The looming asteroid has been called off. For now.

Wanted to post a quick update about what’s been going on in the last week. Most of you probably caught from my blatant and somewhat overwhelming self promotion…

That The Staff and the Blade is now available for pre-order! Wait, you didn’t get that?


Too much?

But really, promotion makes me itch. It’s a necessary evil, but it’s not something I can ever see myself enjoying much. Mostly, this week, I’ve been writing. And boy! Has that felt nice. I mean, slightly mental…


But nice.

That’s my desk up there. ^^^Actually, that’s a picture of my dining room table because the madness outgrew the desk, so I had to move to the dining room table. (The toilet paper is because I ran out of Kleenex.)

As you can see, planning and plotting this book has been complicated. Actually, my editor and I decided that this book is really more like a series, just written in novellas instead of novels. Each of the four stories has it’s own plot arc and character development. So the planning has been interesting. And by interesting, I mean…


Know what I mean?

The GOOD news is that I’m into the last of the four novellas now and I’m feeling very inspired. I get to write fun stuff like Sari dealing with her mother-in-law! And Damien revealing embarrassing secrets he’s managed to conceal for, like, six-hundred-years. What’s not fun about that?!


(I’ve decided that sometimes Damien looks a lot like Aragorn in my head. I think it’s the stubble. And maybe Viggo Mortensen.)

Battle-axes! Banter! Bollocks! (I don’t know. I was just looking for another B-word.) What’s not fun about all of that? After two very heavy stories, I’m finally having fun with Damien and Sari again. This Irin world is a pain in the butt to write in, but every now and again, it’s also really fun.

So FOR TODAY I have once again decided to call off the looming giant asteroid that threatens the Irin world with utter annihilation.


Ah yes. That asteroid threatened Ava and Malachi at the end of The Secret, too. Darn asteroid…

So hooray! The end is finally in sight. Stay well. I’ll check back next week.


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  1. We have been saved from the asteroid. Yay!! The hardest part is over right? That’s huge congratulations for sticking with it and finishing. Go do something crazy and fun with your son to celebrate. If you have to resort to toilet paper for these novellas than the rest of us don’t stand a chance and should start stocking up on tissues now. So excited it’s almost here.

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