THREE new prizes for #GiveawayMay and a #free book for everyone.

Good morning! I’m happy to report that there have been so many entries for #GiveawayMay and it’s garnered so much excitement I’ve decided to make it a yearly thing. This is fun!

I love the tradition of receiving presents on your birthday, but let’s be honest: your mom did all the work. You should be giving her presents. So I’m having a blast giving you guys stuff, even though you’re not my mom. I’m just showing my appreciation for the awesomeness of people who gave me—not my life, that’s all Mom—but my career, which is you guys, the readers.

You rock. Have a majestic laser unicorn.


Today’s #GiveawayMay involves no unicorns, but it is fourfold! Which is kind of majestic. And also a made-up word.

The first giveaway is this faaaabulous signed copy of The Scarlet Deep (by moi) along with copper bracelet that says “breathe.” It’s cute and seems appropriate for Anne and Murphy, no? To win, all you have to do is leave a comment here and let me know: If you could have afternoon tea with any character from the Elemental World, who would it be? (We’re just pretending for the sake of the giveaway that your favorite vampire wouldn’t burst into flames in the middle of the afternoon.) Let me know in the comments!


ALL CONTESTS CLOSE TOMORROW! Because it’s my birthday. And also because I have to leave on Sunday to travel and I won’t have time to go to the post office after Saturday. (If you miss the Saturday deadline and you won something, never fear. I’ll still get your stuff to you, it’ll just be when I get back from Ethiopia the beginning of July.)

So enter today! Open to international readers, of course.

The second giveaway is literally for anyone with a Kindle or a Kindle app. That’s right, I’m making (for the first time ever) my only contemporary romance/women’s fiction, The Genius and the Muse, FREE for Kindle. Grab it while you can, because this sucker is usually $4.99.

The Genius and the Muse free

You know, I was re-reading this book last night and looking for typos because I published it WAY back in 2012 and I hadn’t updated the file in ages. I still like this book. A lot. It has some of my favorite characters in it. So if you’ve been giving it a pass because it’s contemporary, you might grab it while it’s free and check it out. A lot of my fantasy readers are surprised by how much they like it.

Also, check out my Facebook page today because I’ll be doing a totally different giveaway over there (featuring Waking Hearts), AND I’ll be doing one on Instagram (with Shadows and Gold). That’s right. There are three giveaways today and you can enter all of them.

Tomorrow’s my birthday, baby! Free stuff for everyone.

Have a good one, Elizabeth

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  1. We love your Giveaways, Elizabeth, though I will let others vie for these, as I have read everything you have written to date. Have a wonderful, stress-free, present-filled birthday!

  2. I would love to have afternoon tea with Carwyn. He is smart, funny and looks good a Hawaiian shirt.

  3. Out of everyone. It would have to be Tenzin! Although, Carwin is a close second. I would love to just sit down with her to hear all the crazy and amazing things she has to say! Even though she would most likely stare at me the whole time like I was a crazy fan girl, because face it I am! Love your books!

  4. I absolutely want to go people-watching with Tenzin, so afternoon tea near a (light proof?) window facing a busy street sounds perfect. 😀

  5. I think I would want to have Tea with Stephen, I know he’s gone ???? but I would love to hear his stories.

  6. Carwyn. He’s my favorite. Though, it would be awfully fun to watch YouTube with Tenzin during tea .

  7. I would love to have afternoon tea with Carwyn. I’m a history fan and can only imagine the things he’s seen in his 1,000 years. Have a wonderful birthday!!

  8. I would have to say I really want to sit and talk to Ben. He is totally intriguing as growing up in a vampire world.

    I enjoy the Elemental series immensely, although I prefer books to the short stories. The writing is fantastic, without falling into the poor editing and erotica that seems to permeate much of the books written about vampires, shape-changers, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy romance and sex as much as anyone. But your books are outstanding for the plots and surprises. And for having some strong women, vampires or not.

  9. I would love to have tea with Brigid! I feel like we could get into some trouble together. Nothing too bad, but a guaranteed good time!

  10. I’d have to say Tenzin too.

    And The Genius and the Muse is one of my all time favorite contemporary romances.

  11. Uhhh, difficult question… I think I would like to have tea with Bea, so we could talk about working as a librarian (something I’m considering) and books in general 😀 But honestly every one of your characters is interesting and I would love to be able to have a conversation with any of them!

  12. Oh that’s easy, it would have to be Gio and/or Beatrice. They have my love of books, history, and artifacts. I would love to sit down with them and pick their brain for a while about how it is to live doing what you love and be surrounded with all of that rich history (and to see if I could look at their book collection, because come on, that would be awesome!!)

  13. I would have to say Tenzin, the way she just bounces from one thing to another, it would certainly be unpredictable and entertaining and if she brought Ben with her so much the better!

  14. I want to hang out with either Tenzin and Ben or Kate and Javi. They would both by fascinating conversation partners but for completely different reasons. Think of the people watching!

  15. I would love to have tea with Tenzin and Ben..would love to watch them together. Love your fabulous books. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  16. Hmmm,call me crazy but I wouldn’t turn down an afternoon of tea time with Lorenzo. He’s sort of polite and easy to converse with. Who doesn’t like playing with fire? Ha! I also love his wit and edgy playfulness – I’m thinking a date with Lorenzo might end up biting me in the end, though.;D

  17. Oh my goodness!! Thank you for the chance. I love love love Gio so my answer to your question is Gio. That would be so awsome!!! Thank you

  18. Afternoon tea with Giovanni..would probably have to be late afternoon birthday..enjoy your day!

  19. I hope you have a fantastic birthday! I think I would love to have tea with Carwyn. He would be fun, and he probably would want I pint of beer which I’m totally down with!

  20. Happy Birthday Elizabeth! I would love to have tea with Beatrice! Just feel like she would be a blast. Tenzin too if I couldn’t meet Bea.

  21. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Elizabeth! I would have to say that I would love to meet Carwyn. I think it would be a lot of fun to spend some time with him. Plus, his hawaiian shirts fascinate me for some reason. I don’t know why. 🙂

  22. Tea & welsh cakes with Carwyn, watching some wrestling of course. If he brought his dog, even better! I also bow down in a ‘we’re not worthy’ style for the Majestic laser unicorn – outstanding! ????????

  23. I would have a very large garden party and invite all the humans because I would really like to know their input on respect, the love for all, the vampires they take care of. And to be honest the Genius and the Muse I haven’t read yet so hope to win that one

  24. Just one???? I think that is outrageous! I wana do afternoon tea with the girls! Followed by a good night out on the town ! With Tenzin,Beatrice,Brigit and Cathy xx

  25. Oh wow…so many great ones to choose from. I think I would have to pick Carwyn for an afternoon tea date. He’s hilarious and great fun. I’m sure we’d get into trouble.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

  26. hmm…any vamp? It’d be hard to choose, but maybe Tenzin, though she’d probably scare the crap out of me, or Carwyn because he seems like so much fun. Then again, there’s always Giovanni for the eyecandy 😀 Nah, I’ll stick with Tenzin. Who wouldn’t want to meet Tenzin?!

  27. Wow, can I choose two, I would love to participate in a conversation between Carwyn and Tenzin. Two completely different philosophies on life. What a conversation that would be. Can you imagine talking ethics and politics and history with those two. My mind would be reeling for years.

  28. Happy birthday!!! I’d totally have tea and play video games with Tenzin. She’s da’bom!

  29. I think Gemma would organize the most kick-ass and delicious afternoon tea, so purely from a foodie standpoint, I’d go with her. 🙂

  30. Afternoon tea? Bojia. Lol i mean he wouldnt say anything but it would be worth it to see that famous scowl

  31. This is a hard question. But I think it would be gio he’s old and has lived through a lot and is very knowledgeable about a lot of historic things between his long life and his book knowledge he would be awesome to have tea with

  32. Oh wow to choose 1 for tea… I would have to say Tenzin. There are so many things about her that intrigues my curiosity. Besides she is just cool! Dangerous but cool!

  33. Nima, though you’d have to bring her back from the dead. Because The Force of Wind, chapter 12 : The morning sun poured over the garden, lighting the gleaming limestone pillars and flashing across the streams… When she felt the soft touch on her shoulder, she turned to see Nima standing with a cup of cardamom tea. Though she had hardly spoken to the woman in the weeks they had been at the palace, her quiet human company was welcome. She sat next to Beatrice on the ground, surprisingly flexible for one with such a wrinkled face. Her dark eyes looked over the sun-lit grounds. “I have painted many gardens for Tenzin over the years,” she said in quietly accented English, “but it’s never exactly the same.” “There are photographs.” Nima nodded her silver-grey head. “Yes.” “Still not the same, though.” “No.” Beatrice sniffed, swallowing the lump in her throat, before she gave up and let the tears fall down her cheeks. “Sorry,” she sniffed again. Nima just smiled. “I understand the grief.” “But I know I’m ready.” “Tenzin said you would be. That was one of the reasons she asked me to be here. I don’t usually like to leave the mountains.” Beatrice frowned, curious why Nima’s presence was important, until she looked into the old woman’s eyes and understood the quiet sadness that lived there. “You said no, didn’t you?” “Yes.” “Oh,” she breathed out. “And I regret it every day.” “But why—” “By the time I really understood the regret, my body was old. I would not choose it now. It is not vanity, simply… not what I wish for eternity.” “Was she angry?” “Yes.” “But you are still together.” Nima smiled and nodded. “Yes.” “Someday, she’ll watch you die.” “And that is the sadness I live with.”

  34. I have your free book already , but thanks I love your work and I hope you have a awesome Birthday I would have to say tea with Tenzin would be entertaining .

  35. well one of my favourite’s is Murphy, so I was so happy when Murphy appeared again, a bit partial to the water. A cup of tea with Murphy in Dublin would be lovely. I already own The Genius and the Muse and after reading the short story in the Newsletter will be rereading, forgot how much I enjoyed it.

  36. I would have to say B. She is a bad ass and has had my dream job! Plus she knows everyone so I could get scoop on all of my favorite characters.

  37. Happy birthday and thank you for all the presents! I prefer novels to short stories, but for yours, I make an exception. I would choose Gio. He is so interesting and has seen so much. LOVE, LOVE the Elemental books!!

  38. I hope you enjoy your Birthday! As for tea, it’s a toss up Tywyll , Ari, or Zhang. Yesss, Zhang! He has a playful side to him. I would love to take afternoon tea with Elder Zhang.

  39. Hi, and a very happy pre-birthday! Thank you for the wonderful things you’re giving away. I could not miss the opportunity to have chance with Tenzin. She’s empowering, wise, and a wise-ass and most of all she’s funny all of which I love.

  40. Happy birthday my lovely writer! May it be filled with words, hugs and excitement.

    This is a very hard question for me, I’d have to say (after much deliberation) that Josie would be an fascinating person to have tea with. She sounds like an amazing writer with a touch of crazy. We all need a bit of madness in our lives.

  41. Thank you Elizabeth! Hope you have a wonderful birthday 😀 It’s pretty awesome that you’re pulling a Jesus on your birthday (As a little girl at Christmas we were told that it was Jesus’ birthday but I had a friend who wondered why he gave her presents instead of the other way around – In Venezuela you get presents from baby Jesus, not Santa 😉
    Anyway, I would totally have tea with B and Gio

  42. Oh my!! To pick just one is excruciating!!! I would have to go with Tenzin, though, as she is just so incredibly fascinating to me. Hope you have the most wonderful birthday yet!!!

  43. Wow, quite the big giveaway day! Thanks!! I don’t even have to think on this question. The name came immediately to mind mill admit that part of what I love about you is how quickly I fall for each character you create. They are all so epic! Even the supporting ones. (Not the case with many writers in my opinion) but I would choose Carwyn for tea. I think he would have so much to share and it would be fun with him. Plus, maybe he would even stay for a beer and some WWF????????

  44. i would pick Gio over and over and over a million times over… he has been my ultimate book boyfriend since i read the first book years ago. thanks for all the super giveaways and have a great birthday!!!

  45. Many happy returns on your birthday and may you have many more! I would definitely want to have tea (or perhaps something stronger) with Carwyn because he is someone I would love to get to know better. Though, truly, any one of those characters would be an amazing tea time companion. Have a safe journey!

  46. Really? Only one? I love all the characters I have met over the years. But…since I have to choose I have to go back to the beginning. My first love was Gio. So, tea with him would be a dream. Actually, any brew would be fine -:) Thank you for the contest and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  47. I think I would like tea with Carwyn, he would make it so much fun and have such great stories to tell. Thank you for the free book today! It is actually your only book that I did not already own, so that worked out well. After reading your short story I am excited to meet them.

  48. Hands down, it would be Tenzin. To be able to pick her brain about all that she’s seen (provided she doesn’t kill me for annoying her…!!)

    Happy birthday, most talented lady!

  49. Oooh that’s tough, if I was 20 years, no make that 30 years younger I’d choose Gio because, well just because….tall, dark handsome Italian, who wouldn’t? But I’m a Grandma now, so I choose Josie. I’d love to chat with a writer, and the English really know how to do afternoon tea.

  50. Oh my! I can only choose one person to have tea with!? It would be a close tie between Carwyn and Tenzin. If I had the chance to have tea with Carwyn it would definitely be an elegant affair during a professional wrestling match! And with Tenzin, what ever she wants! She’s a badass and I would soak up any opportunity to learn with her. Happy Birthday to you Elizabeth! Thank you for giving us you’re beautiful words! You are my favorite!

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