Final chapter of Imitation & Alchemy is up!

Imitation & Alchemy - 3DI’ll make this short and sweet. The final regular chapter of Imitation & Alchemy is now up on the blog. There will be an epilogue in the final published version, which I’m happy to announce will be out… Thursday!

Yep, that just happened. I’ve got everything back, and I’ll be shining and polishing to have everything ready by then. There’s no preorder available (you have to arrange lead time for that) but the book should be available everywhere on Thursday. That’s just five days away!

For those of you who’ve been reading along, thank you so much for joining me in they journey. Writing serial fiction really refreshes me creatively, and I hope you enjoy getting the chapters as they come. And for those of you who then go out and buy the book, an extra special thank you!

Paperbacks will be available as soon as I can get everything together. Audio will not. (I’m waiting to do audio for this series.) And the book will be available everywhere on January 28th.

Thanks, everyone! And have a great weekend.


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  1. Can’t wait for Thursday, haven’t been reading the chapter by chapter release, that drives me up the wall as I want it all at once. Thank you for your awesome novels. It is a hot summer here in NZ so sitting in a nice sunny space it is always good to have a great novel/novella to read.

  2. I’ve been reading each chapter as you post them, but I’m looking forward to the complete book. Thanks for the preview I have really enjoyed the book.

  3. Imitatation and Alchemy will be a perfect ending to my Thursday. I look forward to picking up my copy and reading the epilogue!

  4. I really enjoyed this novella and am looking forward to seeing what hints are in the epilogue. Do you plan on writing anymore in the elemental World Series or is that all wrapped up?

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