A new chapter of Imitation & Alchemy. (Better late than never.)

Imitation & Alchemy - 3DMea culpa. I was at a writing retreat in Northern California over the weekend and wifi was spotty. Great for word count! Not so great for posting on the website.

But I have a new chapter of Imitation & Alchemy up here!

I also have a secret project (!!!) that I finished over the weekend, which will be out before Christmas. I am NOT going to be teasing any of the project, but there will be an exclusive offer for those on my VIP Reader list before it comes out. So if you’re not on that list you can sign up here.

Other than that, enjoy! Hope you like the new chapter. Things are getting interesting in Naples!

IMG_2509From Chapter Three…

“You are Tenzin,” the vampire said when she reached the center of the square.


Tenzin didn’t rise to her feet. Just looked up at the other vampire, squinting a little, her chin resting in her palm.

The street boys who’d been hanging around sunk back into the crowds on the edge of the square, leaving the vampires alone, save for Ben, who Filomena finally noticed. She looked him up and down with an appraising eye.

“I am Filomena. Who is the human?”

“This is Ben, my yoga instructor.” Tenzin didn’t bat an eye, so Ben didn’t either. He just started plotting how on earth he was going to pay her back for that one. Was yoga instructor better or worse than life coach?

To Filomena’s credit, she didn’t blink. “Will he be accompanying you?”


“Fine.” Filomena jerked her head. “Come. Alfonso is waiting.”

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