Imitation & Alchemy: Chapter Four #freefiction #urbanfantasy

11824926_889158201177601_7618378756648682655_nYou thought I forgot about Benzin today, didn’t you???

I didn’t. Truly. But before it could be Benzin Saturday, it had to be Christmas Tree Saturday and then it was Christmas Decorating Saturday, and then it was Christmas Party Saturday and then…

I came home around 10 pm.

SO, it’s a very late chapter, but it is here for you nonetheless. I hope you enjoy. Lots happening here! Also *trumpets blaring* I finished the rough draft of Imitation & Alchemy yesterday! This bad boy clocked in around 30,000 words, so it’s a nice fat novella. I had a blast writing it and I’ll be sending it off to editing soon, but I’ll still be posting the rough draft for you guys to read on the website here.

Hope the holidays are as fun (even if they are super busy) for you guys right now! See you next Saturday.

OH! ONE WEEK FROM TODAY I’ll be announcing a very special Christmas surprise for you guys over on one of my favorite blogs, Nocturnal Book Reviews. So be ready to be extremely merry.


From Chapter Four…

What were so special about these tarì that Alfonso would risk disrespecting Tenzin to get them back? Did Tenzin already know where they were? Is that why she’d gone to Switzerland?

Ben felt a twinge of jealousy that she’d abandoned him when he felt the bead of sweat roll down his temple. The beard and longer hair may have been a hit with the girls this summer, but he was tempted to find a barber and a razor that afternoon.

Instead, he went back to the hotel, drank two cold beers, and retreated to the shelter of his air-conditioned room for the remainder of the afternoon. When he emerged, the sun was down, the temperature had cooled, and a vampire wearing high-heeled boots was smoking a slim cigarette in the garden of his hotel.

Filomena smiled and blew out a thin stream of smoke. “You’re awake.”

Ben walked toward her. “So are you.”

She shrugged one lightly muscled shoulder and nodded toward the piazza. “Join me for a drink, will you?”

Ben cocked his elbow out and Filomena rose, her boots putting her just a hair taller than Ben as they walked.

“So, Benjamin Vecchio—” Filomena leaned into his side. “—what is the adopted nephew of a famed assassin doing in my city with his uncle’s old partner?”

He really hated when Tenzin was right.

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