easter egg in A STONE-KISSED SEA concerning Ben and Tenzin’s relationship. Like Tenzin, it’s small but incredibly powerful. There’s also an Easter egg about another couple planned for the future, but I won’t say who.”

I promise I did NOT pay her to say that. (And she asked me before she posted this on her Facebook page.) I pay her to be mean and viciously pare away anything in my work that isn’t adding to the storyline. Do you remember Saulo from The Scarlet Deep? No. No, you do not. Because Lora killed him. (RIP Saulo. *sniff*)

So I was very very happy to see this post from her. It’s very flattering to read things like that from a person whose occupation is being critical about books. And she’s right. This book does end the Elixir plot line, but it also contains a big shift in the overall Elemental World that will affect Ben and Tenzin’s series quite a bit. It’ll be interesting to see what you guys think after you read.


I’m posting today to share the book trailer! This was done by my marketing PA, Jenn Beach. This was her first trailer. Amazing, right? I think she did a fantastic job.

A Stone-Kissed Sea is coming in a little over a month! ARCs will be going out to reviewers in the next week or so. If you Facebook, you can head over to my author page today and enter to win an ARC. OR you can leave a comment here answering this question:

If you had to be turned into an Elemental vampire, which sire would you choose?

Remember, vampire sires in my world are NOT romantic. It’s really a parent/child bond. So who is the warm and cuddly bloodsucker you’d pick to be your parent? Or would you go all Machiavellian and pick the most powerful or well-connected sire? Tell me in the comments and be entered to win an ARC of A Stone-Kissed Sea! (electronic formats only) Contest will run until next week Thursday. So that gives you one week to come up with an answer. Winner chosen at random.

Have an amazing weekend and a fun Halloween, everyone!

(And if you haven’t pre-ordered A Stone-Kissed Sea, here are the links again.)


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  1. I love carowyn and Giovanni… so hard to pick! Would love an arc!!!! Reviewing had become almost as much fun a reading!!! Annndd I give spoiler free reviews:)

  2. Bea, I’ve been in love with her character since the first paragraph in a Hidden Fire. She is an awesome lady and would be a great parent and teacher, just consider her Library/researcher skills, and her bladework. what more could a young vampire ask for in a sire?????

  3. With my size it would definitely have to be Carwyn. He is a big cuddle-bear and I love to hug and cuddle. Just don’t tell him that secretly I am hoping to end up as a Fire Vampire. Psst!

  4. Tenzin. Not for the warm and cuddly, that’s unlikely, not just for the power and connections, not just for the ability to control air, mostly for what Tenzin could teach me. That would be amazing.

  5. Carwyn, no contest! Support, tons of family and more love then I’d know what to do with. One with the earth. And I’d get to chill with Brigid!

  6. I would want to be a Wind Vamp sooooo…. Tenzin isn’t really parent material. All of the vamps from Mount Pengli are too political. Gavin is too young. Next are Arosh and Ziri as potential Sires. I think Arosh would be too demanding, that leaves Ziri. Strong, has a fun side, is a protective of his friends. I believe Ziri would be a good Father.

  7. Carwyn, definitely. Got to stick with the other redheads 🙂
    Also, two easter eggs????? Holy cow batman! Is there any way to trick Amazon into sending my pre-order out early?????
    Can’t wait for this book, but I will, ’cause I’m patient like that…. 😀 <3

  8. There’s no question in my mind – Giovanni! That man has the best charisma, style, restraint, and has the historical education that I would want. He is, to me, the strongest and smartest man. I’m an avid reader and really enjoy doing research, I could really dig into his brain and soak up all his knowledge.

  9. I love Earth, and I love water! So either Carwyn, who is an incredible Father figure with a HUGE heart, great personality, with lots of laughs, and OH SO protective and ‘fatherly.’ Or, if I needed Water, I would go with Beatrice. She is well connected and powerful in her own right, and she has done a great job with Benjamin (even as a non vamp), so I think her own ability to be protective, supportive, and yes – powerful, would do well!

  10. Tenzin!! I’d love a kooky sire lol. Others are too serious. Carwyn would come close but he’s too grounded (ppfffttt) .

  11. I think Tenzin because of her power level. She is scary but still curious and I think would enjoy learning through the eyes of a newborn. On the other end of the spectrum I would pick Carwyn because he really is a father figure and I love the large family dynamic.

  12. I would pick Carywn as my sire, I think I’d prefer Being sired to earth over the other elements. (Ability to make the earth move ????????) I would also enjoy being part of a huge family, and by extension being able to hang out with Gio and Bea to pick their brains for eternity would be AWESOME!!

  13. I’ve thought about this before you asked this question… And I’m thinking Tenzin… she’s as old as dirt????and a really powerful fighter…and flying…I mean really could you ask for any more??❤️❤️Ooh and I love Ben too????????

  14. Ive totally thought about this A LOT and I’d pick Tenzin. Not just for the political connections and inherited power from having so strong a sire, but also because I just like her! I have no illusions that we would become busom buddies (though of course a girl can dream) but I think her pragmatism and focus would serve me well.

  15. There is really no wrong answer here. To be able to have any of these amazing character be my sire would be epic. I’d love for it to be Carwyn but I also want to marry him. He’s just an amazing family guy. But I think I’d really like it to be Beatrice. I’d be her first ‘child’ so that is special. Plus her blood is so strong so I’d be a total water yielding badass just like her ????

  16. Can’t decide between Tenzin and Carwyn….absolutely love Tenzins quirky personality, she is so powerful yet can be so childlike ! Carwyn is such a warm hearted fellow, but can kick ass when needed . My first instinct was Tenzin, so I’d better stick to that !

  17. Carwyn for me. I’m a pretty “rooted” person, and being part of that huge family for the rest of eternity sounds AMAZING. And being sired to earth? There’s just so much you can do with that! Think of all the things you could grow and build if you could make the earth behave exactly as you’d like. =o)

  18. Bea-;i would love to be a water vamp & she would be a wonderful teacher.She’s also well connected and powerful- & still get to interact w Gio & friends.

  19. I am tempted to go with a very old and powerful sire like Tenzin but I am not sure I’d fair to well with her shenanigans and talking in riddles. I’d probably go with Carwyn. He’s so laid back, fun and caring…though I am not really all that fond of getting dirty in the dirt so I would hope my element turned out to be something other than earth.

  20. Tough choice! I’d love to say Carwyn because he’s awesome, but I’d want to be a water vampire, so I’d go with Bea. She’d be a good teacher/parent too.

  21. Saba. Without a doubt. I mean really – she is a daywalker – outside! She combines Healing with Power. And hopefully with healing there would be compassion.

  22. I would have to pick Beatrice…and I would call her Momma B 🙂 I feel like our love of water and books are at the same level and we would have blast together.

  23. Lucien! I’ve loved his character in the other books, and I’m so excited about his book. I think he’s both smart and powerful, and there would be a lot to learn from him.

  24. Tenzin. I think she wouldn’t have a motherly attitude, but more of a mentor or even big sister attitude. I think she’d train you intensely, manipulate you any way she could, but ultimately let you make your own decisions. If they’re the same as hers, that is. Lol

  25. I think I would pick Kato in the height of his power….. ive always had a connection to the sea and the “sea God” himself would seem appeopriate!

  26. Tenzin. There is just so much I could learn from her it would take an eternity, not forgetting the fact that she has some awesome friends.

  27. I think I would choose Tenzin – she’s been around for such a long time and has a wealth of experience, but my 2nd choice would have to be Gio, who loves learning.

  28. I would definitely go for Carwyn. Very loving father and he is also powerful enough that I won’t be too vulnerable. Also, earth vampire, so much cool stuff you can do with that…unless I am an anomaly 0_0

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