Thursday Snapshot: A Stone-Kissed Sea

Posting a very quick teaser for A Stone-Kissed Sea, which is now available to preorder at iBooks and Barnes & Noble! (Amazon will come later.)


Lucien folded the letter from his mother and put it in the locked drawer with the others just as someone knocked on his door. It flew open only a second later.

“Not acceptable,” he barked, rising to his feet. “If my door is closed, I—”

“Are you serious?” Makeda slammed a folder down on his desk. “I mean, I know you people are archaic, but are you serious with this?”

You people? Lucien crossed his arms and hated that his first thought was Makeda looked stunning when she was irritated.

“You asked for copies of my original observation notes,” he said. “Is there a problem with them?”

“Reams of photocopies I can deal with because I know e-mail is an issue. But Latin?”

He shrugged. “You asked for originals. I take my notes in Latin and I have for roughly two thousand years. If you expect me to apologize you’ll be waiting awhile.”

Makeda said nothing, but Lucien couldn’t help but notice the color rising to her cheeks. Apparently, the unflappable Doctor Abel could be pushed beyond the clinical. So far, he’d heard only praise from the team he’d so carefully put together.

She was so friendly for a research scientist. Such a good listener. So quick with feedback and surprisingly organized. There were even rumors she had a sense of humor.

It grated more than it should have.

Lucien asked, “Will you need an assistant to translate them for you? I believe more than one are fluent.”

Of course they were. He’d chosen them.

Makeda’s eyes frosted over. “It’s fine. It’s been a few years, but I’m sure it’ll come back to me. If I run into problems, I’ll call my father. His Latin is probably better than yours.”

“As I am a native speaker, I very much doubt that.”

If Lucien had to guess, there were more than a few Latin phrases she was thinking of at that moment. After all, no one could curse like a Roman.

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Elizabeth Hunter
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  1. If I recall correctly, Latin doesn’t use punctuation either. I can’t wait to read this! Lucien is a bit of a mystery still.

  2. I am SO looking forward to this book. To me, the Elemental World is one of the very best literary world’s ever created. Thanks for the peek, Elizabeth.

  3. I love this world you created! I will pre-order this book as soon as it’s available on Amazon. By the way, are there LGBT vampires?

    • Yes. My vampires were all once human, so if something exists in the human world, it exists in the vampire world as well. Bisexuality, in particular, has been parts of many societies throughout history and transgender or third gender roles have been common in many parts of the world.

  4. I agree with Lifesart, killing me softly with teasers. though mine with be in the Kindle till I find someone visiting the USA and can pick me up a copy.

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