Realities of Publishing (aka The Post I Have Been Dreading)

Today I am writing a post that I’ve been DREADING. Yes, dreading all in capital letters. Why have I been dreading it? Well, because it’s a post talking about:

The Realities of Publishing.

A Hidden FireI write fantasy books. Clearly, I like avoiding the real world as much as possible. But I am also a full-time writer, the kind that has no second income or fall-back employment. This means I can spend my professional life writing and researching stories and getting the word out to readers like yourself! This also means that passion only takes me so far.

I have three different series. This was a deliberate juggle on my part that has (mostly) paid off. I never wanted to be that writer who was only known for one thing. I never wanted to pigeonhole myself creatively or professionally. So despite what common wisdom would dictate, I paused in writing the Elemental series after Building From Ashes so I could write something COMPLETELY different with Shifting Dreams. And that book… flopped. It’s the only way I could describe it. The sales were pathetic compared to the Elemental books. Was it crushing? A little. I will openly admit that I put on a happy face at the time, but I was really disappointed.

I kept going, determined that I would not be that author who only wrote That One Thing That Everybody Knows. So then I had two series. Elemental and Cambio. A year or so later, I got the idea for the Irin Chronicles, and my series count went to three.

I’ve been very open about the fact that juggling three different fantasy series is difficult. They are three completely different worlds, all with their own internal rules and magic. A lot of planning goes into all three and yes, it’s difficult to switch headspace sometimes. But creatively, I also love it. Having the option to write in three different worlds allows me to pursue ideas and explore different parts of my imagination in wildly different ways.

shifting-dreams-cover copyBut at the end of the day, this is my job. This is my livelihood. This is how I pay my mortgage and put clothes on my (ridiculously fast-growing) child. Because of that, I sometimes have to make tough decisions about my work. So today I’m going to talk about some realities of my own publishing life. Remember, I’m a writer AND a publisher. So I have to have the artsy passion creative side, but I also have to keep the lights on and the coffee flowing.

Reality #1: Not all my books are as popular as others.

Without a doubt, my most popular series is the Elemental series, whether it is Elemental Mysteries, Elemental World, or Elemental Legacy. Anything having to do with my vampires is something readers eat up. I love this! It’s amazing to me that you all have become so enthralled with this world. I love to write in it, and even though the Elemental World series will be ending with Lucien’s book, A Stone-Kissed Sea, the Elemental Legacy books with Ben and Tenzin will be launching next year.

The Irin Chronicles have brought me the best critical reviews of my career so far and have also proven to be (mostly) commercially successful, but the last book, The Staff and the Blade, was a bit of a wake-up call for me. The reviews were AMAZING. The sales? Not what I expected. I get it. It was a big book with a higher price tag, and it did okay. But just okay.

The Cambio Springs series is not as popular and has never really taken off like the others. Though it has a devoted following, month to month sales of the entire series do not equal what I sell with a single title in the Elemental Mysteries.

Reality #2: Words take the same time to write whether it’s a popular book or not.

A ninety-thousand word book is a ninety-thousand word book no matter what series I’m writing in. That varies somewhat depending on world-building, but generally speaking wordz is wordz. You see where I’m going with this? The investment of time is the same, even if the book doesn’t sell as well. Same with covers. Same with editing. They all cost roughly the same to PRODUCE, whether they make money in the end or not.

The Scribe coverReality #3: Series books have built in audience, but it’s a declining one.

Let me explain.

It’s fairly common knowledge that once initial release sales fall off, the first book in a series is the one that sells the best. This makes sense, because lots of people are going to try the first book, realize it’s not for them, and move on. Totally normal and expected. This means that while series books have a built-in audience—which is great for sales!—they also have a declining one. New readers are less likely to dive into a series at book four. And if they’ve already read one book in a series and didn’t like it, they’re very unlikely to buy another.

You’re feeding your existing audience with series books, but you’re also limiting yourself in finding new readers. That’s just a reality. I like writing series books and it’s been successful for me, so I’ll continue writing them. But I have to be aware that when the only thing I write is ongoing series, I’m also limiting myself with finding new readers.

Reality #4: I cannot continue to invest time and money in a series that has never taken off.

All these realities are pointing to a decision that I don’t want to make, but these are realities of business, not just what I want personally or creatively.

For right now, the Cambio Springs series is on hold. NOT cancelled, but on hold. I will definitely be writing Sean’s book in the future, but I’m not sure when. To be completely frank, I need to spend some time writing in series that pay the bills better. After Sean’s book, that series will likely end. Because of the nature of that series (all stand-alone paranormal romances) there will be no dangling plot threads. So I’m not leaving readers hanging. But I can’t continue to invest time and money—while also limiting my exposure to new readers—to write a series that never really got off the ground commercially.

Reality #5: I don’t like saying goodbye.

I hate this! (And I’ll have you know, my mom is pretty unhappy with me, too. Cambio Springs was her favorite series. I mean, I think I’m still welcome for family dinners and holidays. Hopefully.) I really love that world. It’s a very personal world for me because it reflects a lot of what I love about small town life, quirky individuals, and family. I feel like I grew a lot as a writer during that series. Waking Hearts (Ollie and Allie’s book) has to be one of my personal all-time favorites. I LOVE IT.

And I know a lot of you do, too. I hate feeling like I’m letting you down. But I also know that most of you will understand the realities I’ve laid out above. Some of you may write me off, but I hope it’s not too many. (Yes, I am asking you to still love me, please.) Know that this will also free me up to explore new things creatively. I may end up turning Linx & Bogie into a full series. I may try to write more stand-alone novels. I may explore something entirely different! I don’t know.

But these are my realities. These are the decisions I have to make. And I feel really fortunate that I can be the one making these decisions because I’m self-published. Nothing is being forced on me, so I can’t blame a publisher. This is my decision as a writer and a business person and I will own it. I am so sorry if some of you are disappointed, and I will have to own that, too.

Thank you to my dedicated readers who are so supportive, who spread the word through reviews and social media and word-of-mouth. You have been amazing. Special love to my Cambio fans. Without you, this series would have never made it to three books! And Ollie and Allie might still be in limbo. And that would just be awful.

I’m going to get back to work now, and I feel so fortunate to be able to do this thing I love every day, even when I have to make hard decisions.


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Thanks for reading, Elizabeth

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  1. I’m with your Mom – I love the Cambio Springs stories too! It’s hard to pick a favorite series so I can’t say it eclipses the Elemental books, but they are neck-in-neck at least.

    My hope is that sooner or later a new crop of readers will pick up Shifting Dreams and realize they love it, thus renewing a revenue stream and giving you an opportunity to delve further into that world.

    Until then – I’ll just have to enjoy the Elemental and Irin books, and whatever else you might come up with – OH DARN, POOR ME.


  2. While I am disappointed Cambio Springs is on hold with only one more book to come (because I love that little town) I completely understand and I think most, if not all your readers will understand and support you. You have an amazing imagination and it is your right to write and publish what you want and when you want to. One of the many things I love about you and your writing is you are honest and upfront with your readers, a quality sadly lacking in many people nowadays. Keep up the GREAT work. We will all still love you and your work no matter which direction you decide to take :):)

    • You are making my heart full, Angela! I’m of the firm belief that my readers are the MOST awesome in the world, so I only ever want to be upfront with you all.

  3. I think this was a very brave post!! I love all ur books and always rave about them and u to anyone who is willing to listen !! Xx u r an amazing writer xxand I’m just glad u are not completely quitting writing( I would honestly be lost without ur books!! ) xx

    • WHAT? NO, I wouldn’t ever quit. Even if everyone stopped buying my books, I’m pretty sure I’d still write. It would just be on coffee breaks during my new dog-walking career. 😉

  4. Cambio Springs series is my favorite of all of your work- I get the financial realities but I was so looking forward to new adventures!

  5. Thank you for the honesty of this post. I too am a Cambio Springs fan (as well as Elemental *, Irin Cronicles, and The Genius and The Muse). I don’t think I can say it better than Mandy, Angela, and Sarah. You have wonderful talent, and are making the best choices for you and your family. Looking forward to all your books to come.

  6. I 100% support your decision! I enjoyed Cambio Springs and, like you, Ollie and Ally were my favorite, but I would rather you drop that world and be able to, financially, continue to regal us with Elemental love and whatever else you are hiding in your gorgeous imagination! Thank you for this VERY brave post! Any less of an author would have just left us hanging!

    • I could never leave you hanging, Debi! (Also, my mother knows where I live and she would have gotten the truth out of me with guilt-eyes.)

      • In know you’ve got my back! Quite literally! Your series got my through healing from 3 major surgeries(including a back surgery) in the last 2 years! Thank you for every word!

  7. I agree it’s a bummer. I loved the Cambrio Springs books but didn’t discover them until after I’d read the first two Irin books. I also agree they aren’t your best work, even though they are great and I would happily auto-buy any more you wrote. Your other books have actively made me cry at times, and I never do that. I feel so lucky to have found your work and eagerly await all your future titles!! Elena

  8. I, too, am sad about Cambio Springs – I love it. (And I love it much more than the Irin Chrinicles – don’t hate me!) It does make me feel better that I have high hopes for a Linx & Bogie book/series or whatever you write. Is there a short story out there that I have missed? I have proudly bought every single book that you’ve written. Don’t ever stop!

  9. I love all three of your series as well as “The Genius and the Muse”. Thank you for continuing to write such amazing work. I will always read every word you write. You are my favorite author! I didn’t realize the Cambio Springs series didn’t do as well as the others. That is a disappointment. I think a lot of people are really missing out!

    This is off-topic, but thank you also for your book recommendations and collaborations. They really help fill in the time between your book releases 🙂 I am now also a huge fan of Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, Grace Draven, and Jeaniene Frost because of you.

  10. Elizabeth, I am amazed with how you share not only your books, which I love, but also yourself. Thanks for the pictures, letters, extra content, teasers and more. You are my favorite author and I always look forward to new books that you publish. Business is a reality for all of us, we all have to make choices. So glad that you continue to write and share.

  11. This makes me a little sad, as I love Cambio Springs and all who live there. BUT. You have to do what your head is telling you, and not your heart. Fortunately, you get to make a living doing the thing that makes you joyous, and then sharing that joy with us, your faithful readers. Unfortunately, it is also pays your bills, keeps the lights on, and feeds the boy. I respect the fact that you are listening to your head, and not your heart. Who knows, one day I might meet up with Ollie, or Allie, Jena, Caleb, Alex or Ted when I least expect it! You do what you need to do and the rest of us will gladly take what you offer. I always have, and will continue, to look forward to whatever world you choose to share!

    • I’m so glad you guys have been so supportive, even those who really love the series. I LOVE IT TOO! And who knows? Maybe someday it will pick up or I’ll be in a place where I can hang out in that world again. Nothing is set in concrete here.

  12. I started with your Elemental series and loved it, and couldn’t get enough and picked up all your series. I’ve been super busy lately and just getting back to reading. I’m in the middle of the The staff and the blade, and loving it. I read On a clear winter night first. I love the Cambio Springs books too. I’m sad to see that it might end, but as long as you keep writing, I’ll keep reading!!! You have to do what you have to do. I started a series that I just loved that started with A Practical Witch. I read and read, and I wanted to live in that world I loved those books so much. But the writer went through a personal tragedy of a divorce, and since all her books tied into her life, and her life was shattered, she just couldn’t write the books anymore. I was devastated. She dropped the pen name altogether and is writing under another name and the books are completely different, and I was so much more than sad. So again as long as you keep writing the Elemental Series and the Irin Series, I’ll get through!!!

    • Oh, that’s so disappointing. 🙁 BUT I can say I do completely understand the other writer’s POV. I was in the middle of Building From Ashes when my ex and I separated and it was INCREDIBLY hard to pick up writing it again. I almost didn’t finish several times, and I honestly worried I’d never write again. I feel very fortunate that writing became my refuge, but it’s not a guarantee after you’ve been through something like that.

      • Apparently you freaked us both out LOL, but we both love you and your writing, so it’s all good. I’m a reader for John Lyman another author. His first novel is in the middle of being turned into a Movie, “God’s Lions “so hopefully more people will find John. It should be out some time in 2017. I love his writing too. He’s writing a new book and he just sent me the first 3 chapters. He’s at a “Pause” in his writing. I always thought I could be a writer, but I know now I could never do it. But that is why I appreciate good authors so much. It’s not an easy thing to do. I totally respect all your decisions, and I know they aren’t made lightly.

    • Amy, I read that whole Modern Witch series as well, and was so sad that she stopped writing it altogether. But I respect her choice. I’m with you on feeling SUPER excited Elizabeth is still writing!!! The title to this post had me a bit nervous with some Deborah Geary deja vu, haha…

      • Maeghan, that is exactly what I thought when I first started to read Elizabeth’s letter. I respect Debra’s decision not to keep writing but I’m still sad that it ended. I LOVED those books. I’ve gone back and read them all again. I actually found Elizabeth because of Debra. I was looking for something good, and I don’t normally read anything to do with vampires, and when I read the description, I didn’t know, not until I was already hooked. I love all her series, but I totally understand. I don’t know as a writer how you keep it all separate in your head.

  13. There are VERY few contemporary authors that draw me in completely, based solely on their ability to create characters and worlds that I love. I have bought all your books, never being disappointed. Not once. While I am sad your Cambio series has not taken off, I don’t think anyone can hold this decision against you. You have written beautiful books, if they are not all equally appreciated by everyone – then so be it. That is not for lack of skill. I’m still dying to get more Benzin anyways. 😉 Thank you for sharing your ideas with us, your work (all of it) is treasured by so many of us!

    • Thanks, Meaghan! I am very proud of the Cambio books and I will always love them. They’re not for everyone, and that’s just the reality, but I’m so glad they’ve touched the readers they have. And will continue to reach new readers! (Hopefully.)

  14. If you weren’t sure, I love you and respect your decisions. I think this makes sense from a business standpoint. Honestly, for diehards, it would make a great Wattpad or newsletter novella chapter project.

    But ya, love you.

  15. Thank you Elizabeth. Your stories, worlds, imagination are amazing and offer a place to visit when things in the real world get to be a bit challenging. I have loved the Cambio Springs stories and will miss them, but appreciate that you have to keep the lights on. You have a genuine talent and you make the world a better place by sharing it with us. Wishing you only the very best!

  16. I have purchased the Cambio books (please don´t be angry) but I still haven´t read them. But that is not your fault, I love your work, in fact I am in a re-reading phase and that is never an author´s fault. Sometimes I just enter a mindset that I need to read something that´s safe, and that is why I´m re-reading the Elemental series. What ever you keep or drop I will keep buying, enjoying and living in the worlds you create. There is no fear of sharing your name as an author on social media because what you put out there is brilliantly researched and written. In fact what captured me into the Irin Chronicles was your absolutely amazing description of Istanbul and then it was too late to turn back because by then I had already met the characters. Thank you for providing me with many hours of company through your books, there is no money that can pay for all I that I feel when immersed in a wonderful book. And as far as the Elemental series and the Irin Chronicles are concerned, they are on the list of books that I wish I could read for the first time again. I have no doubt that the Cambio books will soon be there too.

  17. I’m very sorry to hear about the realities that are putting Cambio on hold, but I’m hoping it’s just a pause. My wish for you is that your new creations (Linx and Bogie -super cool, by the way) will skyrocket and provide you with many more readers that will in turn let you write whatever you want when you want and not worry or think about it’s commercial success. I enjoy all your series, can’t really pick a favourite, or maybe I just don’t want to pick, I want them all. I’ve read all your books at least twice. That’s what puts you in my favorite author category, I read and reread your books and always fall in love with the stories and characters over and over again. Please don’t ever stop!

  18. I love all the series! And the Elemental world is amazing, for me it’s about the characters, not that they are vampires… But I’m probably in the minority.
    I liked the Linx & Bogie teaser…so maybe see where that takes you.
    I think we all love you & all your stories. So the die hards fans will definitely stick around.
    I hope everything is successful, because I want you to be able to write full time & be able to clothe Tall Boy.
    Good luck & thanks for all the amazing stories up till now!

  19. I don’t care what you write as long as you STILL write! I love Cambio, but I’ve loved everything else as well. I have no doubts your next stand alone or series will be a success, because good writing is too hard for people to ignore. I read over 50 authors on a regular basis(at least 10 books a week) and you are right up there In my top 5 along with Nora Roberts, David Baldacci, and Karin Slaughter. Not bad company, eh?

  20. I too really liked the Cambio Springs Mysteries. But you have to do what you have to do. Make a living. Maybe more people will discover it as time go but if not oh well. I enjoy your writing and I’m sure something will hit you that will be enjoyable to write and that the fans will love.

  21. To be honest I’d read anything you write – and do indeed to the best of my knowledge own everything you have written. I love every word, including your open and always entertaining blog posts. I’d read your shopping list if you offered it up. Your characters have a little place in my heart and from Cambio it’s Jena that steals it for me, I love her to bits. I’m grateful for all we’ve had knowing I can go back and re read. So thank you for the series ????

  22. I also really enjoyed Cambio Springs…understand your dilemma though and will just have to be happy with all the books I have purchased in this series

  23. What a tough post for you to write! I love all of your books so please just keep writing anything and I will be in heaven!! Sorry you had to say goodbye to such a favorite but sometimes we just have to get the bills paid. 🙂

  24. The people you write about and the worlds you create are amazing. They are all your children (so are you Tall Boy!!!), so like children, you love them all, even if they do have different strengths and different challenges. I agree with the other people commenting, this is an incredibly brave post. Your worlds and people will hold at this very moment in time until you are ready to visit them again. They are safe. Thank you for your time and your stories. They got me through my PhD, and you and your worlds continue to inspire.

  25. While I totally get why your putting Cambio Springs on hold I’m still a little sad. I didn’t expect to like this series since I’m not much into shifter books but I was hooked after the first one. Waking Hearts was my favorite of the series and one of my favorite books by you.

  26. You gotta do what you gotta do! I have loved each and every one of your books, and I look forward to many more of them, regardless of what series they are in. So many of the characters are like family, and the ones that you put on hold will be just as dear when they make a comeback.

  27. As long as you keep writing, we will be happy. I am sorry your Cambio series did not do as good. I was reluctant to read this series as it premise did not appeal to me. However, I enjoyed your writing so much I decided to take a chance. I found that I loved this series too. You can only do what you can. We understand and stand behind you all the way. My Daughter go me started on you with the offer of a free book. I was hooked and off we went.Thanks for all the wonderful hours I have spent reading your works.

  28. I couldn’t get into the Cambio Series, not sure I as I love and own all your other books, as to the Staff and Blade, well for the few extra dollars it is an awesome book and answered a few questions that were in my mind. You do what is best for you to keep you writing and feed yourself and child. One day I might wander back to Cambio and it might catch me, other books have done so over the years. PS I was also a Modern Witch fan and very sad with her personal upheaval which made her unable to continue, it was a nice place to escape to.

  29. I have to agree with every single post and there is nothing left for me to say, except KEEP ON WRITING and we well keep on buying. Thank you for all the great stories!

  30. Wow, Glad I am not in your shoes !!!!!!! I love your books, enjoy re reading them. Is self publishing better than going thru a regular publisher? Sorry, but I know nothing about publishing let alone writing a book. Your books are so wonderful, sorry they all don’t make money for you !!!! How about taking your books to a producer and see if a series can be made of say your Elemental Series !!!!!!!! OMG Who would play the parts ??????? I am getting side tracked. Which book or series you decide to do will be fantastic !!!!!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL THE ENJOYABLE HOURS YOU HAVE GIVEN US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Ahhhh……I live in the Palm Springs area of California and always felt like Cambio Springs was just my neighboring city. We have many small desert towns that could have had these magical characters living right next door. I will miss them all but understand the effort it takes to make these stories come to life. You just do it so well, that I know whatever you give to us in the future will be enjoyed by all your followers, myself included. Thanks for the many days of reading escapes that fill my days.

  32. Elizabeth you know how much my son and I love your books! ALL of them! I loved Cambio Springs from the first short story, but I’ve never met one of your books I didn’t like. You’ve also introduced to so many other authors for which I am grateful. A day without a book to read is a day without sunshine. A day without an Elizabeth Hunter book is like a day without unicorns and rainbows:)

  33. A roof over-head and food in the kid stomach comes first and boy can kids eat…although disappointed, I totally understand. Happily you are having yours books placed in audiobooks, which is the only way I have time to “read”. Thanks for what you can do, keep up the great work…

  34. Although I completely understand and support you difficult decision, I’m heartbroken! I love the shifting dreams series. They were my introduction to your writing and remain one of my favorite series of books.

  35. I’ve really enjoyed everything you’ve written – thank you for choosing such a scary career! Looking on the bright side, who knows what amazing stuff you’ll come up with that is entirely disconnected from anything you’re writing now? Something to look forward to : ))

  36. I get it, I really do. Just a thought. I delayed reading the Cambio Springs series because the series title didn’t scream shifters or fantasy but rather just plain human romance, which isn’t my preferred genre. I’m very glad that I craved your stories and decided to give Shifting Dreams a shot. The series is fabulous. Granted they are fantasy romance stories but have you considered retitling the series (not the individual books) and re-releasing?

  37. I will be sad to see Cambio Springs go. I have just finished listening to the audio version. I kind of forgot how much I loved Ally and Ollie! I can’t begin to to tell you how much I love all of your books. A Hidden Fire was the first book that started it all. One of the first books I ever put on my kindle! Now I own all books on Kindle, paperback, and audio. If you write it, I will buy it!

  38. Cambio Springs is definitely a favorite of mine but I understand why you need to focus on the others that sell better. I’m glad you will still write Sean’s book, though, and will buy it as soon as it’s out! I love all your stories and look forward to whatever you write. Thank you for sharing!

  39. I love the Cambio Spring books as much as I lover the Elemental ones and I was eagerly waiting for Sean book because it promised to be extraordinary. However I can completely understand your choice. After all, is not as if you are stopping to write entirely because( in THAT case I would really be disappointed). As far as I am concerned as long as you write something I am happy and if holding on the Cambio Spring series will help you to stretch you wings further and explore new places of your imagination even better. I will still love Cambio Spring and I will still wait Sean story and hope to read it someday (Someday is better than never) but I will love also your others books and eagerly wait for them too.

  40. I love how you are honest with your readers! It’s always nice to gain insights into the life of an author – the good and the bad. Hopefully people will understand that you have realities like everyone else, and those realities enable your readers to escape into the fantasy worlds that you write so amazingly well! Have faith and keep writing!

  41. Elizabeth, Thank you for taking the time to write this and let us know about Cambio Springs. I feel very privileged to have found your writing quite by accident (A Hidden Fire) and then you just kept producing great stuff. I love the Cambio Springs series, almost as much as the Elemental series (but not quite) and more than the Irin, and I am just glad that we have three great stories in that world. If it has to end with Sean’s story (eventually) then so be it. I am not one of these people that only read a book once, I read and re-read and re-read and re-read with each reading making me see more things depending on how I feel at the time and what else I’ve read by you recently. The more I read of your work, the more of your personality shows through and that is the same no matter what you are writing. Of course I will disappointed at leaving Cambio behind but it’s not like I can’t pick up my Kindle and emerse myself again anytime I want. Thank you for that and for everything that you write. x

  42. I’m sorry that you have to put this on hold. I’m sure making such a choice was difficult. When you write, you love your characters, you feel with them. To make this choice must have involved a lot of soul searching. Thank you for sharing with us!

  43. This is a great blog. It is scary for me as a newbie but the reality is the reality. I love your books but found the price of the last one off putting. Don’t get me wrong. I think you are worth every penny but I don’t have a great deal of money so I have to balance what I can buy and at present I am trying lots of different things in order to learn more. I have it on the ‘to read’ list but I realise that doesn’t help you. In fact it adds to the point you are making.

    All I know is that I love your books so keep doing what you can when you can. I think you are fantastic.

  44. The truth is……I love your writing. And once I’d read your Elemental series I read every other thing you wrote and……loved it all. Interesting that they are all quite different. I think that the common thread that is woven throughout all of your writing is that your characters are mesmerizing. ALL of them. The Cambio series was more quickly paced and more like a roll in the hay, but I just loved the characters too. They reminded me a little of Mercy in Patricia Briggs, as in bad ass shifters with humor and sexiness rolled into it.

    The bottom line, is that I fully support whatever your decisions are for where to focus and I will always adore your writing.

  45. I love all your books !!! I loved the Staff and the Blade. There has not been one I have not enjoyed. All of the characters in all of your books invite me into their worlds. A precious getaway !!! I need it!! I am a closet senior reader and my escape is appreciated! Will look forward to your next. Thank you for ALL of your wonderful reads!

  46. I found you and Penny Reid in the same “Best Indie Writers” article – and I’ve thanked the fates every day since. It’s such a challenge to find well-written, smart, engaging books with excellent world building – I read through a lot of OK writers in order to find gems like you. We all need to pay attention to the realities of life – coffee and lights on are incredibly important for us all! I truly hope you find a way to write everything you want – both what sells, and what speaks most to your heart. If they are the same thing, then all the better. I eagerly, yet patiently, await your next words. P.S. Maybe just a Cambio Springs short short story every so often to appease your mom? Oh – and me. 😉

  47. I got my Kindle for my birthday 4 years ago with a couple of titles that my husband picked out. After I read these I went looking for something else. I just did a basic Amazon search and A Hidden Fire came up in that search. I had a look on the page, read the first couple of pages and decided it looked a bit interesting. It was free so I thought what the hell. I was very quickly hooked into the world and to this day I still love reading Beatrice and Gio (I usually read them once a year). I loved all the other characters and was glad we got see all their stories. I read The Genius and Muse and loved the characters and how they all interacted and it was a nice change of pace after the Elemental series. I then read the Irin Chronicles and loved them as well. It was only as I was waiting for The Secret that I looked at Cambio Springs and fell in love there too. I have shared my love of your books with my best friend who loves them as much as I do. I have loved following you over the past few years and understood when you increased the price for your books. They are still competitive and so worth it. You need to do what is best for you. I, like many will look forward to Sean’s story when you get to it and in the meantime we will love whatever you write because I like many here own all your books on my Kindle and I carry them with me everywhere. I love your writing, your characters and all your worlds. I love supporting an Indie writer and hope you have continued success in whichever world you can.

    • Jackie, your story with Kindle made me smile as I also got mine as a present from my husband (sick of ever growing bookshelf ????). He downloaded ‘A hidden fire’ for me and I haven’t looked back since.

  48. I appreciate your “realities” email and understand your decisions. I am a fan of your writing and have enjoyed both the Elemental series and Cambrio and would encourage you to keep writing great books. Your readers will follow you I am certain. Before I began the Elemental books I was not interested in paranormal, vampire books or anything in that gendre, now I am a convert, you dragged me into your fantasy world. I’m going to start your new contemporary later this week. Thanks for writing, the pleasure was mine

  49. Hi Elizabeth, I will read everything you write, always! Cambio is not my favourite but I would still buy Shawn’s story if you decide to write it. I understand your decision of course. However, if you told us you would not write any more Tenzin and Ben stories I would have been really disappointed. Good luck in your adventures and you can always write short stories or novellas for your hard core Cambio fans ????

  50. So, reality stinks sometimes . . . but we’d all like you to be able to eat, clothe the child, pay your mortgage, and even have $ leftover for rainy days and sunny days and all the days in-between. You have to make the hard decisions sometimes or we might not have ANY of your words . . . and that would be truly dreadful.

  51. Like Nena and Jackie, I too received a Kindle for Christmas a few years ago, found “A Hidden Fire” in the free books, and bought everything else you’d published in very quick succession. I have to admit, I wasn’t totally enamoured with “Shifting Dreams”, but the sheer quality of the rest of your work, particularly “The Genius and The Muse” and “A Hidden Fire” (who wouldn’t fall in love with a gorgeous Italian vampire?) was all the reason I needed to continue buying the rest of the series. Was it worth it? Hell yeah, the Cambio Springs books were, in my opinion, better with each new release, and the prospect of a book centred around Sean and the rest of the Quinns was exciting. However, the realities of life are what they are, and whatever you choose to write will be welcomed with both pleasure and thanks. Just let me know when to ‘one-click’.

  52. Whatever you need to do to keep self-publishing, do it, lady. I feel like you’re hands down the most talented paranormal author out there and likely some of that has to do with you self publishing. There’s no corporate office pressuring you to write short, cookie cutter junk and I will be always grateful for that and will purchase pretty much everything you put out. I cannot say the same for other old favorites of mine whose writing became tedious and formulaic with the big publishers. So thank you for continuing to work hard, and for being considerate of your readers feelings as well as being a genuinely lovely human being.

  53. I do understand the realities of having to face realities, but I am so sorry that the Cambio series will be on hold. Those were the first books of yours I read and I thought they were great. So I got the into the Elemental Mysteries, and fell in love with those characters too, but the Irin books and Ben and Tenzin are just not my favorites. I’ll definitely hang in there for Sean’s story, and am looking forward to Lucien’s book too. Oh well, all good things must come to an end. I will definitely continue to follow your writing and I will try and see if I can get a better feel from your other books.

  54. I’ve bought everything you have published, and I love the Cambio Springs series. I have even bought new paperback versions of almost all of your books, and I’m on a fixed income now, so I mostly buy used. You are one of the few paranormal writers whose books are worth reading. They are liberating and open my mind to many new experiences, reflecting an understanding of people and the world. I hope you continue to write as long as you live, and know that we in the ‘real’ world could not survive that world without entering yours as often as possible.

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