Zombie colds, ghost detectives, and book trailers.

Okay, so I have a zombie cold.


(That’s me on the left in the pjs with the messy hair.)

And by zombie cold, I mean a cold that has me feeling like the walking dead. Now I understand half the country was traumatized by the actual Walking Dead tv show last weekend, so I avoided using any gifs from that show (which I don’t watch) and stuck with the Romero classic. I hope nobody had flashbacks.

But why does my zombie cold matter to you? Well, it doesn’t. Not really. I mean, everyone gets colds, right? I don’t get them often, which SHOULD make me grateful, but mostly it just makes me super whiny because I’m a really bad patient and I’m accustomed to good health.

Yes, I know that’s obnoxious.

The reason this may matter to you is that I was supposed to write a brand new Linx & Bogie chapter this week because I was going to send it out in the newsletter along with the new book trailer for A Stone-Kissed Sea (which my editor really loves, so yay!) and all that—the new chapter, the book trailer, and my undying appreciation for you all—was going to go out Wednesday night to all my newsletter subscribers and…

It just isn’t going  to happen. Blame the zombie cold.

The book trailer will absolutely be going out Wednesday night, a day before the trailer release, so if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter you can do that right now. And you’ll get to see it. I haven’t done a book trailer in ages. I think the last one I did was for This Same Earth. So… about five years. (Feeling so old right now.) So this should be fun! I really like it, and I hope you do, too. This book is mega-personal and very beloved and I can’t wait to share it with you. If you haven’t preordered it yet, all the links are on the book page.


But sadly, the new Linx & Bogie chapter just isn’t going to happen. You  will be happy to know that I finished the whole outline for The Bogie in the Boat though! I did that the end of last week. So Linx, Bogie, and the delicious Detective Lee…


(yes, Detective Lee looks like John Cho in my brain. HAVE YOU WATCHED SELFIE?)

…will be coming back as soon as I can get my brain back to functioning order.

What else…?

Ben and Tenzin! After I finish revisions on A Stone-Kissed Sea and send it off to the copy-editor, I’ll be turning my attention toward those crazy kids. We’ve got one more prequel novella before I have them exactly where I want them for the start of their series.

Exactly. Where. I. Want. Them.


And then I’ll start their series next year. The new novella should hopefully be published the beginning of next year, about a year after Imitation and Alchemy came out. And then their first full book will probably be a Fall 2017 release.

Now, I’m going to sign off and go back to my tea, barley soup (because according to Lion Man it’s the healthiest thing in the world), and sleep. Sign up for the newsletter if you want to see the book trailer early!

And stay away from the zombies.


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