Updates on the #IrinChronicles, join me on #Wattpad, and some exciting new reads

IMG_0448I’m happy to say that I’ve made a breakthrough with The Staff and the Blade, both on the writing side AND on the publishing side. I’ll have more news about that next week on the blog, but I can say that the book will be out mid-July or possibly sooner if things get back from the editors faster. I’m also going to be planning a cover release on Wednesday, April 27. If you are a blogger interested in joining me for the cover reveal (which will also have some other pretty great news) please fill out this form and put “Staff and Blade” in the cover request line.

I’m also very excited about joining Wattpad! For those of you who don’t know what Wattpad is, its a free platform to read serial fiction and interact with readers and writers. Some of my favourites like April White and Penny Reid are already on there, and I have started posting the chapters to A Hidden Fire for Wattpad readers. I’ll also be using that for upcoming serial fiction, instead of putting it on my blog. This way, readers can sign up for alerts and have new chapters delivered to their phones or tablets, so they don’t have to read here on the blog. You can leave comments, vote for your favourite stories, and discover new writers. It’s a great platform and I’m excited to dive into it more and (hopefully!) meet new readers.

27999771There have been a couple of new releases in the last week or so that I’ve enjoyed or am looking forward to. First off, The Player and the Pixie is a contemporary romance by Penny Reid and LH Cosway. If you like sports romance (this one features rugby players!) this is a fun and funny read with a lot of steam and a great heart. It’s quirky and doesn’t play to many tropes. In fact, the hero is one of the most unexpected romantic heroes I’ve read in a while! I didn’t think I’d like him at all… until I did.

25056040The second one for you fantasy fans is the highly anticipated Eidolon by Grace Draven. Draven is a master of fantasy romance and this sequel to her bestselling novel, Radiance, promises to be just as lush, romantic, and intriguing. I cannot wait to read it. It’s going to be my reward when I meet my next deadline.

I’ll have exciting news next week! Until then, here’s a peek at Damien and Sari from The Staff and the Blade:

“Well, that went as well as I expected.”

Astrid raised an eyebrow at him, but said nothing else as she checked his knee. His face had healed, but the healer had wanted to check his knee. Sometimes, joints could mend before they’d been straightened. It had happened to Damien before in battle and the subsequent re-breaking was something he would pay to avoid.

“Who is she?” Astrid said.

“A brother’s widow,” Damien said, grateful for the presence of an old friend. “Malachi was killed weeks ago in Istanbul. I decided to bring Ava here.”

Astrid and her mate had been stationed in London and under Damien’s watch before the Rending. Before everything had gone to hell. He found out years later that Marten had been killed protecting a retreat in Ireland while Astrid was working at the scribe house in Dublin as the Irin fought the Grigori there. The healer had disappeared after losing her mate. It didn’t surprise him that Sari had found her.

“Why here?” Astrid said. No judgement. Simple curiosity. “You knew she would not react well.”

“Ava’s magic is unlike any I’ve felt before. She is one of us. Mated and marked. But she was raised among humans and has no training. My archivist could find no record of her true parentage.”

Astrid frowned. “Unusual. Maybe you need a better archivist.”

“Rhys is the best. He’s still working on it. Ava needs training. She could hurt someone without meaning to.”

“Unlike other singers we know, who fully intend their blows to wound.” Astrid finished wrapping the knee. “You still should have known better, Damien. You were looking for a reaction.”


“You got one. Just like you always do. You’re the only thing in Sari’s life that can make her lose her balance like that. You know that, don’t you? Keep the knee wrapped for an hour or so. You know the spells to mend it.”

“I do.”

“I’m sorry her mate was killed.” The healer looked up. “I’m sorry about your brother.”

“Others have lost more than me.” Damien refused to feel grief. Not when he’d survived and others hadn’t.

“Would you like me to break both arms then?”

He blinked. “What?”

The healer wound the rest of her bandages and placed them on the table. “Perhaps your knee would stop hurting if you felt a greater wound.”

He couldn’t stop the hint of a smile. “Stop being so wise, Astrid.”


He squeezed her hand. “It’s good to see you.”

“And you.” She rose and walked to the door. “I’ll explain about the girl. Lay low for a few days. Talk to Orsala, but leave Sari alone for a bit.”

Damien stared at the wall where a picture of his mate and some of her sisters hung. They were smiling and laughing on a beach somewhere. Damien didn’t think he’d ever seen a picture of Sari laughing.

“I don’t know if I can, Astrid.”



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  1. Great news on the breakthrough and the cover reveal, Elizabeth. I can’t wait for the new Irin volume. I may go back and re-read everything you have written since Hidden Fire, but not until I finish the last two volumes of Cambrio Springs, which I just bought. I need a new shelf for all your books! You are without a doubt one of the best fantasy romance writers in the English speaking world. Thanks for all the pleasure you have given us.

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