Waking Hearts is now available everywhere!

Now Available everywhere!I’m happy to report that Waking Hearts, the third Cambio Springs book is now available everywhere!






(Or… close. Since I’m still waiting for B&N’s system to sloooooowly update. For now, I’ve included the paperback link.) I’m also happy to report that the audiobook is in production and wonderful narrator Liisa Ivary is scheduled to continue her work in the series.


Waking Hearts - Ebook copyThis is the book RT Magazine named a TOP PICK for February 2016. 

“The relationship evolution between Ollie and Allie is a true joy to read, and the splashes of danger and suspense give it a spectacular, spicy kick!” —Jill M. Smith, RT Magazine

It’s the third book in the Cambio Springs series, but all the books are stand-alone. So you can enjoy the fox and the bear all on their own, even if you haven’t read the first two books.


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  2. Already read it on my Kindle and gave it a 5 star rating. Also checked out Me Hunter’ s website and happily found out there will be 2 more books in this Cambio Springs series. Can’t wait!

  3. Ok …………., i read the whole article and I understand that there will be one. 🙂 do you know when will it be available in Germany?

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