Random Summer Thoughts in July

  1. It’s hot.
  2. Anxiety is a creativity killer, and I feel like our country is in the throes of a massive anxiety attack. It’s impossible to avoid, but I definitely need to limit my time on Facebook.
  3. When I make myself sit down and write, I can write, but I’m feeling so distracted lately it’s difficult not to feel like a failure.
  4. Summer is killer for working parents. Those who work in offices have to figure out what to do with kids during vacation time. Those who work from home have to figure out how to hide from their kids so they can have work time.
  5. It’s really hot.
  6. I met a wonderful man in Ethiopia in March (no, I haven’t talked about this on social media). Love is at once fulfilling, thrilling, and very distracting. And yes, this gives new meaning to the term “long-distance relationship.” Wish us luck.
  7. My child watches too much YouTube. But he’s watching things like at-home science labs and “build-it-yourself” projects along with the Minecraft videos, so that makes me feel slightly better.SKS promo 1-3
  8. I finished outlining the first act of Lucien and Makeda’s book, A Stone-Kissed Sea. Slipping into the Elemental series is easy, but I have to push myself so I make sure it’s not too easy. I constantly worry that if it’s too easy that means my writing is going to be stale.
  9. I used to not consider it a full day of work unless I could sit down and write 3000 words. So I would try to carve out a chunk of time and be frustrated when I couldn’t find that time. (This is especially difficult in the summer.) Now, my goalposts are shorter. If I can sit down for an hour and write a thousand words, or even one scene, that’s a success. I’m hoping that will lead to more word count at the end of the day, but it’s harder to dip in and out of my head like that.
  10. I’m really grateful to whoever invented air-conditioning.
  11. I have a new hammock and it’s really awesome. TallBoy and I both love it. Why did I wait so long to get a hammock?
  12. For the first time, a woman is major party nominee for president of the United States. Whatever your political leanings are, that is a breakthrough for our country and something to be proud of. My son will grow up knowing that all people have the right and the ability to sit  at the political table, and that makes me proud of my country. Side note: Please stop telling her to smile, news media. We don’t ask that of men running for office, and we shouldn’t demand it of women. Being president is a massive job. I expect a professional, not an entertainer.
  13. It’s really, really hot.
  14. My dogs have brains the size of walnuts, but I’m pretty sure they plot together just to mess with me. I may be wrong on that.
  15. Goodreads is fun again! I stayed off it for a while because it genuinely felt toxic for authors, but the online culture over there feels much less back-bitey now. I turned on my “Ask the Author” thing and I’ve gotten some great questions.

One last note: A Stone-Kissed Sea is going to release on December 6th, 2016! I hope you’ll mark your calendars. I’ll share pre-order links when I have them. Have you signed up for my newsletter? Might be a good idea to do that. I don’t spam your inbox, but you get a free piece of new fiction each month (and a free short story, “Too Many Cooks” when you sign up), news about sales and contests, and the heads up for any big announcement. It’s worth signing up.

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  1. It is REALLY freakin’ hot. I’m so excited for you and your new relationship!! Long distance is hard, but it’s not always a bad thing. 🙂 I have a hard time believing that your writing could ever be stale.

  2. It’s hot and humid in East Texas among the pines. “I met a man” Oh my goodness, how sweet! Wishing you good times with that! Tall Boy is learning so don’t worry! He’s got a solid foundation. Write as your creativity demands. We will be here! Hammocks are the best!

    • Please check your spam/junk folder. I’m not sure why, but a lot of times they end up in the spam folder.

  3. First, you can never, ever, ever be described as a failure! I’ll stand up for you at the court of whatever decides that. Second, I’m so happy for you to have met someone who loves you and vice versa! There is nothing better, even long distance. Third, totally psyched for A Stone Kissed Sea. Fourth and last, it has taken awhile for the delight to sink in that the country has indeed nominated a woman for the office of President. Ever since Margaret Thatcher I have wondered when or if it would ever happen in my lifetime. But like the election of our first black President, this is not the end of the fight for equality – whether it’s gender or race. Everyone remember to VOTE!!!

  4. I can assure it is NOT hot in New Zealand, lots of snow on the mountain I live near and the wind is straight from Antarctica and very cold and wet. I am watching your election campaigns from afar. Can’t wait for the next book in the Elemental Series, I did thoroughly enjoy The Staff and the Blade was sorry it finished.

  5. cheers for your thoughts, instead of giving you a penny, i will give tall boy some new things to look for on youtube 🙂 tell him to search ‘backyard science’ and ‘labrats’ both are australian shows and are really cool if he enjoys science.

  6. Love the comments — obviously, the heat is bothering you. And as for the anxiety I always recommend reading lots of fiction — especially where vampires are involved. Good look with that LONG distance relationship.

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