COVER REVEAL: The Staff and the Blade

It's TIME! Bwahahahaha. I've been holding this cover back for MONTHS because this book has been such a bear and I didn't know when I'd be close to finishing. But now, I can tell you the book will be

Available JULY 12, 2016

And the cover is...



Courtesy of the talented designers at, this cover captures the beautiful themes and visual style of the Irin series while making Damien and Sari's book distinctly different from Ava and Malachi's story arc.

(Also, REALLY great arms. Just saying.)

I'm so excited (and a lot nervous) to share this book with you. While I am releasing it all at once, it really is a book in four parts. Four distinct novellas touching on four parts of Damien and Sari's life together. (Hey, when a relationship's been going on for four hundred years or so, there's no way to include everything.)

This book has challenged me in ways I didn't expect. It's a lot more than a love story. This is a relationship story that spans Irin history. You get so much more than the HEA here. You get the Happily-Ever-After. You get the What-the-Heck-Did-You-Do? and then there's always the You-Just-Messed-Up-Big-Time. And then the I-Never-Want-To-See-You-Again. But then it circles around to the Happily-Ever-After part again. Eventually.

So you get the HEA, the WHDYD, the YJMUBT, aaaaaand the INWTSYA! And maybe a WWJD, I'm not sure. This is like a whole series in one book. (I'm just realizing why this book has made me so crazy.)

As many of you know, I debated how I was going to release this book, but eventually decided to go with a single volume. BUT because it's such a gap between releases, I've also decided to so something new. I'm releasing the first FULL novella (no cliffhangers in this part) on Wattpad for readers to enjoy before the release.

Like the serials I've released on my blog, I'll be posting a chapter a week and taking it down before I publish the final book. If you don't have a Wattpad account, it's free and easy to sign up. Just click here.

So sit back, subscribe to the story, and enjoy Damien and Sari's first story:


Damien of Bohemia was a legend content to live in obscurity. Weary from a century of human and Irin bloodshed, he took shelter among those who would not question his silence or the martial spells he wore over his body. Spells far too numerous for a scribe of his age.

Until an earth singer of raw power and no delicacy came to the village where he hid. Sari of Vestfold wasn’t intrigued by the mysterious warrior or his moody silences. And she wasn’t interested in listening for the whisper of his soul. Even when those whispers promised a connection that could tie them for eternity.

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  1. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this book. I can not wait to read this. Love the cover and already pre-ordered it. July is so far away though 🙁

  2. Can we talk suggestive? Great cover, pre-ordered, can’t wait – just what we need during those HOT summer months!

  3. Love the cover. The arms aren’t the only attractive part. Thanks for the pre-order link. I am looking forward to this latest addition to the Irin Chronicles.

  4. Not just the arms. He’s drool-worthy. Thanks, Elizabeth. Pre-ordered and really looking forward to it, but can you share what’s up with Ben and Tenzin?

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